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What brought you to this blog today? Was it curiosity? Your desire to be a better leader? Probably both — those two are inseparable. Technology changes so fast these days. And that affects everything from customer preferences and expectations to how we guide and engage team members. To stay on top of all these developments, you have to be tenaciously curious.

The best leaders are constantly looking to learn more — to improve themselves and their team. They have an appetite for personal growth that is never satisfied.

In that spirit, I gathered some of the best Aha! blog posts from last month. We covered topics ranging from remote work to workplace culture to learning and achieving with others.

But one thing that united all of the posts we wrote in March was the goal of helping you grow as a leader within your company. Whether you are a leader in title or action, these articles offer some great lessons and advice.

So let’s take a closer look.

We showed how product managers are leading big change:

How Product Managers Are Driving Enterprise Transformation
We talked before about the digital, data, and solutions components of delivering a better customer experience. But what does it take to execute those individual strategies? And what is the product manager’s role in all of this? We share our point of view as we dive deeper into enterprise transformation. Read more…

We offered advice to leaders (in name):

How to Spy on Your Team
No, do not bust out your trench coat and binoculars. This is not about going undercover to follow the team’s every move. It is about staying close to the work in an open and helpful way — to everybody’s benefit. Read more…

The Founder’s Paradox: How Do You Listen to People You Trust Tell You It Cannot Be Done?
If you want to build something different or differently, somebody will inevitably tell you that you cannot. This is especially true when it comes to starting a company. Do you listen to them? Aha! co-founder and CEO Brian de Haaff has some thoughts. Read more…

14 Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read
Just like you, we at Aha! are voracious readers and learners. And we have found that there are great lessons everywhere. You can learn a lot about leadership and strategy from books that are not explicitly about those topics. Read more…

And we shared some thoughts for leaders (in action):

You vs. Your Company
Some people think that being ambitious means trying to be an individual superstar. Real stars know it is possible to get a lot farther — learn more, grow more, achieve more — by working as part of a team. Read more…

The 7 Types of Remote Workers
Do you lead or work on a fully distributed team? Or maybe you aspire to? This guide to the seven types of remote workers can help teach you about what it takes to be successful in this kind of work environment. Read more…

6 Questions to Ask If You Want to Grow Into a Leadership Role
The path to leadership looks different for everyone. But you can take concrete steps to prepare yourself for a leadership position now. We offer advice on identifying where to focus your development. Read more…

Leadership is not a job title. It is a mindset. You can cultivate it by being eager to constantly learn new things.

We are happy to help you with that. Keep checking the Aha! blog for more thought-provoking posts that will help you grow and learn.

What is one skill you think is necessary for leading a team?

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  1. Michael Hamilton

    I found your post following a link referencing a recent techie acquisition for Aha – Tahlia Sutton, I believe… Having spent more than 38 years doing what I love and loving what I do – I’ve built a few startups and had a blast working on the launch of MOSS 2007/Office 2007 – and never looked back.

    Three years ago a blood disease almost killed me – while on the US Navy’s R&D Intranet/Extranet at Penn State – I was taken out completely and in just 3 days was left on a prayer. I had to remove myself from our corporations top levels, and invariably lost everything – left with 5 of 10 children still under my roof/care – and my wife of as many years.

    The past year I took a like from a really well made movie I’ve enjoyed… Today – Am I going to get started living, or dying? I want to LIVE.

    Very slowly – with unspeakable pain, and still stuck in a chair or bed – I started focusing on building another business… I couldn’t travel – alas, my days on the Road Warrior Trail have ended and I work totally remote – mostly C#.NET/ASP.NET/SharePoint and Info Arch / Ent. Arch consulting.

    When I come across one well written – I just want to take a moment and thank you for sharing the knowledge you have. Having been in the high 6 figure income w/bonuses and plenty of perks – I’ve hit rock bottom like words can never convey. But the energy level is coming back and while I’m a transfusion yet, I’m feeling stronger most days and we’re about to launch 1 of the 2 companies I’ve built out. .. With 10 children, 10 grandchildren and 3 more of those in the ovens – I and my wife have each other and our immediately family. All extended family members have passed away – most tragic – and we are all we have for our own. So this is my last shot for our family’s sake.

    I read a ton every day… Then I work all night – catching a few hours of shuteye about the time the youngest get off to school in the mornings…

    I haven’t read half of what you shared – but a couple titles I’ll nab from Kinkal and tear into them. So – thanks again for sharing…

    Over 3 decades of learn, turn and burn – absolutely loving the work I do and living the life I loved – well, notwithstanding my current physical disability – if I had it to do all over again – I wouldn’t change a thing. I’m impressed with the few team members I’ve read about – it sounds like you’re staged to only get stronger and prosper… My prayers are that you only succeed…

    M. J. Hamilton, Sr.
    Imagine the Possibilities….


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