Learn how to set marketing strategy, manage impactful programs, and report on the results — all the things that bold marketers do.

Positioning vs. Messaging

positioning vs messaging

How do you tell an original story? There is usually a real-life event behind every fantastical tale. If you work in marketing, you know that for your work to ring true it must be grounded in the unique truth of your company’s product or service. This value should be the basis of every great story that you tell. Read more…

How to Write a Creative Brief

write a creative brief

Where do creative ideas come from? You might see a compelling advertisement or brilliant brand campaign and think the idea probably came in like a bolt of lightning. Boom! Inspiration strikes, a masterpiece happens. This is only partly true. Because while there are certainly times when a big idea occurs spontaneously, most teams need guidance to ensure that those big ideas support the broader business goals. Read more…

New Marketing Managers — Do These 8 Things in the First 30 Days

marketing manager job

Trepidation. And maybe a touch of excitement. This is how many of us feel when we do something new for the first time and we think people are watching. Sometimes those feelings are triggered from something as simple as going to a party where you do not know many people. Whatever the situation, you likely feel that same twinge when something is unfamiliar. Read more…

Marketing Teams Need Strategy Too

marketing strategy

Marketers have heard it all. User-generated content is king. Chatbots are the future. Influencer marketing delivers the most ROI. And what about micro-moments? This latest addition to the marketing lexicon refers to the idea that you have mere nanoseconds to capture your audience’s attention. However, for all the trends and buzzwords, the best marketers know the real not-so-secret sauce behind breakthrough campaigns. Read more…

5 Types of Marketers Your Company Needs

types of marketers

Have you ever prepared a meal with a group of people? Each person tends to gravitate towards what they do best. Some folks have impressive knife skills and some love to precisely measure out ingredients. Others shy away from the cooking altogether, preferring to lay out place settings instead. No matter the role, the goal is shared — an enjoyable meal. Read more…

The Hidden Challenges of Agile Marketing (and 7 Solutions)

agile marketing challenge

How many times have you felt the pressure to go faster at work? If you work in marketing, it might feel like this happens all the time. You are continually pushed to make quick decisions, meet deadlines, and react to new priorities that no one talked with you about. You are working as fast as you can — but it is not always clear if your work is making a difference or appreciated. Read more…

4 Marketing Best Practices for Creating Customer Personas

creating customer personas

Everyone loves a good story, right? And if you are a marketer, you are telling meaningful stories every day — whether you realize it or not. The messaging you write, the advertisements you create, and the content you publish. But like any good storyteller, you need to understand what will appeal to your audience. Read more…

18 Metrics Every SaaS Product Marketing Manager Should Know

saas product marketing metrics

In the middle of a major product launch, it can feel like you are running in a million different directions all at once. But in that eye of the storm, you will always find the best product marketers. These folks work closely with product and engineering teams and explain what is new to customers and the teams who support those customers. The trusted product marketer is a steady force. 

Read more…