5 Must-Read Posts From the Aha! Blog — November 2016

We had a lot to be grateful for this November. Thank you to all our readers who joined us on the blog as we tackled the good, the bad, and the ugly. There were the perks of ditching a commute. Product managers sharing terrible advice they received. And the one corporate phrase that we simply cannot stand.

Maybe you were busy closing out the year, with your head down in work. (Understandable — we had an incredibly busy month too!) So if you missed anything, we want to offer you a quick recap.

Here are the 5 most-viewed Aha! blog posts from November:

1. 5 Product Managers Reveal the Worst Advice They Received
In the spirit of learning from setbacks, we asked the Aha! Customer Success team — all former product managers — to share some of the worst product management advice they ever received. Read more…

product manager getting advice from the team

2. Your Resume Is in the Trash — 5 Questions to Tell You Why
Why do so many job candidates land in the “NO” pile? More than 150,000 LinkedIn readers wanted to find out. If you want to land a new job, you need to start asking yourself five critical questions. Read more…

cat in bathroom garbage bin

3. Commute? You Could Do All This Without One
Do you have a daily commute? All that traffic and road rage could be harming your work, health, and relationships. Scary stuff. But it doesn’t have to be. Discover the perks — and they are big! — of ditching your commute. Read more…

4. You Are Not “Human Capital”
Some HR departments use this phrase to describe an employee’s skill set or to refer to the collective worth of employee “assets.” We are not okay with this — and we do not think you should be either. Read more…

row of mannequins

5. The Product Manager vs. the Technical Product Manager
Product management is a hot career track today. If you are wondering about the differences in roles and titles, we are here to address an important one — what sets a product manager apart from a technical product manager. Read more…

ram statues butting heads

Which post resonated most with you? What topics would you like to read about on the Aha! blog in December? Share your ideas in the comments below.

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