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Keith is a product marketing pioneer. He is the Marketing Director at Aha! — the world’s #1 product roadmap software. Previously he blazed new trails in customer acquisition strategy at RealPage [RP], a top 10 SaaS company with more than 60 products worldwide.

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7 Blog Posts for Curious Product Managers — June 2017

July product management blog posts

If you are like any of the product managers I know, you do not spend much time sitting still. You are naturally curious and want to learn everything you can. Well, in June, we shared plenty of new articles to keep you on your toes.  

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The Top 6 Blog Posts for Product Managers — May 2017

texas bluebonnet

More great blog posts about building lovable products. This was a busy spring. We introduced Lovability, the bestselling book from Aha! CEO Brian de Haaff. Resources for product managers to bookmark include The Building Blocks of Lovability and The 3 Signs of Product Love.
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6 Blog Posts Product Managers Love — March 2017

love concrete wall

If you care about building a product that customers will love, then you likely found a lot to enjoy on the Aha! blog this month. That is because we announced our new book for company and product builders — Lovability.
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5 Blog Posts You Loved — February 2016

wall of license plates

February is a short month. But we packed 31 days of goodness into those 28 days. From product management to unpredictable bosses, we covered it all. So, whether you are a new product manager, an experienced developer, or a company founder, there is something here for everybody.
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The 7 Most Talked-About Blog Posts — January 2017

half dome yosemite sunny day

January is no time to hibernate. Especially not at Aha! — we stayed busy rolling out product enhancements and new integrations. And on the blog, we kicked off the New Year with posts to reimagine your career, guide you on your job search, and inspire your best work in the coming year.

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12 Questions Smart Marketers Ask to Find the Perfect Job

sheep looking up from the herd

Corporate. In one word that was my workplace culture three years ago. I was working at a top 10 SaaS company, supporting $400 million in annual revenue. We were big in every sense of the word. I should have been happy, right?
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6 Memorable Blog Posts — December 2016

hands holding holiday sparklers

How is it already 2017? The end of the year always seems to rush by in a hurry. But we managed to keep busy in the midst of the holidays. After all, there were a lot of stories to tell. From product management myths to career advice — we covered it all on the Aha! blog this month.
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5 Must-Read Posts From the Aha! Blog — November 2016

We had a lot to be grateful for this November. Thank you to all our readers who joined us on the blog as we tackled the good, the bad, and the ugly. There were the perks of ditching a commute. Product managers sharing terrible advice they received. And the one corporate phrase that we simply cannot stand.
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How Marketing Teams Benefit From Clear Product Roadmaps

hand pulling a fire alarm brick wall backdrop

I have never been a fan of fire drills. Not the drills to ensure you can get out of a building in under 120 seconds. I am talking about the ones that every marketing team knows and dreads — the last-minute, hair-on-fire work problems.

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The 5 Most Popular Posts on the Aha! Blog — October 2016

pumpkin patch at dusk

October was a wild month on the Aha! blog. We tackled a wide swath of topics. Scary managers. Outdated career advice. The dreaded email BCC. Many posts really resonated with you. Several got you talking. But if your October was as busy as ours, there is a chance you might have missed a few of these. So, we decided to compile the very best just in case. 

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Just Launched! — Chart Your Strategic Goals and Initiatives by Status

There is one thing that every product manager should fear. Looking back at the end of a busy year and struggling to answer the question: Did we build what matters? And of course, the question that should have proceeded it: How are we progressing against our goals?
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Just Launched! — Track Feature Requests by Customer

Aha bar chart segmenting one customer's ideas by category

Where did your last three great product ideas come from? There is a good chance at least one of them was inspired by a customer. Customer ideas help you shape and build your products. And to ensure that you are making the right roadmap decisions, it is important to understand who is providing the feedback. And we both know that your biggest customers want to know how their requested features will be added.
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Just Launched! — Collaborate With Your Team on Product Strategy

Aha! strategic Initiatives page zoomed in on watchers

Summer is almost over. Kids are going back to school and coworkers are showing off pictures from their vacations. And that means planning season is around the corner, right? For many, September is the time to dust off the PowerPoint of last year’s strategic plan, reflect on what the team accomplished, and start thinking about what comes next.
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Aha! + Rally Integration Templates Just Launched

Aha! and Rally logos

Everyone likes it when their friends play well together, right? That’s why we have dozens of integrations with the world’s leading tools. Today we added a new enhancement to one of our most popular integrations — Rally.

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Just Launched! — Aha! Ideas Portals Now Integrated With Google Analytics

Aha ideas portal and google analytics logo

Give your customers a voice and they will happily tell you what they want. With Aha! ideas portals, you can do just that. Leverage our custom branded idea management software to capture ideas from your customers, employees, and partners.
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