Product Management

Learn the best ways to set strategy, share visual roadmaps, manage releases, and
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Why You Need a Strategic IT Roadmap

strategic IT roadmap

“IT manages technology and projects — not customer experiences.” Have you heard this before? Not lately, I hope. Most companies are taking on major initiatives to focus all teams on customer experience. Not just customer-facing groups. Of course, this focus requires big changes in mindset and approach in departments across the organization, including both internal- and external-facing teams. Read more…

6 SWOT Analysis Templates for Product Managers

product manager SWOT analysis

Product teams know a lot about their products. It is a requirement for doing the job well. It can also be a curse. Why, you ask? Because you cannot know what you do not know. (Yes, a bit of a riddle.) This is one of the best things about a SWOT analysis — it forces your product team to step back and consider your product and the market from a different perspective. Read more…

The Chief Product Officer vs. the Chief Technology Officer


Products matter. And that is why more and more companies are adding executives who are specifically focused on those products and the technology needed to ensure customer love. But as we keep adding leaders to the executive suite, there is naturally more overlap in duties. More role confusion too. So, it is worth taking a look at the difference between two related but distinct positions: Chief Product Officer (CPO) and Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Read more…

Why Strategic Thinking Is So Hard for Product Managers

strategic thinking product manager

Daily standups. Planning poker. Estimates of time (or points). It is all collaborative fun and games until that new product launch lands with a customer thud. And then the big boss comes strolling down wanting answers: Why did this flop? Hm, good question. You were so busy working that you barely left the office. And the product development team was grinding — sprint planning, grooming, more standups, retrospectives, and then wash/repeat. Read more…

4 Marketing Best Practices for Creating Customer Personas

creating customer personas

Everyone loves a good story, right? And if you are a marketer, you are telling meaningful stories every day — whether you realize it or not. The messaging you write, the advertisements you create, and the content you publish. But like any good storyteller, you need to understand what will appeal to your audience. Read more…

My 5 Tips for Remote Product Managers

remote product manager aha

The job listing called for an experienced product manager. The opportunity: Work on software built by and for product managers. The location: Anywhere in the United States. At first, I was confused — anywhere? But I was intrigued. So I followed my curiosity. And I am so glad I did. Read more…

Product Managers Are Smarter Than a Spreadsheet

product manager smart spreadsheet

Does greatness come from a spreadsheet? Probably not if you are a product manager. Yet many are attempting to do so at this very moment — using a spreadsheet to manage the building of a product. Really, those spreadsheets are nothing more than a glorified list of features and priorities. This may work for a while. But spreadsheets are not meant for roadmapping the future. Read more…

33 Questions Smart Product Managers Ask in Job Interviews

product manager interview questions

“Do you validate parking?” I had asked a job candidate at a previous company if they had any questions for me. And this was the sole question from the product manager I was interviewing. Flabbergasting. Product managers are supposed to be curious and inquisitive. This person’s lack of meaningful questions told me they did not want the job enough. Read more…

The Problem With Being a Fix-It Product Manager

fix-it product manager

It starts off with the best intentions. You are planning an upcoming release and notice that the support documentation needs to be updated. You could turn to a teammate and ask them to jump in. But instead you think, “I’ll just do it this once — it will be quicker this way.” Before you know it, you are spending lots of time in an area where your colleagues are experts. You have become the fix-it product manager.

Read more…