Stop Worrying About VCs Stealing Your Idea

raccoon stealing radio

A friend approached me last year about starting a software company that would be an add-on in the Salesforce AppExchange. He was in the beginning stages and needed some advice. He had heard that he should have everyone he talks with about the business sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) to protect his idea. My reply? “No — but not for the reasons you might think.”

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No One Cares About Your Business Strategy

gentoo penguins floating on iceberg

Recognize this scenario? You join the leadership team at the annual offsite to work on next year’s strategy. The location is somewhere expensive and beautiful. Unfortunately, you hardly ever leave the conference room. 

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Really? Your Office Culture Is Defined by "No"

what-a-mole arcade game with large black mallet

Take a moment and think about your colleagues. Which ones are the naysayers? You know — the people who you think of as “The Mallet” for their ability to smash promising ideas like a game of Whac-A-Mole. 

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Stop Saying These 15 Business Buzzwords (Please)

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I wish we could just “peel back the onion” … but unfortunately business buzzwords are here to stay. The buzzword is a life raft for a disillusioned and disengaged worker. It is an easy escape route from a tough conversation that might actually require deep thought and carefully selected words. 

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How Competition Can Spark Your Creativity

Girl on beach building a sandcastle

Children never worry that their latest creation is not creative enough. A child building a sandcastle does not second-guess their work — their main concern is the rising tide. Only adults allow self-doubt to creep in and drown the creative process.
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6 Lessons I Learned as the New Head of Marketing at a Startup

I joined Enplug in the fall of 2014. We sell digital signage software, and my job was to send personalized emails and Facebook messages to businesses that might want to purchase our technology. My first role was simple. But it would not stay that way for long.
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How to Steal Your Co-Workers’ Ideas

You hear new ideas all day long. And most of them stink. But every so often you hear one that is so rich that you just cannot get it out of your head. Not only do you wish you had thought of it yourself, you are inclined to run with the idea as your own — just to make sure it does not get lost in the shuffle. And maybe you want to look good too.
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Perfecting a Smooth Scrolling Experience for Large Tables

Depending on who you ask, the <table> is a quintessential cornerstone of web development old and new; an outmoded curiosity from a time where CSS lacked floating elements; or somewhere in between. But even the biggest critics of the <table> must admit that it is excellent at one task: laying out and automatically resizing to accommodate data of varying width and height.
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Making Magic with contenteditable="true"

I love this team. I love the product and engineering team at Aha! because we believe in objectively prioritizing work. To truly build what matters, you must identify which feature requests will help you achieve your goal and which ones will waste your time. Most ideas sound great but actually matter little.
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3 Lessons From the Hacker Who Saved Apollo 11

I have been fascinated by rockets since I was young. As I get older, my appreciation has only grown for the amazing amount of engineering that goes into those majestic machines.
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5 Habits of Hyper-Productive Developers

The Alpha Engineer rules Silicon Valley and all great technology ecosystems. He is tough to find, a genius in thought and a workhorse in productivity. He is worth 100 or more mediocre or lower-skilled engineers. Product managers are lucky to work with just one in their career.

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This Startup Built an App That College Students Love

He thought he was ready for venture capital and that they were ready for him. A founder since high school who had launched and sold a successful Spanish networking website, Juan Carlos Perez approached Silicon Valley investors with confidence last year. He and his co-founder, Jordan Knox, had an idea for a new productivity app aimed at college students.

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The Secret to an Awesome Event: Your Weekly Innovation

The events industry is in trouble. Last year, a survey conducted by Eventbrite and Hubspot found that despite ballooning event budgets, 51% of event organizers saw no increase in event attendance. 14% even saw a decrease.

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Put Big Employee Ideas into Action: Your Weekly Innovation

In today’s fast-paced world, every business can benefit from a better way to manage change. Being able to quickly adapt is a competitive advantage, allowing companies to adjust to meet market needs. The key is to ensure a smooth transition from the old to the new while maintaining morale, productivity, and company image.

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Righties vs. Lefties (Who Earns More?)

Leftie or rightie? What’s your dominant hand? Can you believe that it matters when it comes to your salary? Some lefties might recall being forced to switch hands in school — a minor plight compared to being accused of possession by the devil in the Middle Ages or witchcraft in colonial America. Lefties have always been persecuted and now they are earning less at the office too.

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