This One Behavior Is Stalling Your Career

turtle feedback

“I have some feedback for you.” When you hear these words, do you go into fight or flight mode? Maybe you are a runner. You think about an escape route. So you defensively scramble for a convenient excuse to avoid the discussion entirely. Read more…

Startups Are No Place for Most New Grads

hire recent graduate at a startup

“Do you think recent grads should work at really early stage startups?” I recently posted this question on LinkedIn. And it ignited a conversation. More than 325,000 people viewed and added hundreds of thoughtful responses. 

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Just Launched! — 20 Report Templates for Product Managers

Lucky or wrong — if you only rely on your gut to make decisions, you have a chance of either being lucky or wrong. We know that using data (not your best guess) to make product decisions will give you an edge. Reports in Aha! help you organize, visualize, and analyze everything that is happening with product management. And when you need to see a lot of information at a glance, list reports are your go-to view.

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How Sam Really Failed on a Remote Team

remote employee failure home office

I am sure this has happened to you at least once. You are trying to solve a problem at work and need help from a colleague. So you send off a quick chat message. No answer. You follow up with an email. Still nothing. Hello? Is anyone out there?

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My Name Is Taylor Le — This Is Why I Joined Aha!

Taylor Le

I love learning about the origins of language and how it shapes the world. Reading the work of people from all different backgrounds provides unlimited perspectives and opportunities to grow. In college, I took every type of literature, writing, linguistics, grammar, and editing course that I possibly could.

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So You Want to Be a Product Manager… Read This First

so you want to be a product manager

So you want to be a product manager? I can understand why. It is an exciting path for ambitious folks who want to make a real impact. If I was starting my career over, I would choose product management again and get to it faster. And I would do it with more confidence knowing what I know now. 

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Just Launched! — Better Product Management Analytics

What feature is next? How many new ideas came in last week? What is the status of a key Q3 goal? Exporting data and doing spreadsheet gymnastics each time you need an answer to these product questions is not efficient or effective. You need a better product management tool. One to manage and report on the team’s plans and accomplishments so you can quickly analyze data, make decisions, and drive your product forward.
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Hey Boss: Stop Being My Timekeeper

boss cannot make you go faster

“Let’s get it done ASAP.” How many times have you heard this from your boss? Maybe it was an urgent phone call or an email flagged as “high priority.” The pressure of a countdown. Tick, tick, tick… But let’s be real — I bet those demanding “needed it yesterday” calls and emails did not speed up your work.

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18 Metrics Every SaaS Product Marketing Manager Should Know

saas product marketing metrics

In the middle of a major product launch, it can feel like you are running in a million different directions all at once. But in that eye of the storm, you will always find the best product marketers. These folks work closely with product and engineering teams and explain what is new to customers and the teams who support those customers. The trusted product marketer is a steady force. 

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5 Must-Read Blogs on Remote Work and Product Management — July 2017

product management blog posts

Product managers are often focused on what is coming next. As you should be, right? And as a busy product manager, it is likely that you do not find much time for self-reflection built into your daily schedule. Still, it is important to occasionally take a step back and consider where you are headed and why.

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Just Launched! — New Aha! Integration With

Your customers are not the only ones with great ideas. Your prospective customers are also a source of inspiration. And ideas from both groups are often shared with the support team when there is a problem or someone wishes your product did something differently. Unfortunately, these suggestions rarely make it to the product team for consideration, much less onto your roadmap. Instead, the ideas stay locked in your support application or worse — lost forever in an email black hole.
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The 10 Main Components of a Business Model

business model book

I learned how to write business models in graduate school. Although, it really felt more like writing long and complicated novels. I once spent three months working on one for a hypothetical home services referral website. I even conjured up crowd-sourced reviews for my would-be business. The process revealed a depressing plot twist.

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The Best Product Managers Hurry Up and Take It Slow

product manager go fast, go slow

Here is a riddle for you: How do you go really fast while taking your time? No, this is not a trick question. It is actually inspired by an old Latin phrase, “festina lente.” By now you are probably wondering why you should care about this ancient oxymoron.

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My Name Is Tom Bailey — This Is Why I Joined Aha!

I have always been interested in making, building, or fixing something. This interest led to a variety of summer jobs as I was working through school — from bartending to renovating houses. Each experience served me later on as a product manager. My favorite though, was my summer job working as a ferryman on the Helford River in Cornwall, England. It turned out this role had many parallels to product management.

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Just Launched! — Manage Your Product Backlog With an Agile Board

It is impossible to move fast when you are disorganized. Seasoned product managers know this well. As your team grows and your product matures, the number of features in your product backlog gets bigger too. (Maybe too big.) And it is never possible to build everything. As a product manager, your job is to make sure your team is focused on the features that deliver against your strategic vision and goals.
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