Aha! Updates

Just Launched! — The Perfect Report for Strategy and Product Reviews

Product managers should be power users of their products. How many times have you heard that? It may sound cliché, but we think it is true. And we are certainly power users of Aha! — when we recently began to prep for our bi-annual company meeting, we found ourselves liking the hierarchy report. But we did not love it. To truly work for us, we needed it to include additional information and metrics. And we knew if we needed that, then you did too.  Read more…

Just Launched! — The World’s Best Board for Managing Features

We might be a bit biased, but we think Aha! is awesome. Perhaps it is because you often tell us how much you love us. As a thank you, we just improved what was already the best way for product managers to define and manage product features. Maybe we are a little full of ourselves — you decide. Read more…

Just Launched! — Enhanced Aha! + GitHub Integration

The smallest changes can make big impacts for product managers. You fret the details while working to see the big picture. You seek to capture valuable insights so you can build what matters. And you know that engineering will periodically need access to those insights as they tackle the “how” of creating an elegant solution.  Read more…

The Top 6 Blog Posts for Product Managers — May 2017

texas bluebonnet

More great blog posts about building lovable products. This was a busy spring. We introduced Lovability, the bestselling book from Aha! CEO Brian de Haaff. Resources for product managers to bookmark include The Building Blocks of Lovability and The 3 Signs of Product Love.
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Just Launched! — The New Reports Dashboard for Product Management

You probably have tons of reports scattered around. I always had at least product goals and their status, ideas submitted by customers, and features planned based on their value — all in carefully crafted spreadsheets. And I had about five different versions of my product roadmap. Now, imagine having a single web-based dashboard for all of your product management reports. Good news! We just built that.
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My Name Is Barbara Dinoff — This Is Why I Joined Aha!

Barbara Dinoff

Embrace the unexpected. I suppose my parents instilled this trait in me. In the early 1990s, they moved our family from Poland to the U.S. — sight unseen. I cannot imagine how scary that must have been for them to leave their comfort zone, immerse themselves in a new culture and language, and just roll with it.

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Just Launched! — Daily Digest Emails from Aha!

How do you get to zero emails in your inbox? Read on. We know that for many of you, Aha! is a friend, but a friend that sometimes has a bit too much to say. The type of friend who sends too many messages. It is possible that you do not need to immediately receive an email for each and every change that someone makes to a release or feature in Aha! All those emails are cluttering your inbox and making it hard to focus on what really needs your attention.
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Just Launched! — Release Burndown Chart for Agile Teams

“Will this ship on time?” I bet your team is used to hearing this question. It should be simple enough to answer. But considering how many features and moving parts are in every release, it is not always a clear “yes” or “no.”
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Just Launched! — Manage Your Aha! Licenses Across Teams

Aha roadmapping software - settings page, table of paid seat groups

Few things make us blush. But the thought of customers fighting over Aha! licenses? That turned our cheeks positively red. We are very grateful to serve many of the world’s best-known and largest companies. Some of our customers who use Aha! across multiple teams told us it was not easy to ensure that each group received their proper allotment of licenses.
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Just Launched! — Create Feature Templates with Preset To-dos

What is it exactly that makes product managers so busy? I know I often wondered where the day went when I was a PM. So, we asked the PM community on Roadmap.com to describe their work — in just one sentence. Responses ranged from “herding cats” to “turning ideas into businesses.” But there is one thing just about every product manager can agree on.
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Just Launched! — Lovability the Book

lovability product management book brian de haaff

I hope that you do not hold it against me. But I love my job. And I think you should too. This is why I spent the last year writing words of happiness — words of love. I wrote them for me and you. Roughly 64,000 words laid out over 236 pages in a book. It is called Lovability. It launched today and I am humbled that it is already an Amazon bestseller.

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My Name Is Joon Shin — This Is Why I Joined Aha!

joon shin Aha! product roadmap

Marketing agencies get a bad rap. It can be said that they foster ruthless work environments aimed at one thing: racking up the biggest client spend bill possible. Well, I’m happy to provide a counter to that impression. My agency experience was nothing like that at all.

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Just Launched! — Enhanced Two-Way Aha! + Rally Integration

Aha! + Rally CA Agile Logo

I feel fortunate to have been a part of four great SaaS product teams over the years. My experience has given me the opportunity to work on vastly different products that solved real problems. One thing each product and engineering team had in common — in order to ship great products and features, they were in sync.
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Just Launched! — Enhanced Salesforce + Aha! Integration

We know you learn about customer ideas from lots of different places. But it may be hard to figure out which ones you should prioritize on your roadmap. You want to invest in the ideas that will best serve your customers and have the most positive impact on the business. But which ones are those? Our integration with Salesforce is designed to help answer this question and capture all of the requests in one place.
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6 Blog Posts Product Managers Love — March 2017

love concrete wall

If you care about building a product that customers will love, then you likely found a lot to enjoy on the Aha! blog this month. That is because we announced our new book for company and product builders — Lovability.
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