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Donna helps product managers become heroes. She is the Sr. Manager of Customer Success at Aha! - the world’s #1 product roadmap software and has over 20 years of product and technology experience. Previously, she managed products and programs at Amazon Robotics.

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You Feel Like a Burned-Out Product Manager — Now What?

Two slides, every day. That’s how a former colleague and friend told me that he put together his annual strategic plan. When I asked him why, he said, “If I thought of having to create the entire presentation at once, I felt overwhelmed. But completing a few slides a day — that I could always handle.”

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5 Product Managers Reveal the Worst Advice They Received

product manager getting advice from the team

I did not learn how to be a product manager in school. I learned on the job and from others. My experience is that we all look for opportunities to deepen our understanding of best practices. That is what ambitious product managers do when seeking out one another — looking for wisdom, guidance, and advice.

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5 Signs You Should Be a Product Manager

product manager reading article on a tablet

Are you considering a career in product management? Or has someone told you that you’d make a great product manager, perhaps even seemingly out of the blue? If so, you are likely curious where product managers come from. And what is this emerging craft called product management, anyway?

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How Product Managers Defeat Feature Creep

curious sheep peeking through wooden fence

Feature creep can be an uncomfortable reality for many product managers. It crept into my work when I was a product manager at a large company, navigating many product teams and several layers of management.

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What Strategy Really Means for Product Managers

Black cat on scratching post

Working with product managers is the greatest job in the world. And at Aha! we talk to hundreds of product leaders each month. These are the individuals responsible for managing the future of the companies where they work. I am fortunate to be able to help them on that journey.

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Where Do Product Managers Come From?

When was the last time you saw a formal product management internship? That’s because Product Managers rarely start their roles right out of college.
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