My Name Is Suzanne Raga — This Is Why I Joined Aha!

Suzanne Raga

I love the challenge of a blank canvas. As a child, I spent hours drawing and painting. Later I learned to play guitar and drums, then started an indie music blog in my teens. I enjoyed writing and sharing concert reviews. The best part was interviewing musicians — delving into the discographies of my favorite songwriters, uncovering thematic connections, and asking them to share the origin stories behind their songs.

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6 Commonly Confused Product and Project Management Titles

product and project management

Mad Libs was invented in 1953. I bet you played this fill-in-the-blank game as a kid — maybe on a long car trip. And even though the concept is more than 60 years old, hearing someone read off a wacky story with random words stuffed into sentences still elicits a laugh. But there is an important truth here. Just because a word fits a category (such as an adjective or noun) does not mean that it will hold meaning if used incorrectly or out of context.

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Roadmaps Make Strategy Work

Roadmaps make strategy work

Putting strategy into action can be difficult. That is because too many teams jump straight to the “how” before they agree on the “why” and the “what.” Typically this leap happens because there is a lack of clarity and transparency across the organization, especially as it relates to strategy. And inevitably, poor planning tools are in the mix. But the move-first mentality is unfortunately all too common.

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My Name Is Craig Pflumm — This Is Why I Joined Aha!

WIJ Craig Pflumm

How do big things get built? This question has always fascinated me. My early interest in Legos morphed into an obsession with automobiles. I devoured every car magazine I could find and attended auto shows on weekends. I pursued this passion in college by studying mechanical engineering and interning in the automotive industry. And while I enjoyed the technical aspects of these internships, the work was mostly solitary.

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Just Launched! — New Report Builder in Aha!

Showing versus telling. There is a big difference between these two methods of communication. You can tell someone what you did and they may or may not understand the significance of what you accomplished. But when you can show them a visual representation, such as a report or roadmap, the impact is immediately apparent. 

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The Program Manager vs. the Project Manager

program manager vs project manager

“Program is to a project as product line is to a product.” One of our Customer Success teammates at Aha! made this analogy recently during a customer call. I believe her comparison perfectly encapsulates an important similarity between product and project management. Much like a product line is a grouping of individual products, a program is a collection of projects. And you need someone to own each — the totality and the individual.

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Why Your Boss’s Tiny Actions Have a Huge Effect

effects of boss's actions

We are all connected. Our actions have profound consequences on the people and communities around us. This is especially true at work, where we spend the majority of our time. Your actions — good and bad — directly impact your teammates and affect how much the collective group is able to accomplish. Think about your own boss’s words and actions. Even tiny actions can feel huge. This is the ripple effect.

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My Name Is Jon Eckert — This Is Why I Joined Aha!

Jon Eckert

Five bucks. That was my reward for drawing a cartoon that made my dad laugh. As a kid, a few dollars was plenty of motivation — do you know how many packs of Big League Chew you could buy? But the true prize was earning a deep chuckle. To do so, I had to figure out how to use my visual storytelling skills, awareness of context and timing, and understanding of my dad’s sense of humor to snag that gum money.

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Just Launched! — Automate Tasks in Aha!

Some days it feels like you are mired in repetitive tasks. From checking that data is entered correctly to adding comments and to-dos, this work is critical to delivering quality work. But I bet you are like me and would like to gain that time back. How nice would it be to automate some of those tasks?

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Why You Should Never Call Yourself a Guru

Never call yourself guru

Have you met any gurus recently? I know I have received quite a few connection requests from self-anointed ninjas, trailblazers, and pioneers. Recently I asked folks on LinkedIn to share their encounters with other “buzzword bingo” job titles. The responses did not disappoint — disruptor, change agent, influencer, and (yes) guru. Unless someone is an actual ninja, I have to wonder what people are hoping to communicate with these terms.

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Product Strategy vs. Go-to-Market Strategy

Product vs Go-to-market strategy

Have you heard of cognitive dissonance theory? In psychology, it refers to the tension that results when you attempt to hold two contradictory ideas at the same time. We all balance ideas that are often quite different. This is especially true for product managers and product marketing managers. Building and launching brilliant products requires that you can understand and harmonize an internal focus (the build) with an external focus (the launch).

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My Name Is Bill Chaney — This Is Why I Joined Aha!

WIJ Bill Chaney

I am happiest outside. Growing up in Omaha, Nebraska, I loved spending time in nature. Some of my favorite childhood memories were hiking and backpacking in the woods. My dad was an educator and my mom was a research assistant at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, so summer camping trips were our family’s budget-friendly vacation of choice. I joined the Boy Scouts, where my mom was a troop leader, and eventually worked my way up to Eagle Scout.

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Just Launched! — Reorder Cards by Priority on the Kanban Board

Workflow Board

Visibility and clarity. These are two key characteristics of high-performing teams. When everyone understands exactly what needs to get done and in what order, they can work together to make it happen. This is why many of you love using kanban principles and the workflow board in Aha! to visualize who is working on what and the status. 

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How to Be Bored at Work

“If you cannot get out of it, get into it.” This is a simple yet powerful saying that I think is particularly applicable to work. Because even if you are passionate about what you do, you will not be energized by every single project or task. So unless you want to get out entirely, adopting a positive attitude can help you get into it.

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