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How This CEO Prioritizes Employee Joy

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Last December, I met up with a group of awesome people in Laguna Beach, CA. We ran along the beach together. Shared personal stories that made us laugh and cry. Ate some good food. Even spent time volunteering for local organizations. No, this was not a vacation with my oldest friends — it was the Aha! semi-annual company meeting. And it is one of the many reasons that this is one of the best places to work. Read more…

The Founder’s Paradox: How Do You Get Out of the Details When You Care More About the Details Than Anyone Else?

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Most founders care deeply. I know that I do. About everything that Aha! is and will be — the people and the product. About everything that does not go the way we want it to. I care about every little detail. Yet, the skyrocketing growth of the company means that I must not dwell on every little detail. Care, but do not care? I feel like I am being squeezed. Read more…

5 Years of Aha! — This Is What We Have Learned so Far

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Something different. This is what my co-founder Dr. Chris Waters and I had in mind when we founded Aha! five years ago. We had spent nearly 20 years working in Silicon Valley and building breakthrough products at both large technology companies and smaller startups. And in plain terms — we were successful in lots of meaningful ways but we experienced a lot we did not like in the process. Read more…