4 Unexpected People Skills Every Product Manager Needs

product managers in a startup office environment drinking coffee

It’s all about the technology, right? Nope. I learned that fast in my first product management role. Product managers need a wide array of skills to be successful. And a lot of those skills involve people. When you factor in that many product managers work within a “responsibility without formal authority” context, having interpersonal skills is essential.

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Don't Let Your Product Strategy Happen to You

Product development is an emotional process. And, in my experience, it’s very easy to get lost in this process. In my work as an entrepreneur, angel investor, and co-founder of several ventures, I have seen (and fallen victim to) the trap that a product can control you. The product has a way of taking over to such an extent that it becomes the boss of your life.
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The Evolution of Product Management Tools

Ever wondered why product managers have been forced to fight battles with bows and arrows for so long? Think about it. Software engineers have been the recipient of so many new types of tools in the last 10 years — new languages, platforms, and applications. This partly explains how it’s possible for engineers around the world to create 60,000 new apps each month!
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How the Best Product Managers Discover $1B Ideas

Big ideas are beautiful when you discover them. The process of finding new ideas and significant new product enhancement concepts is invigorating for product managers. But noise from paying customers clamoring for what they want can distract PMs from building what matters most.
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