About Ron and Aha!

Ron is a product guy. He is the Director of Product Management at Aha! - the world’s #1 product roadmap software. He previously founded and sold his own company and has been on the founding team of multiple venture-backed companies.

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That Painful Meeting — And How I Became a Curious Product Manager

I arrived at the office bright and early my first day ready to make a difference. I had just started a new job as a product manager and was anxious to get going. My new VP boss, let’s call him John, had spent the last month building out a strategic roadmap for the upcoming year. Now, it was my turn to shine (or so I thought).
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How This New Product Manager Earned Respect from the Sales Team

You are still learning the ropes as a new product manager, but it has not stopped well-meaning co-workers and customers from already inundating you with feature requests. You smile politely and say, “yeah, sure,” but you are worried that the backlog of features is starting to add up.
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How Product Managers Make a Great Impression With 1.0 Products

You have big plans for your product and you know that the end vision is going to rock. The trouble is, you want your customers to love your product when you release Version 1.0.
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Product Wireframes, Mockups, and the Day I Almost Cried

I love building great products. There are so many moving pieces it keeps me engaged all day long. And when done right, each step of the journey is more exciting than the last. But there are always a few bumps along the way. Overcoming those challenges is part of the allure of the job.
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The Product Manager vs. Project Manager

It was a big day. I was presenting a new product idea to the executive team. After speaking with dozens of customers, the product team knew that we had touched a nerve. This idea would be an excellent way to increase our market share against our competition.
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The Day I Became an Average Product Manager

A Sales VP approached me about a new potential deal with our first national customer. If we could deliver one new feature by the end of the week, he was “90% confident” that he could make the deal happen.
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