About Jessica and Aha!

Jessica is passionate about showing product managers there is a better way. She is the Product Marketing Manager at Aha! - the world’s #1 product roadmap software. Previously she led product at YouEarnedIt, a top five employee engagement platform. Before that she was a product marketing manager at several business-to-business SaaS companies.

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Just Launched! — Release Burndown Chart for Agile Teams

“Will this ship on time?” I bet your team is used to hearing this question. It should be simple enough to answer. But considering how many features and moving parts are in every release, it is not always a clear “yes” or “no.”
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Just Launched! — Manage Your Aha! Licenses Across Teams

Aha roadmapping software - settings page, table of paid seat groups

Few things make us blush. But the thought of customers fighting over Aha! licenses? That turned our cheeks positively red. We are very grateful to serve many of the world’s best-known and largest companies. Some of our customers who use Aha! across multiple teams told us it was not easy to ensure that each group received their proper allotment of licenses.
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Just Launched! — Create Feature Templates with Preset To-dos

What is it exactly that makes product managers so busy? I know I often wondered where the day went when I was a PM. So, we asked the PM community on Roadmap.com to describe their work — in just one sentence. Responses ranged from “herding cats” to “turning ideas into businesses.” But there is one thing just about every product manager can agree on.
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Just Launched! — Enhanced Two-Way Aha! + Rally Integration

Aha! + Rally CA Agile Logo

I feel fortunate to have been a part of four great SaaS product teams over the years. My experience has given me the opportunity to work on vastly different products that solved real problems. One thing each product and engineering team had in common — in order to ship great products and features, they were in sync.
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Just Launched! — Enhanced Salesforce + Aha! Integration

We know you learn about customer ideas from lots of different places. But it may be hard to figure out which ones you should prioritize on your roadmap. You want to invest in the ideas that will best serve your customers and have the most positive impact on the business. But which ones are those? Our integration with Salesforce is designed to help answer this question and capture all of the requests in one place.
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Just Launched! — Visualize Status of Initiatives Across Your Product Portfolio

Remember the days before mobile maps — when you had to print out directions before you even got into the car? That is why GPS was so groundbreaking. Finally, there was a way to see where you were in real-time and quickly reroute when you got off track.
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Just Launched! — Aha! Introduces Roadmaps for Epics

An individual feature usually does not have a significant impact on your customers. But when a group of related features come together to deliver a new product experience — that is when you truly create something special. And you need a way to group all that related work together to represent a larger theme.

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Just Launched! — Customize the Cards on Your Workflow Board

Product managers are a loud bunch. We are accustomed to leading and leaders are open with their beliefs. Perhaps that is why there are so many heated discussions about development methodologies. But no matter which one you follow, the intention behind it is usually the same — to get more done.

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Just Launched! — Instantly Analyze and Report on Your Product Plans

I have read and written a lot of product manager job descriptions over the years. One word every job has in common — “data.” Managing it, understanding it, presenting it. It is clear that data is vital to product management. You cannot have a successful product or business without it. But who wants to spend hours entering and manipulating data in spreadsheets?

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Just Launched! — Visualize Your Release Schedules

Have you ever sent someone a calendar invite for 9AM… on a Saturday? Well, maybe on the rare occasion that you need to meet on a weekend. But even in the hardest working companies, we know that the vast majority of work gets done during the week.
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Just Launched! — A More Comprehensive Business Model Builder

Think about your morning routine. I bet you interact with dozens of products and companies within an hour of waking up. I know I do — from checking in with my fitness tracker to brewing a cup of locally roasted coffee. The companies behind each are wonderfully different. But they have at least a few common threads. Like a business model — whether they have documented it or not.
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Just Launched! — Sync Even More Aha! Fields with JIRA

1,021,678 is a big number. And it represents a lot of work. As of today, that is the total number of requirements you have created in Aha! — do the math and it’s roughly one new requirement every two minutes since we launched in 2013. Product managers around the world have been busy.
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Just Launched! — More Intelligent Voting on Ideas

More, more, more. It seems like everywhere you look, people want more. And this is particularly true when it comes to customers and feature requests. But this is not necessarily a bad thing. When customers have feedback, it is a good sign they are passionate about your product. So, listen to the voice of your users.
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Just Launched! — Aha! Starter Product Roadmap

Amazon set the record last month for the world’s fastest delivery — 13 minutes. Now that is fast. Want to build your product roadmap in less time than it took Amazon to set that world record? Read on.

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Just Launched! — New and Improved Aha! Navigation

We just launched the new Aha! Starter roadmap — the fastest way to build a visual roadmap. (If you have not checked it out yet, you should.) Whenever we deliver new functionality, we stop and think about how it fits into the overall product experience. What else will be affected? Is there an opportunity to make the product even better? Sometimes yes, sometimes no.

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