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My Name Is Rachele Arambula — This Is Why I Joined Aha!

Rachele Arambula

I have a passion for helping others succeed. It started with my father — he owns his own business and regularly puts in 12-hour days. Even more than his tireless work ethic, I admired his genuine desire to help others and treat people with respect.

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Just Launched! — The Best Way to Manage Thousands of Customer Ideas

Idea management can take on a life of its own. It’s tough to manage the inflow of customer ideas and feature requests. The work gets especially unwieldy when you are managing requests by the thousands. Some ideas can be implemented quickly, but for most, they need to be categorized for later consideration.
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7 Blog Posts for Busy Product Managers — September 2017

september blog posts product managers

Running around in circles. This is not an uncommon feeling for product managers. You have so many items on your To-do list and so many meetings to attend. You are doing important work — but it seems like you never have the time to stop and reflect on it. So let’s take a moment and stop.

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Just Launched! — New Scoring for Better Feature Prioritization

How do you prioritize features? This is a common challenge for product managers. And for good reason — feature prioritization is an important and difficult part of the job. You want to keep the team focused on building what matters most, but that looks different for every product team. There is no obvious prioritization scoring methodology that will work perfectly for every company.
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My Name Is Amy Woodham — This Is Why I Joined Aha!

Amy Woodham product manager

My first coach was my grandmother. Her work ethic inspired me to push hard to achieve my goals, from competitive swimming starting when I was 8 years old to putting myself through college. Over the years, I have been blessed to benefit from the guidance of many mentors. Even my husband and two small children are coaches in their own way, keeping me grounded and focused on the right priorities.

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Just Launched! — The Search Engine for Product Managers

Maybe it was in an email? No, wait. You wrote it down on a sticky note. Or was it captured in those meeting minutes? How much time have you spent trying to locate that certain feature or idea? One study uncovered that most professionals spend about 20 percent of the week just trying to gather information. With a product management search engine, you could spend that time propelling your product forward. Let me explain.
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Just Launched! — The Perfect Release Planning Template for Product Managers

You know that feeling when you are running late? Someone is waiting for you and you just cannot get there on time. You feel anxious. I bet your friend will let it slide a time or two — but customers are not so forgiving.
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6 Winning Blog Posts for Company and Product Builders — August 2017

Aha! product management blog august posts

There is a lot to juggle in the day-to-day work of building a great product. But even on the busiest days, forward-thinking company builders and product leaders are always on the lookout for opportunities for improvement.

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Just Launched! — Visual Calendar Report for Product Marketing

Products get better fast when the teams that build them also use them every day. Of course, we use Aha! to set our own strategy and roadmaps. But we also use it for our marketing work — including this launch. And because marketing projects often have very specific deliverable dates, we needed a different way to see those activities. Aha! needed a calendar view.
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My Name Is Randy Ayers — This Is Why I Joined Aha!

Randall Ayers Aha! product management

My compass is always pointing towards the next goal. Self-learning web development as a kid, becoming the first college graduate in my family, my passion today for mountaineering — I never stop exploring. There is always a more challenging summit to reach, so I like to push myself further and further in all aspects of life.

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Just Launched! — Capture Anonymous Customer Feedback in Ideas Portals

Last week, tens of thousands of ideas were submitted to Aha! Ideas Portals around the world. Some were good suggestions. And we are sure that some were stinkers. But even bad ideas are valuable to product teams. They give product managers insight into customer needs and problems. And product management teams are always looking to better understand what their customers really want.
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Just Launched! — 20 Report Templates for Product Managers

Lucky or wrong — if you only rely on your gut to make decisions, you have a chance of either being lucky or wrong. We know that using data (not your best guess) to make product decisions will give you an edge. Reports in Aha! help you organize, visualize, and analyze everything that is happening with product management. And when you need to see a lot of information at a glance, list reports are your go-to view.

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My Name Is Taylor Le — This Is Why I Joined Aha!

Taylor Le

I love learning about the origins of language and how it shapes the world. Reading the work of people from all different backgrounds provides unlimited perspectives and opportunities to grow. In college, I took every type of literature, writing, linguistics, grammar, and editing course that I possibly could.

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Just Launched! — Better Product Management Analytics

What feature is next? How many new ideas came in last week? What is the status of a key Q3 goal? Exporting data and doing spreadsheet gymnastics each time you need an answer to these product questions is not efficient or effective. You need a better product management tool. One to manage and report on the team’s plans and accomplishments so you can quickly analyze data, make decisions, and drive your product forward.
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Just Launched! — New Aha! Integration With Desk.com

Your customers are not the only ones with great ideas. Your prospective customers are also a source of inspiration. And ideas from both groups are often shared with the support team when there is a problem or someone wishes your product did something differently. Unfortunately, these suggestions rarely make it to the product team for consideration, much less onto your roadmap. Instead, the ideas stay locked in your support application or worse — lost forever in an email black hole.
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