About Brian and Aha!

Brian seeks business and wilderness adventure. He is the co-founder and CEO of Aha! — the world’s #1 product roadmap software — and the author of Lovability. His two previous startups were acquired by well-known public companies. Brian writes and speaks about product and company growth and the adventure of living a meaningful life.

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5 Types of Marketers Your Company Needs

types of marketers

Have you ever prepared a meal with a group of people? Each person tends to gravitate towards what they do best. Some folks have impressive knife skills and some love to precisely measure out ingredients. Others shy away from the cooking altogether, preferring to lay out place settings instead. No matter the role, the goal is shared — an enjoyable meal. Read more…

2019 Is the Year to Go Boldly

Go boldly 2019

What does it mean if someone calls you “bold”? It could be that your actions seem courageous. Or that you take risks and have a certain fearlessness to your character. But it does not necessarily mean you are thoughtful. Although it should. Because boldness requires listening and openness too — traits that are sorely needed today. Read more…

The Hidden Challenges of Agile Marketing (and 7 Solutions)

agile marketing challenge

How many times have you felt the pressure to go faster at work? If you work in marketing, it might feel like this happens all the time. You are continually pushed to make quick decisions, meet deadlines, and react to new priorities that no one talked with you about. You are working as fast as you can — but it is not always clear if your work is making a difference or appreciated. Read more…

Marketing Strategy vs. Go-to-Market Strategy

go-to-market vs marketing strategy

Life is punctuated by special events. For the most part, there are your normal routines of work, family, and hobbies. Then something big happens, like the purchase of a new home or arrival of a new family member. But your normal routines do not stop when these happenings occur — both need your continued attention. The same is true for building and launching products. Read more…

How Our Company Saves $1,200,000 a Year and Pays Profit Sharing Instead

Aha! no offices

Profit sharing is not common in most privately held tech companies. Why? Well, it is pretty simple. For starters, most of these companies are not making any profit. (It is hard to share what you do not have.) And many are backed by venture capitalists who are expecting a big return on their investment within a few years. Generously giving back to employees is not exactly a priority. However, there is a way to grow quickly and put people first.

Read more…

Get Hired at Aha! — And Then Expect This

welcome new employee Aha!

The first day of work can feel a lot like the first day of school. You are filled with excitement — ready to take on a new challenge and meet new people. But if you are joining an entirely distributed company, you might wonder what that first day will be like. Is that first day of working remotely like walking into an empty classroom? Read more…

LinkedIn Names Aha! #2 on 2018 Top Voices List

Aha! LinkedIn Top voices 2018

It has been another terrific year at Aha! — I am grateful. Grateful for our team’s growth and that our product is solving a very real problem for more than 5,000 companies. And I am grateful that so many of you take the time to follow our writing here and on LinkedIn where I have contributed hundreds of articles. In the spirit of sharing appreciation, I want to thank you. Read more…