New @ and # Mentions in Aha! Improve Team Collaboration

Building great product is a collaborative process that works well if everyone agrees on the product vision and strategy. Whether you are setting goals or building visual product roadmaps, it’s important to keep teams on the same page. We built Aha! with this concept in mind.

You’ve likely used “mentions” before, in tools ranging from Twitter to Slack. Now, they are in Aha! as well! Mentions (often known as @mentions) are great for drawing users’ attention to a page or comment, assigning tasks, and clarifying responsibilities.

Now, we have unlocked a whole new level of collaboration in Aha! with new ways to communicate. You can mention users, features, ideas, and releases quickly and easily.

How to mention a user
In the editor, type ‘@’, then the first few characters of the person’s name to refine the list of suggestions. Choose the user’s name from the list of suggestions. After the user’s name is inserted into Aha! you can use the backspace key to remove the last name and make it more personal, if you’d like.

User @ Mentions in Aha!

By mentioning a fellow Aha! user, they also automatically become watchers of the item or subscribers to the comment.

  • If a user is mentioned in a watchable item (feature, requirement, release, or idea), they become a “watcher” of the feature and will receive emails for updates to the feature (including the one where they were mentioned).
  • If a user is mentioned in a comment, they become a subscriber to the comment conversation and receive the comment, plus any subsequent comments in the conversation.

How to mention a feature, idea, or release
We did not stop there. There are many times when you want to mention a feature, idea, or release as well. Let’s say you want to mention a release. In the editor, type ‘#’, then the first few characters of the release you want to call attention to. Choose the release from the list of suggestions — it will be inserted as a link to that release.

Image of a User Mentioning a Release in Aha!

Note: In a feature, if you mention another feature, it will automatically create a relates_to link between them too.

We know how easy it is for updates to get lost in the shuffle. Mentions will help keep your team on track and let Aha! tell you if something new needs your attention. Build great products with greater peace of mind — it’s what Aha! is here for! And be happy doing it.

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