About Jessica and Aha!

Jessica is passionate about showing product managers there is a better way. She is the Product Marketing Manager at Aha! — the world’s #1 product roadmap and marketing planning software. Previously she led product at YouEarnedIt, a top five employee engagement platform. Before that she was a product marketing manager at several business-to-business SaaS companies.

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Just Launched! — Set Budgets and Track the ROI of Your Roadmap Investments

Add financial metrics directly in Aha!

You love to build and market products. Do you also love setting budgets, tracking investments, and projecting use and revenue? Maybe, maybe not. But this is part of the job, especially if you work in a large organization with a complex product portfolio. And when the big boss wants to know a dollar amount the business can expect to earn from the work planned in your brilliant roadmap and launch plans, you need an answer.

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The 8 Best Product Roadmapping Software Updates of 2018

Do you already have 2019 on your mind? We certainly do at Aha! — our team is busy working on bold plans for the new year. But the holiday season is also the time to reflect. And when we look back on the work we did in 2018 (including delivering more than 3,000 features and product enhancements), we feel deep gratitude.
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Just Launched! — Visualize Master Features and Features Together on Your Planning Board

It is often important to view master features (what you may refer to as epics) and features together in a single view. We know that it helps to see how individual work items relate to larger efforts. You could see them separately, but we wanted to provide a consolidated view. So, we made a few updates to the Aha! features board so you can now see them together. 

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Just Launched! — New Search Bar on the Features Board

Every second counts — especially when you are waiting. So, when we tested out the new search bar on the features board we were delighted with the super fast results. It took us .02 seconds to search hundreds of features spread across multiple releases. Regardless of how many features you have on your board, the new search functionality will save you lots of time.
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