About Chris and Aha!

Dr. Chris Waters is the CTO and co-founder of Aha! — the world’s #1 roadmap software. Chris is a serial entrepreneur who loves writing code and building products. He holds 16 patents for innovations in network security, database queries, and wireless devices.

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Smash More Bugs

smash more bugs

Drop everything. This is what our team does when a bug is found. Recently, a customer reported an issue in a new feature that had just gone live. We quickly identified the problem, fixed it, and sent an apology and an update to the customer. This was all within an hour. They replied, “When you fix sh*t that fast, there is no need to apologize.”

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This Developer Finds Joy in the Mundane

big mac and fries

I love fast food. It started as a teenager when I worked at McDonald’s in New Zealand. There were only a few locations back then and we were amazingly busy, with lines usually out the door at lunchtime. We made Big Macs as fast as we could — 12 at a time. Sure, the work itself was a little mundane. But it was strangely (and rewardingly) competitive.
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The 4 Qualities of Engineers This CTO Loves to Hire

Aha! roadmap software engineering team

When I first learned to program, I did not have a computer. I wrote everything out on paper and just imagined what would happen when it ran. (This was back in the days when magazines actually had code listings for you to type into your Commodore 64 or Apple II, and the only storage was on cassette tapes.)

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Why Does DevOps Think They Are the TSA?

Operations and product roadmaps

So you are the DevOps Manager — gatekeeper of everything good — and the go-to-guy for smart code running on big iron. You help keep engineering from releasing the miserable code that QA was not able to sniff out. You see the big data center picture and can techno-babble with the best architect around.

Your brain is evenly split between “risk management” and “time-to-market” and you know when to be where. You are the great protector of uptime. Your glance scares junior engineers back to their cubes, you are immune to false-positives, and you have more dead pagers than Blackberry has unwanted phones.

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