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How Product Marketers Want to Work With Product Managers

work with product marketing

It was a big product launch. This was several years ago when I was on the marketing team at a multinational organization. We had been working hard to build out content and programs for months. All systems go. But then I heard a last-minute rumor — the new functionality might not be ready. All systems standby. What? Read more…

Why Strategic Thinking Is So Hard for Product Managers

strategic thinking product manager

Daily standups. Planning poker. Estimates of time (or points). It is all collaborative fun and games until that new product launch lands with a customer thud. And then the big boss comes strolling down wanting answers: Why did this flop? Hm, good question. You were so busy working that you barely left the office. And the product development team was grinding — sprint planning, grooming, more standups, retrospectives, and then wash/repeat. Read more…

4 Marketing Best Practices for Creating Customer Personas

creating customer personas

Everyone loves a good story, right? And if you are a marketer, you are telling meaningful stories every day — whether you realize it or not. The messaging you write, the advertisements you create, and the content you publish. But like any good storyteller, you need to understand what will appeal to your audience. Read more…

My 5 Tips for Remote Product Managers

remote product manager aha

The job listing called for an experienced product manager. The opportunity: Work on software built by and for product managers. The location: Anywhere in the United States. At first, I was confused — anywhere? But I was intrigued. So I followed my curiosity. And I am so glad I did. Read more…

8 Things Product Managers Should Do Every Monday

product manager monday

I never understood why Garfield hates Mondays. He is a cat after all — why does he care what day it is? Personally, I have always looked forward to the start of a new week. I have a strategy that gets me into a productive mode fast. (And it does not involve lasagna.) Read more…

Product Managers Are Smarter Than a Spreadsheet

product manager smart spreadsheet

Does greatness come from a spreadsheet? Probably not if you are a product manager. Yet many are attempting to do so at this very moment — using a spreadsheet to manage the building of a product. Really, those spreadsheets are nothing more than a glorified list of features and priorities. This may work for a while. But spreadsheets are not meant for roadmapping the future. Read more…

33 Questions Smart Product Managers Ask in Job Interviews

product manager interview questions

“Do you validate parking?” I had asked a job candidate at a previous company if they had any questions for me. And this was the sole question from the product manager I was interviewing. Flabbergasting. Product managers are supposed to be curious and inquisitive. This person’s lack of meaningful questions told me they did not want the job enough. Read more…

7 Product Management Job Titles (and What They Really Do)

product management job titles

There are some Inuit dialects that have dozens of words for “snow.” The dialect spoken in Canada’s Nunavik region, for example, has at least 53 words to distinguish between wet snow and crystalline powder. Interesting, right? Even though I really like being in the mountains, you might be wondering why I am writing about snow. Read more…

The Problem With Being a Fix-It Product Manager

fix-it product manager

It starts off with the best intentions. You are planning an upcoming release and notice that the support documentation needs to be updated. You could turn to a teammate and ask them to jump in. But instead you think, “I’ll just do it this once — it will be quicker this way.” Before you know it, you are spending lots of time in an area where your colleagues are experts. You have become the fix-it product manager.

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10 Business and Strategy Books for Curious Product Managers

Business and Strategy Books for Curious Product Managers

“I am just too busy to read.” This is what people usually say when I ask for book recommendations. But are you really too busy? I would argue that there are things you could probably limit or remove to make room for even 15 minutes of reading each day. One less Netflix binge? Not checking social media before bed? Read more…

8 Blogs That Will Inspire You to Be a More Productive Product Manager

busy product manager

Ask a product manager how the year is going so far. I bet the answer will include the word “busy.” I do not have to tell you this, right? If you are anything like the product managers I know, I bet you started 2018 at top speed.

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Why Good Product Managers Need to Be Great Project Managers

product manager skills

How is your “project manager” job going? People always asked me this earlier in my career when I worked as a product manager. If you are a product manager, I bet you have heard the same. It is because most people still do not know that product managers exist. And they definitely do not know what we do.

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User Stories vs. Requirements

user stories vs requirements

Stories. You have hundreds of them if you are a product manager. Each one describes the awesome experiences you want your customers to have while using your product. And like any good storyteller, you need your stories to be clear and impactful.

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The New Product Manager’s Survival Guide

product manager survival guide

I was in the throes of first-week jitters. It was early in my career and I was starting out as a product manager. Did I even belong in the new job? I was confident I had the work ethic, the ambition, the team spirit… but I did not yet have the tactical know-how. Each new day brought new stress.

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Hey Product Manager: Do These 4 Things in 2018

busy product manager

Most product managers I know are optimistic realists. I am both — a former product manager and an optimistic realist. So call me biased. You could say it is their nature, but I think it comes from the job. Product managers plan thoroughly and vigorously for a future that is better than today. But getting there requires a certain confidence.

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