Just Launched! — Access Aha! Ideas Portals With G Suite Single Sign-On

SSO. Three letters with a lot of power for product managers. Seriously. The power to free you from an onslaught of emails. And the power to collect all the brilliant product suggestions from the various teams in your company — all in one place and without friction. Can SSO really do all of these things for a product manager? Combined with an Aha! Ideas portal it can.

We are excited to announce single sign-on for Aha! Ideas portals with G Suite by Google Cloud credentials — making it even easier to capture ideas and feedback from your teammates and closest partners.

Your ideas portal is the central place to capture all ideas and promote only the best ones to your roadmap. The addition of Google G Suite single sign-on to the Aha! integration ecosystem makes it even easier to seamlessly capture product ideas from across the company.

Colleagues can add, vote, or comment without having to remember yet another user ID and password. And the product team has a single place to manage all of the ideas — including the next big one.

Here is how it works:

Create your custom-branded ideas portal 
As already mentioned, Aha! helps you capture all the ideas coming in across the business in a manageable way. We also understand your brand is a big part of your company’s identity, so we made it possible to customize every aspect of your ideas portal, including email communications and terminology.

To customize your portal, go to Settings > Account > Configure Idea Portals. 

Portal users log in with Google G Suite SSO
Make it even easier for your colleagues to share their great product ideas. Enable Google G Suite single sign-on using the SAML SSO option for ideas portals so that team members can log in using their G Suite credentials.

Google G Suite single sign-on can be configured by Aha! account Administrators.

Add, vote, and comment on ideas
The more input you get, the better informed you will be. Give the rest of the company — such as sales and support teams — a voice by allowing them to add, vote, and comment on the ideas they consider to be most valuable.

Aha! Ideas portals help you gather feedback to better understand what to build next.

Promote the best ideas to your roadmap
Now that you know which ideas your team or your customers care about, you can prioritize new ideas and promote the best ones into features on your roadmap. As the features progress through your development process, your internal teams will be automatically notified via email, allowing them to keep your customers in the loop.

Aha! offers a tightly integrated idea and product management system — promoting an idea to a feature is done with a single click.

Big ideas are beautiful — when you discover them. And finding significant product enhancement concepts is invigorating for product managers. So is avoiding a ridiculous amount of feedback and new concepts via email. 

Now your team can share their thoughts without wasted effort. And you can spend more time defining and building out those big ideas. No more wading through emails, spreadsheets, and sticky notes looking for them.

Sign up for a free Aha! trial — be happy
Google G Suite SSO for ideas portals is available to all Aha! customers. If you are not already an Aha! customer, sign up for a free 30-day trial of Aha! now to see why over 100,000 users trust Aha! to set product strategy, create visual roadmaps, and prioritize releases and features.

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About Jessica and Aha!

Jessica was a Product Marketing Manager at Aha! — the world’s #1 roadmap software.

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  1. Carla Venda

    Omitted here is: Don’t forget to work with your Legal team to create Terms and confirm IP agreements/contracts with external customers. If they are submitting ideas to your product, it’s best to set expectations up front about ownership, privacy, patent filing, NDAs. It’s also best to avoid the impression you are committing to provide functionality if you might not achieve it.


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