Just Launched! — Customize How Views Are Displayed in Aha! Presentations

Aha! Presentation With Customized View

Sharing the right information with the right audience is all about perspective. There are times when you want to show all the details and other times when you just need the highlights. As you pull everything together in an Aha! presentation, that artform (like most) requires creative thinking and flexible tools.  

You can now customize what data is shown in detailed views you add to your Aha! presentations.

We also know how important calendar views are for keeping the team in sync. That is why we added a similar improvement to these views as well. You can now select a custom date range on calendar views in your presentation and show the exact time frame that is needed.

Here is a closer look:

Add views to your presentation
You could always add a detailed view of a specific record in Aha! to a presentation. This is a great way to provide more information about an initiative or specific work item. In the example below, we are adding a features detail page.

Add detailed view to presentation
You can also add views directly from an existing presentation slide.

Customize visible fields on your slide
Now that we have added our view, let’s go to the slide editor. Click the detailed view on the slide and then use the dropdown to check the sections or fields you want to show. Any field unchecked will be hidden. Refresh and you will see your customized view.

You can include multiple views on each slide and control which fields are displayed for each.

Share calendars with custom date ranges
Want to share important dates? Many teams prefer a calendar view. When you add a calendar view you can now select a custom date range. This is a great way to keep the conversation focused like the example below — where we only want to show two weeks of in-flight work.

Select date range in calendar view
When you include multiple months in your date range, everything will be shown on one slide — just scroll down to see additional dates.

Share exactly what you want to in your presentations — nothing more, nothing less.

So what’s next? Now that you can more easily control what you show in your Aha! presentations, you may be looking for other ways to improve your presentation skills. Do not worry — we wrote a blog post that can help you there too. 

Sign up for a free Aha! trial — be happy
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  1. Gavin

    The “Customize How Views Are Displayed in Aha! Presentations” is a fantastic feature, very much welcomed. However it seems the “visible fields” option is available only for detail view, and not for feature list views? This is really important/necessary, for example, if you need to sort the features in order of “Release date” or “Release” then “Rank”, but you don’t necessarily want to SHOW the rank in the report. You only want to use it for sorting/ordering. The Views don’t allow ordering by fields which aren’t on the view – so there seems to be no workaround for this.

    1. Bryan McCarty Post author

      Hi Gavin — Glad you are excited about this update! You are correct. The scenario you described is currently not possible in a list report. You can add the rank field to your list report and sort by it, but once you delete that column, the report needs a new column to sort by.

      Have you tried getting the view you want with a custom roadmap? You should be able to accomplish a double sort — first by release and then by feature rank. In the custom report, you will want to add feature name to the rows section. Next, add the release name and put it above feature name. Then you can sort by the release name by release date first, and the feature name by rank second. This might give you the view you are looking for.

      If you get stuck or want more guidance, reach out to our team at support@aha.io — they respond ultra fast and can provide further assistance. Thanks!

  2. Louis Denoly

    Yeeeees. I’ve been frustrated having to hack my way into hiding fields, it’s so great to see this feature released. Great job fellaz !

    1. Claire George

      Thanks for the great feedback, Louis. We are happy to hear this feature is bringing you joy!

  3. Katherine

    Brilliant!!! This feature has allowed us to have ONE SOURCE of entry for important data and allows up to prepare different data for different audiences in a snap!!!

    Great Job Aha! Team


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