Product Roadmaps

Why We All Need A Roadmap

We all need a product roadmap

Each successful company and organization has a roadmap. It forces deep thinking, explains where they are going, and helps everyone stay on track. Successful people have roadmaps as well, whether they know it or not. That’s because they have a clear purpose that aligns the daily grind with their long-term aspirations.

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Your Startup And the "Why" Driven Product Roadmap

Product roadmap software explains the why

Building a great product is hard, but it should not be excruciating. And marketing, selling, and supporting a product with potential should be a joy too. That is why people working on new products and services should be the happiest people on earth. But most companies never benefit from their product leaders’ love of innovation because they are beaten down by a lack of progress. Sometimes hopelessness even sets in. Read more…

You're Agile — But You Still Need a Product Roadmap

Agile with a product roadmap

Being agile with scrum teams can save and destroy you — if that is all you think you need to develop a great product. Only those unaware or unafraid will admit that they are not agile converts these days running scrum teams to build what matters. And there is no doubt that more integrated and continuously improving teams achieve more than their rigidly structured ancestors who went from gate to gate.
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Trust the Engineers — Do Not Put Bugs on Your Roadmap

A very bright product manager at a startup asked me this morning: “Should bugs exist on my roadmap?” This is a fascinating question that comes up every few days or so. In the past, I have written about other seemingly simple questions like, “What is a product?” or “What is a release?” So, I figured it was time to take on this key question.

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Product Roadmap Templates for Visual Release Planning

We are all agile these days (or trying to be) and for almost all teams — dates still matter. Dates matter because time is an essential variable in life and business. And product teams have the best product releases when they have clear goals, deliver the goods on time, and everyone is on the page. This is easy if we work with a really small team or don’t have any complexity in our business or teams.
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Better Product Roadmaps, Features and Requirements Controls, and Commenting

Better product roadmaps that are visual

Aha! gives us the ability to set product strategy, create visual roadmaps, prioritize features and sprint fast, very fast. We average about one release a week and do our best to make each new set of functionality matter. As a former colleague used to say, the releases are “chock-full of goodness.” Thanks to Dan-the-man who’s also a successful software entrepreneur and all around fine Kiwi for that one. Anyway, this week’s release is a tribute to our rapidly growing list of customers — as all of the goodies were requested by at least four or more customers. Read more…

Create Visual Views of Your Product Roadmap With Tables and Charts

Product roadmap and releases by quarter

Aha! now enables you to create custom views of your goals, initiatives, and releases for sharing and analysis. We make it easy to visualize and report on your product plans through the new product roadmap pivot table. If you have used Excel in the past to share your thinking and plans — it’s time to stop the madness and use Aha! to showcase your roadmap and what the team is going to deliver.

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Portfolio roadmap planning — product lines and initiatives

Product portfolio roadmap

Aha! now enables you to manage your product portfolio — no matter how many businesses, divisions, or product lines you have. We make it easy to visualize the complex relationships that often exist between different products and clearly see the business value that each product delivers. Read more…

Publish A Beautiful Product Roadmap

Product roadmap publish

How often do you get asked for your product roadmap? Or, questioned about when feature X is going to be delivered? Sharing your product roadmap with the sales team, marketing, support, and other key colleagues who interact with customers is increasingly expected and often required to build and maintain trust. Your roadmap should explain the details behind your features and what you plan on delivering over the coming months and quarters. But until now, producing a roadmap and keeping it up-to-date was downright painful for product managers. Read more…

Software Roadmap Capacity Planning and Time Management

Capacity planning for product managers in Aha!

Capacity planning is unglamorous. There’s no shame in admitting it. Yet it’s critically important for your software development team — no matter what development methodology you are using. It’s the science and art of estimating what amount of work can be completed within a specified period of time. Aha! now makes it easy for product and engineering managers to better plan for sprints and releases by aligning available software development capacity with the estimated effort required to complete features and requirements. And we don’t discriminate — you can use time or points.
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"Goal First" — A Product Roadmapping How-To

A Product Roadmap How To

The best boss I ever worked for (who was also one of my early mentors) beat into me the following: “She with a plan wins.” I hold on to that lesson today, and typically am the first in a meeting to ask the “wet blanket” question: “Why are we doing this?” Read more…