About Brian and Aha!

Brian seeks business and wilderness adventure. He is the co-founder and CEO of Aha! — the world’s #1 product roadmap software — and the author of Lovability. His two previous startups were acquired by well-known public companies. Brian writes and speaks about product and company growth and the adventure of living a meaningful life.

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Remote Work Is Different Than a Part-Time Job

remote work is not part-time

Everyone wants to work remotely. I know this because I receive messages from people every day who want to work remotely for Aha! — I also read a lot of misguided perceptions. “It must be great working from home, so you can get more done around the house.” “Working remotely would allow me to travel the world.” “It would be great to work less.” The reality is so far from this remote work fiction. Read more…

How to Measure the Success of an Enterprise Transformation

enterprise transformation metrics

All lasting companies change. The most successful ones transform in meaningful ways that continuously increase value for customers and employees. Recently, I have been sharing in detail what enterprise transformation looks like and what it requires from a strategic and tactical perspective. But with so many moving parts, you might be wondering how to know if the transformation is succeeding. How do you measure change? Read more…

Busy Is Not a Badge of Honor

busy badge of honor

A whole lot of “busy.” The person in the grocery store tapping out messages between two cell phones at once. The jogger whose eyes keep darting to the notifications blipping on their smartwatch. And the dinner party conversation that turns into a one-upping competition over who has less free time. Calendars double-booked! Overwhelmed at work! Read more…

Is There a Squirrel in Your Office?

office squirrel

Someone in the office is driving you nuts. Hoarding information and forgetting where they stashed it. Zipping from one thing to another without any focus. Running ahead of the team. Tough to pin down. Does this sneaky co-worker sound familiar? Read more…

Why Strategic Thinking Is So Hard for Product Managers

strategic thinking product manager

Daily standups. Planning poker. Estimates of time (or points). It is all collaborative fun and games until that new product launch lands with a customer thud. And then the big boss comes strolling down wanting answers: Why did this flop? Hm, good question. You were so busy working that you barely left the office. And the product development team was grinding — sprint planning, grooming, more standups, retrospectives, and then wash/repeat. Read more…

5 Years of Aha! — This Is What We Have Learned so Far

Aha! product management software company

Something different. This is what my co-founder Dr. Chris Waters and I had in mind when we founded Aha! five years ago. We had spent nearly 20 years working in Silicon Valley and building breakthrough products at both large technology companies and smaller startups. And in plain terms — we were successful in lots of meaningful ways but we experienced a lot we did not like in the process. Read more…

How Product Managers Are Driving Enterprise Transformation

product managers drive enterprise transformation

The future of product management. I have written about this before. And I think that change really is here now — we see it happening with our customers at Aha! every day. Today’s product managers are more strategic, customer-centric, and team-oriented than ever before. Many are fundamentally changing the way their entire company thinks about its products and services. Read more…

The Best Way to Handle the Office Meddler

office meddler

“If it were me…” This is the motto of the office meddler. You know who I am talking about. It is that co-worker who thinks they always know what is best. So they take it upon themselves to dig into your work — offering plenty of unsolicited advice. Good intentions, maybe. Big annoyance and big problems, definitely. Read more…