5 Habits of Hyper-Productive Developers

The Alpha Engineer rules Silicon Valley and all great technology ecosystems. He is tough to find, a genius in thought and a workhorse in productivity. He is worth 100 or more mediocre or lower-skilled engineers. Product managers are lucky to work with just one in their career.

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This Startup Built an App That College Students Love

He thought he was ready for venture capital and that they were ready for him. A founder since high school who had launched and sold a successful Spanish networking website, Juan Carlos Perez approached Silicon Valley investors with confidence last year. He and his co-founder, Jordan Knox, had an idea for a new productivity app aimed at college students.

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The Secret to an Awesome Event: Your Weekly Innovation

The events industry is in trouble. Last year, a survey conducted by Eventbrite and Hubspot found that despite ballooning event budgets, 51% of event organizers saw no increase in event attendance. 14% even saw a decrease.

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Put Big Employee Ideas into Action: Your Weekly Innovation

In today’s fast-paced world, every business can benefit from a better way to manage change. Being able to quickly adapt is a competitive advantage, allowing companies to adjust to meet market needs. The key is to ensure a smooth transition from the old to the new while maintaining morale, productivity, and company image.

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Righties vs. Lefties (Who Earns More?)

Leftie or rightie? What’s your dominant hand? Can you believe that it matters when it comes to your salary? Some lefties might recall being forced to switch hands in school — a minor plight compared to being accused of possession by the devil in the Middle Ages or witchcraft in colonial America. Lefties have always been persecuted and now they are earning less at the office too.

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State of the Art in WYSIWYG HTML Editors

WYSIWYG Text Editor

A common feature request from Aha! users was the ability to include images and tables inline with feature descriptions. A year or so ago we embarked on a project to improve our editor with a more feature rich experience.

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The New Journalist is an Algorithm

Image of Journalist Who Needs a Job

I asked a friend over coffee the other day what he thought about the future of journalism. The answer should not have surprised me considering his last software company built real-time marketing software and was acquired by Microsoft. He said that in the future, successful journalists will not be able to eat, sleep, or take breaks if they want to survive.

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20 Things Developers Should Stop Saying

Crazy things developers say

Most engineers I know pick up jargon and abstract-talk as a way of fitting in or standing out in the bullpen. Sometimes the “technobabble” is used to obfuscate what is really intended or needed or simply to create a debate that only a Ph.D. in Rhetoric could enjoy — allowing only those with “technical chops” to “parse” what the speaker really means.
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Trust the Engineers — Do Not Put Bugs on Your Roadmap

A very bright product manager at a startup asked me this morning: “Should bugs exist on my roadmap?” This is a fascinating question that comes up every few days or so. In the past, I have written about other seemingly simple questions like, “What is a product?” or “What is a release?” So, I figured it was time to take on this key question.

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Kanban Cannot Save You From The Engineering Death Spiral

Engineering death spiral

Is your team is becoming less and less efficient, despite more and more measures being implemented to increase productivity? If so, then your company is in an engineering death spiral. And this message is for you.

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Hey Sales Guy — Stop Pissing Off The Engineers

Sales -- Stop Pissing Off the Engineers

So you are the sales god — savior of the business — and the go-to-guy when that deal must get closed to save the quarter. You can sniff a wanting customer through your smartphone. You were born to hunt elephants and nothing gets in your way of a good kill. Your brain is evenly split between “solution selling” and “commission check” and you know when to be where. You create meaningful relationships when you sleep and can coax cash out of a stone. You will do whatever it takes to try and get the feature you think you need added to the product, to close that whopper, to be the hero, to win the sales contest and that trip to Hawaii. Read more…

Imagine Every Week Was Hack Week

Imagine if every week was Hack Week - for product managers and engineers

Creating great software is invigorating. And product managers and engineers should be the happiest people on earth. But your company probably never fully benefits from your love of innovation because you are beaten down by soft strategies, weak tools, and squishy communication. Read more…

Kanban — Is It Hurting Your Engineers?

Kanban -- The Secret Engineer Killer

Have you ever been on a diet? While two-thirds of Americans say they are on a diet at any given time to improve their health, very few are actually getting leaner. More than 90 percent of all diets fail. And 75 percent result in weight gain beyond the original amount lost*. If anything had this failure rate in business, we would immediately stop doing it. Read more…

The Alpha Engineer

The Alpha Engineer

The Alpha Engineer rules Silicon Valley and all great technology ecosystems. He holds the highest rank in technical communities worldwide and is rewarded with the greatest access to resources — which only leads to greater domination. Tough to find, he is a genius in thought, workhorse in productivity, and is worth 100 or more mediocre or lower skilled engineers. Read more…

Hey Engineers — Your Product Manager Needs a Hug

Hey Engineers - Your Product Manager Needs a Hug

My engineering friends, please consider the following sentences as a heartfelt plea. I know that we are taught in business to focus on the rational and ignore the emotional, but your product manager is hurting and needs some love.  Read more…