What Type of Product Manager Are You?

Many people talk about the product manager role as if all product managers were created equal. This affects how they hire a new product manager or look for a new PM job themselves. But there are many kinds of product managers and a broad range of industries and companies that PMs now find themselves in.
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The Best Way to Prioritize Customer Ideas on Your Roadmap

The dreams of product managers perish in the gap between what customers say and what they actually do. Product ideas gathered from customers are crucial. However, they should not be accepted as absolute truths. In a similar vein, complaints from users often motivate product teams to react at the expense of fulfilling long-term goals. This is an enormous mistake.
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How to Break into Product Management

My first product gig was like Lyft, but for grounded aircraft engines. If a flying machine needed a spare part, then our solution helped locate the nearest optimal warehouse for it. That was a decade ago, when I kicked off my career with GE. At the time, product management hadn’t made it to the tech glossary. Now, I teach product management at General Assembly‘s New York campus — the class that I wish had existed when I started my job.

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3 Paths to Market Leadership: Flash Mobs, Parades, Movements

Product marketing leadership

We all want to be market leaders. There is  no question about it. However, it is hard to achieve category supremacy for anyone — especially when selling to businesses. And startups face a particularly nasty uphill battle in establishing a foothold in any existing market. First of all, there is often an established category leader. Second, B2B buyers are a conservative bunch, and their bias is to buy from the established leader or do what they always have done. So how do product management and marketing leaders break through? Read more…

Build the Machine That Builds the Product

Product management roadmap machine

When we talk about innovative companies and organizations, we mean those that are consistently successful — not just lucky. However, when we have conversations about this topic they usually take a bad turn into speculation about the sources of success. There is lots of talking but little guidance and insight when “innovation” is discussed.

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The Product Manager vs. Product Owner

product manager and product owner

Agile product companies have a hard time managing products. The product manager is charged with communicating the voice of the customer — achieving both customer and market success. Meanwhile, agile development teams demand that the product owner must articulate detailed user stories, participate in daily scrum rituals, and answer questions as the customer representative. 

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I'm Agile But My CEO Could Not Care Less

Agile development software

The developers and I always want to get on with it and build stuff in a sprint-to-sprint fashion, yet our CEO wants to tell everyone where the company will be in two years from a strategic viewpoint. And he’s right and so is the team — and I am the guy who gets to bridge the gap. I have learned to do both — see tomorrow and today. I am a product manager and I am agile on the inside with a hint of blue sky.

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You’re Not Agile Unless You’re “agile”

Product Management Agile

The single most common question that I run into nowadays is which process is the “best” one to be Agile, with a capital “A.” And people are often surprised when I tell them there’s no right or wrong answer here, but that they’re focusing on the wrong thing if they’re trying to be Agile before they’re “agile.”

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