Company Building

Can We Talk About the Elephant in Your Office?

elephant raising trunk and eating grass

You are not imagining things. There is indeed an elephant in your office. Everyone tries to tip-toe around the beast — yet it is becoming increasingly difficult. You see, he started off small, but now he is enormous.

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Your Startup Does Not Need "Adult Supervision"

pouring a bottle of champagne

A friend of mine came over the other night for a pep talk. He works at a San Francisco logistics startup. And he said that things are going well and not so well at the same time. Weird, right?

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The One Bias Every Leader Should Fear

hundreds of chickens in a factory farm

There is fear in the air and drama in the conference room. People avoid making eye contact as they pass in the halls. The tension is palpable. Your mind reels, wondering what just happened.
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5 Ways Successful Remote Employees Stay Engaged

a sailboat on stormy looking water, with alcatraz and the bay bridge in the background.

“The calm before the storm” is a well-worn cliche. But sailors know that this saying is rooted in truth. An approaching storm creates a drop in barometric pressure — and a deceptively tranquil sea.

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Hey Boss: Stop Trying to “Empower” Me

unhappy young woman sitting at desk frustrated at work

Have you noticed a certain trend in leadership circles? Career advice columns and business consultants are encouraging leaders to “empower” their teams to promote accountability and achievement.
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4 Skills You Need to Succeed — No Talent Required

woman sleeping on airplane

Some memes make the rounds online regularly. One that often pops up is the list of “10 things that require zero talent.” From big-picture traits like passion to daily habits like being on time, the list is a good reminder that success requires a strong foundation.

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9 Movie Quotes That Entrepreneurs Live By

movie tickets on buttered popcorn

Need some inspiration for your work and business? Well, look no further than the silver screen. I am not a huge movie buff, but I do find that great stories with compelling characters can often be the source of fresh ideas. 

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The Biggest Opportunity Most Startups Miss

group of employees at a startup talking

The tide is turning for some startups. I have seen the worried faces in Silicon Valley — and they are not without reason. Funds that were easy to snag in the past are now harder to secure.

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Stop Going to See Your Customers

Imagine this scene: You are packing your suitcase for yet another business trip. You are pumped about the prospect of meeting with a big customer. Then, you start to think about the security lines. Missed connections … cramped seating … babies crying in your ear … lost luggage. (Feel your head starting to pound?) And that is all before you even get to the airport. Read more…

The Genius of Working in Solitude

It is rare to sit in the presence of true genius. I had that privilege a few months ago when three recipients of the MacArthur Genius Grants discussed their work at an event held in Washington, DC. An audience member asked one of the fellows, a renowned author, to share how her grant changed the way she works. I was unprepared for her response.

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6 Things Better Than Your Morning Commute

Eight billion. That’s a big number any way you slice it. But it’s even bigger when it denotes what you’ve lost. In this case, eight billion is the number of hours Americans spent commuting to and from work last year. That averages out to 50 hours per driver, or more than a week’s worth of vacation days.
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5 Money-Wasters Your Startup Does Not Need

If you have ever ordered the steak and lobster special at a dinner that your startup was paying for, go slap yourself. And then do it again, just so you remember that feeling. It will actually be a lot worse if you run out of cash.  Read more…

Hey Boss: I'm Not Replaceable

“Everyone is replaceable.” I once worked with a VP of Sales who would say this to his employees as a warning. It was his BIG stick. His words stuck with me for a few reasons. In just three belittling words he consistently chipped away at the morale of his team and made them feel a little less human. I also saw it as a sign of leadership gone seriously awry. Read more…

Inside the World's Most Pet-Friendly Tech Company

There are plenty of benefits to working remotely: You can work from anywhere you want, spend more time with the kids, save on gas costs, and exercise at a time that works best for you.
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5 Daily Habits of Happy SaaS Customer Success Teams

“Customer Success — what’s that?” a friend sneered at me last week. Well, it’s a team that owns the customer relationship and helps them increase their happy use of a product or service. And for our team at Aha! Customer Success has even replaced traditional Sales.
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