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Aha roadmapping software - settings page, table of paid seat groups

Few things make us blush. But the thought of customers fighting over Aha! licenses? That turned our cheeks positively red. We are very grateful to serve many of the world’s best-known and largest companies. Some of our customers who use Aha! across multiple teams told us it was not easy to ensure that each group received their proper allotment of licenses.

Competition is usually a good thing — but not when it is between our customers’ own teams. There should always be enough Aha! licenses to go around.

We needed a more flexible way to manage large groups of Aha! users. That is why today we are adding a feature for our Enterprise+ customers — paid seat groups. While we typically roll out new features to all of our plans, this feature is most relevant to customers with significant numbers of users in Aha!

Paid seat groups allow you to more effectively manage your Aha! users by allocating licenses and assigning Aha! Administrators to each team. Now you can acquire licenses for your organization and segment those licenses by groups.

This gives Aha! Administrators with billing permissions control of license allocation. It also ensures that one group does not unintentionally consume the licenses that were purchased by another group. This makes it easier for your Administrators to manage, track, and allocate licenses by team.

Here is how you can get started with paid seat groups:

Give billing control to Administrators
Give pertinent team members control over assigning users and groups in your account. You can do this by assigning billing privileges to Administrators. Administrators with billing permissions in Enterprise+ accounts now have access to paid seat groups information. Adding a paid seat group allows you to allocate licenses and assign Administrators to that group.
Aha! roadmapping platform - settings page showing paid seat groups table
Administrators with billing permissions can find the new paid seat groups options by navigating to Settings > Billing > Paid seat groups.

Allocate licenses by group
Select the + icon next to paid seat groups to create a new group. You can ensure proper allocation by specifying the number of licenses for that group and assigning which Administrators will manage the rollout. You can also add a PO number or relevant notes in the description field.

Licenses for each group can only be assigned by the designated Administrators of that group.

Assign users to paid seat groups
You can now track and manage the allocation of licenses by assigning users to their respective groups. When adding or editing a user, Administrators will only see the paid seat groups to which they have access to administer.
Aha! roadmapping application - settings page showing adding a paid seat modal
If a new user is added to a group that is at capacity, the Administrator will receive a notification that the group is full. The Administrator can add more licenses to the account or remove an existing user from the group to make room for new users. 

Track and report on user adoption
Enterprise+ Administrators can now track and report on seat allocation by group or team. This helps you to better understand how the software is being used and easily determine where and when additional licenses are needed.Aha roadmapping software - paid seat groups allocatedQuickly identify which groups have available licenses and which groups are at or near capacity. 

Aha! is the perfect place for your team to manage, report on, and share product management tasks across your organization.

We all want to get more done. Now you can be sure that each of your teams has access to the Aha! licenses it needs.

Sign up for a free Aha! trial — be happy
Paid seat groups are now available for Enterprise+ customers. If you are an Enterprise+ customer and would like to take advantage of this new capability, we can help you get started today.

If you are not an Enterprise+ customer, send a quick note to support@aha.io. A member of our Customer Success team — all experienced former product managers — will respond to your request (usually in less than two hours) and share more about the benefits of the Enterprise+ plan.

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  1. Zac Gery

    I love this feature. We run into this at the “Enterprise” license level as well. Any consideration to adding to that level as well?

    1. Jessica Groff Post author

      Hi Zac,

      Thanks for the love! This feature is only available on the Enterprise+ plan. If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of Enterprise+ — including this feature, custom tables, and the Aha! Concierge Service — contact us at support.aha.io. Our Customer Success team of former product managers will be happy to help.

  2. Product Owner

    This is a fine feature, but it wasn’t communicated to me before it was put into production. Now – as a Product Owner – I have had my user management rights taken away, and I have to wait as the corporate group decides how to divide up our licenses among our many groups, and then request that I be added as a Billing Administrator. Not a nice surprise, for sure.

    1. Jessica Groff Post author

      Thanks for letting us know how this change impacted you. Are you still having issues with your licenses? Our Customer Success team of former product managers is here to help. Send us a note to support@aha.io and a member of the team will respond quickly.

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