Just Launched! — New Hierarchy Report to See Every Goal, Initiative, Release, and Feature

Image of Aha! Strategic Hierarchy Reporting

Every product manager needs a good hat rack. Some days you are wearing your strategy hat while working on your high-level goals and initiatives. Other days you are wearing your features hat while defining upcoming releases and requirements. But regardless of which hat you are wearing on any given day, it is important to be able to see and report on how the team’s daily work serves the higher-level purpose of the business.

This is where our brand new Hierarchy report comes in — it’s a powerful way to view relationships across your goals, initiatives, releases, and features. It is a new way to visualize the data you have already entered into Aha!

Why is it called the Hierarchy report? Well, it’s a serious report with serious capabilities. It gives you the ability to instantly highlight the relationships between your product data in Aha!

You can see how data in Aha! is connected within a single product or across multiple products in your organization. The value that each release and feature delivers to your product quickly becomes apparent when you link strategy to work.

Here are a few examples of how you can use the new Hierarchy report.

Communicate strategic plans
The power of the Hierarchy report comes from visualizing data across multiple tiers or levels of your product portfolio. For example, using a Hierarchy report you can easily show your executive team how the goals you set for an individual product roll up and link to goals at the product line and company levels.
Aha! hierarchy report showing company goals, product line goals, and product goals.
Use the Hierarchy report to visualize the roll-up relationships between goals. In this screenshot you see three levels of product hierarchy and how the goals at each level relate to one another. 

Share status updates
In addition to visualizing relationships, you can also filter each column in the Hierarchy report individually to highlight the exact data you need. To highlight completed initiatives that impact upcoming goals, as shown in the report below, simply select Achieved from the drop-down menu under Product Line Initiatives.
Aha! Hierarchy report zoomed in on the status filter.
Each column in the Hierarchy report can be filtered using any data field available in Aha!

Make better prioritization decisions
Hierarchy reports do not stop with goals and initiatives. When you add releases and features to the report, the red thread of strategy becomes even more distinct. This allows you to make better prioritization decisions and focus on driving work towards your strategic vision. Additionally, you can quickly identify the releases and features that do not align to the bigger vision and decide if that effort would be better focused elsewhere.
Aha hierarchy chart showing goals, initiatives, features, and releases. The releases not linked to strategy are highlighted.
Stay on track and make better prioritization decisions by uncovering the releases and features that are not linked to strategy. 

Get started now
Under the Reports section in the navigation menu, you will see a new Hierarchy tab. Open the configuration modal by choosing Select data to select the records you want to report on. You can filter specific columns directly from the report.

Note that there is a thicker line separating this report from the others. That is because the others will use the same data set if you select it on one report and then click on one of the other tabs. The data selections that you make in the Hierarchy report are unique to it.

To get the most out of these new reporting capabilities, its important to make sure that:

  1. Your product hierarchy is carefully set up to reflect your offerings and how they are related.
  2. Goals, initiatives, releases, and features are linked to one another.

Aha hierarchy report configuration screen.
To configure your hierarchy report navigate to Reports > Hierarchy > Select Data.

By linking your strategy to your work, you can easily visualize the strategic value that each release and feature delivers to your product. All of this can be achieved without spending hours of time duplicating data and manipulating spreadsheets. No matter what hat you need to wear on any given day, we are fairly certain that this report will ensure that it fits just right.

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  1. Pratik

    This feature is not released to its full potential. It is only applicable for companies with products in a single product line.

    No way to see hierarchy report that crosses product lines. The report doesn’t allow selecting more than one product line – hence severely limiting.

    Do you guys have plans to fix this report?

    1. Bryan McCarty

      Hi Pratik. Each column in the hierarchy report represents a level of your hierarchy. To see “everything” you would need to group your products under a single line. In other words, the report is meant to represent the hierarchy within a single product line. With that said, there are other reports you can use to see multiple products. I would recommend creating a pivot table to show what you are looking to see. Here are some support docs that should help:

      – Create a pivot table: https://support.aha.io/hc/en-us/articles/204978679
      – Step by step examples: List and pivot reports and Custom roadmaps: https://support.aha.io/hc/en-us/articles/206264013

      If you need any help, or want to dig further into the hierarchy report, let us know — we are here to help. Just send a quick note to support@aha.io and someone will personally respond back quickly (usually within an hour or two no matter what time of day)!

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