Just Launched! — Show the Percent of Work Completed on Roadmaps and Reports

Strategy Roadmap With Progress Bars

“I think we are on track.” Those words should strike fear in the heart of any product or marketing team. Progress updates should not be vague! When folks ask for an update, you need a firm answer. And this requires knowing how much work the team has actually completed — so everyone can move forward decisively. Today’s enhancement gives you a way to do exactly that. 

You can now track the percent of work completed on records in Aha! to visualize progress on roadmaps and reports. 

Reporting on work as it happens can be complex. Especially when big initiatives or programs are broken into smaller chunks and spread across multiple teams. You need to understand what is happening with each individual work item to know if the overall effort is actually on track. So we created a new way to track progress in Aha! 

You can now add a progress field to your records and track the percent complete — either by entering the progress manually or automatically calculating it from related information. The progress field is enabled by default, but you can also choose to show or hide it on each record. And if your team is not ready to track progress, you can disable the field in your workspace configuration settings. 

A quick overview will help you get started. In the bulleted list below, we are using record terminology from a product workspace. Note that if your team is using a marketing workspace, these records will be labeled differently. These are the ways you can calculate progress across record types:

  • Goals — child goals, initiatives, releases, master features, or features
  • Initiatives — child initiatives, releases, master features, or features
  • Releases — master features, features, release phases, or to-dos
  • Release phases — features or to-dos
  • Master features — features or to-dos
  • Features — requirements, remaining estimate, or to-dos

Now that we have that baseline understanding, let’s get into the details of what is possible. Here is how you can track and visualize progress in your workspace:

Track features underway
Enter the percent completed for each feature. In the example below, we calculated the progress from requirements. Using auto-calculate ensures that any updates to the underlying child records are included in the overall percentage at the parent level.

Customize your feature cards to include a visual progress bar. 

Monitor strategic initiatives
Initiatives often require work across multiple teams, which can make it challenging to understand and accurately communicate overall momentum. The example below shows how you can use a strategy roadmap to visualize the pacing across all your initiatives in one view. We calculated progress from features. There are two ways you can do this. One way is to calculate the average percent of work completed across the underlying features. The other is to calculate from the overall number of completed features.

You can choose to display a progress bar on starter, portfolio, strategy, and custom roadmaps.

Show release timing on a Gantt chart
Instantly see if you are on track to meet your release dates. Open the drawer view to see more details about each release. In this example, we can see the release is 75 percent complete based on the progress of seven underlying features.

Release Gantt Chart
You can also choose to hide progress on the Gantt chart.

Visualize progress in reports
Why should roadmaps have all the fun? Include the progress bar and percent complete field in your list reports and pivot tables too. This is useful when you want to glance across multiple records at once — such as the features status report shown below.

Features Status Report With Progress Bar

You can perform calculations on the percent completed field in list reports.

Your roadmap should tell a complete story about what the team has accomplished and what is coming up next.

There is no better feeling than when you are getting work done. So, start tracking the progress of everything the team is producing. You will love seeing the progress bar move to the right as you deliver against your plan.

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About Claire and Aha!

Claire is passionate about helping product and marketing managers set brilliant strategy and deliver results. She is the Group Manager, Product Marketing at Aha! — the world’s #1 roadmap software. Claire has more than 15 years of marketing and software experience. Previously, she led product marketing at an agile-based work management platform.

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  1. Elliott

    how do you enable this field on all existing master features with the same calculation?
    I’m assuming I don’t need to now open hundreds of master features to turn this on!?

    1. Claire George Post author

      Hi Elliott — thank you for sharing this feedback. We decided not to show the field automatically for every record with this initial version of progress tracking. This is because we wanted to give customers full control over which records show progress.

      We do have an idea in our portal for bulk editing which records you want to show this field on. Please could you take a moment to vote on this idea? https://big.ideas.aha.io/ideas/A-I-8035 . Thank you!

  2. Aaron Wiebe

    Is there a way to bulk update all of record types? We have hundreds of features and several releases across products. This would be very time consuming to click one by one.

    1. Claire George Post author

      Hi Aaron

      We appreciate your feedback on this new capability. There is not currently a way to bulk edit records to show the progress field, but we think this is a good suggestion. We already have an idea for this in our portal and would love for you to add your vote: https://big.ideas.aha.io/ideas/A-I-8035 . Thank you!

  3. Alex B.

    Agree with the two commenters above. Updating all products across the board would be quite tedious without being able to do it in mass. Yep, I’ve upvoted the new idea. On a side note, what’s the difference between “calculate from features” and “calculate from features completed” when enabling this on a master feature?

    1. Claire George Post author

      Thanks so much for upvoting the new idea, Alex. Great question about the difference between “calculate from features” and “calculate from features completed.” Here is a quick summary:

      — Calculate from features will show progress % based on an average of the progress from child records.
      — Calculate from features completed will show progress % based on completed records.

      This support article provides detailed examples to further explain the difference between the two options: to https://support.aha.io/hc/en-us/articles/360031680431

      Please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Success team at support@aha.io if you need any further help.

  4. Aaron Wiebe

    Hey Claire,
    First off, thank you for pushing this release! What feature statuses make up the “complete” record for the calculate from features completed progress setting? We have a phase that sits between in development and complete (accepted by Product Manager). We have been using the ready to ship status for this phase but it appears to show as complete on the progress bar. In this case I am afraid it will mislead stakeholders as they will see complete as shipped. Based on your standard out of the box process you do not have another setting between in development and ready to ship and would like to represent the development done status but not also collect credit for the progress.

    1. Claire George Post author

      Hi Aaron,
      I am so glad to hear you are excited about this new capability. There are two default feature statuses that count as complete — ready to ship and shipped. Both of these statuses map to the status category “done.” You could configure your statuses and workflows differently — for example if you don’t want “ready to ship” to count as done you could map this to the “in progress” category. Please see: https://support.aha.io/hc/en-us/articles/202148073-Configure-statuses-and-workflows

      You could also consider different ways to communicate this information to stakeholders — for example you could create a list report that shows the status of the feature alongside the progress bar so they can clearly see the work itself is completed but the feature is not yet shipped.

      We would love to help you set this up so you can effectively track and communicate progress. I recommend contacting our Customer Success team at support@aha.io so we can understand more about your workflow and suggest ways to approach this based on your needs.

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