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The 4 Qualities of Marketing Leaders I Love to Hire

I once worked with a talented marketing manager named Nick (name changed) who had a strange habit that may surprise you. At least once a month, he would interview with another company. Nick seemed to do well in his role and was well-liked by his colleagues. But something did not add up.
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3 Marketing Skills That Will Make You Rich

An attorney or marketeer? What would I grow up to be?

I went to the University of Texas to be a great trial attorney — “My mom will be proud,” I thought. But I fell in love with marketing. It just happened. That made us both nervous. I was not sure a marketing job could help me achieve my personal and financial goals. Have you ever had that feeling about your own career?

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3 Big Lies Marketing Leaders Tell the CEO

Is stretching the truth a lie? You might not intentionally do it, but when it comes to presenting updates to the CEO, it happens. In large companies, time with one of the executive leaders is a rare thing. And there often is lots of anxiety. Most employees in mid- to large-size companies do not get many chances to present to the CEO. So, stories sometimes get told.

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Why Marketing Does Not Understand the Product

Product marketing manager

Dear Marketing — You are the website content king, demand generator, social media maven, event execution guru, and big messaging honcho. You can deliver an email campaign with one hand tied behind your back while creating campaign codes and uploading the leads to Salesforce. You architect the tagline, select the corporate color palate, and police the company to make sure everyone is speaking in the proper “corporate tongue.” But, do you speak “product”?

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5 Steps to Get a Product Marketing Job at a Startup

Marketing job at a startup

I keep finding myself telling people that marketing has profoundly changed. In the last few days, I have told the same story at a fundraiser to an attorney, at a soccer game to a stay-at-home mom, and to our babysitter. It could be that it is top-of-mind because we have actively been recruiting for someone to lead our marketing team. Regardless, I thought I would take a minute to share my thoughts on why marketing has radically changed and suggest what actions you now need to take to grow the right skills to land a marketing gig at a startup.

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