About Melissa and Aha!

Melissa loves using technology to help people solve their problems. She is the Director of Customer Success at Aha! - the world’s #1 product roadmap software. Melissa has more than 15 years of business and software experience. Previously, she managed teams at Citrix [CTXS] across consulting, education, supply chain operations, and IT.

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Why I Only Hire Product Managers

Aha! product manager customer success team

Is product management the new “it” job? It’s starting to look that way. More and more business students are considering it as a dream job. And I can understand why. Product management offers the opportunity to build something meaningful. But I can think of another meaningful dream job for product managers — Customer Success. Before you conjure up images of phone banks and call scripts, keep reading.

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New Product Managers — Do This in the First 30 Days

kids at swim meet

“We should not launch this.” It was a surprising announcement to make just 30 days into a new product management job. My friend had been hired to own several products at a telecommunications company. After doing her research, she could see that the newest product concept, which was woefully behind schedule and poorly defined, was going to fail.

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5 Daily Habits of Happy SaaS Customer Success Teams

“Customer Success — what’s that?” a friend sneered at me last week. Well, it’s a team that owns the customer relationship and helps them increase their happy use of a product or service. And for our team at Aha! Customer Success has even replaced traditional Sales.
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My Name Is Melissa Hopkins — This Is Why I Joined Aha!

I just joined Aha! — here’s why. I came from a $10 billion dollar company with 10,000 employees worldwide. At Citrix I managed teams across multiple divisions including Consulting, Education, Supply Chain Operations, and IT. I was a trusted advisor to our executive team. For more than a decade I thrived there, but I was ready to take on a new series of challenges.

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