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How Should I Present My Roadmap to the Executive Team?

present to executives

Have you ever given a roadmap presentation that felt more like an interrogation? I know that many product managers have experienced this. The executive team demands to see your slides in advance. By the time your meeting comes around, you are not really doing much presenting — everyone has seen the deck already. You are mostly fielding a barrage of questions under what feels like a massive microscope. Read more…

16 Roadmap Templates for Product Managers

product roadmap templates

A dozen answers for a dozen different people. (All before lunch.) Yep — this is the life of a product manager. You are all-knowing for all things product. Everyone from marketing to sales to support and the executive team looks to you for answers. But are your product plans visually presented in a way that answers each group’s questions clearly? Read more…

How to Avoid Team Chaos When Your Product Plans Change

product manager crisis communication plan

Let’s set the scene. Your team is prepping for a major product launch. Marketing has been working on the go-to-market activities for weeks. Sales has been teasing the new functionality with customers. And engineering has been polishing the experience. Then the worst scenario — two days before launch, a major bug is revealed. A stop-everything-you-are-doing kind of bug. Read more…

Why You Need a Strategic IT Roadmap

strategic IT roadmap

“IT manages technology and projects — not customer experiences.” Have you heard this before? Not lately, I hope. Most companies are taking on major initiatives to focus all teams on customer experience. Not just customer-facing groups. Of course, this focus requires big changes in mindset and approach in departments across the organization, including both internal- and external-facing teams. Read more…

6 SWOT Analysis Templates for Product Managers

product manager SWOT analysis

Product teams know a lot about their products. It is a requirement for doing the job well. It can also be a curse. Why, you ask? Because you cannot know what you do not know. (Yes, a bit of a riddle.) This is one of the best things about a SWOT analysis — it forces your product team to step back and consider your product and the market from a different perspective. Read more…

The Chief Product Officer vs. the Chief Technology Officer


Products matter. And that is why more and more companies are adding executives who are specifically focused on those products and the technology needed to ensure customer love. But as we keep adding leaders to the executive suite, there is naturally more overlap in duties. More role confusion too. So, it is worth taking a look at the difference between two related but distinct positions: Chief Product Officer (CPO) and Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Read more…