5 Blog Posts You Loved — February 2016

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February is a short month. But we packed 31 days of goodness into those 28 days. From product management to unpredictable bosses, we covered it all. So, whether you are a new product manager, an experienced developer, or a company founder, there is something here for everybody.

Read on for some of the most popular posts on the Aha! blog this month.

1. New Product Managers — Do This in Your First 30 Days
Product managers know good advice when they hear it, judging by more than 1,000 shares of this crowdsourced piece by our Customer Success team. All former product managers, each person offered practical tips for succeeding in the first 30 days as a new PM. Read more…

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2. Stop Worrying About VCs Stealing Your Idea
This article launched a great discussion. Find out why founders are better off focusing their energy on something more meaningful, then weigh in with your own comments. Read more…

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3. The 8 Rude “Animal” Types of Bosses
Yep, it is a zoo out there — and judging by the 200-plus shares of this post, many of you have experienced a beastly boss or two. We tackled the serious problem of rude animals masquerading as leaders, such as the cat, the ostrich, and the mule. Read more…

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4. Great Developers Find Joy in the Mundane
Do you find yourself living for those career-defining wins? Well, if you want lasting job satisfaction, do not discount your small daily successes as well. Aha! CTO Chris Waters shares a few routine tasks that might be the key to more job joy. Read more…

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5. Hey Boss — Your Chaos is Making Me Anxious
If the office seems tense, the boss may be to blame. Many of you agree, judging from how much this one was shared on social media. Chaos starts at the top, filters down, and creates prime conditions for dysfunction. Read more…

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What would you love to read about in March?

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