About Alex and Aha!

Alex likes to write code to solve problems. He is a Senior Developer at Aha! - the world’s #1 product roadmap software. Previously, he built both applications and infrastructure at two successful software companies. He lives in Ohio and graduated from The Ohio State University with a degree in Computer Information Sciences.

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The New Normal for Your Engineering Teams

engineering team on a hike

I still remember the chaos of my first job. A new team with new challenges. Facing critical work decisions for the first time. But there was something else that added to the chaos — a cooked-up and manic code base. It made me feel more like a mad scientist than a software developer.

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How Much "Dev Speak" Should Product Managers Know?

Software developers working on computers

Product managers need to be able to connect with the engineering team. But some product managers — and people in general — often feel excluded from the cultus of software development. I know because I am a software developer and I work with product managers every day.

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3 Lessons From the Hacker Who Saved Apollo 11

I have been fascinated by rockets since I was young. As I get older, my appreciation has only grown for the amazing amount of engineering that goes into those majestic machines.
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