Just Launched! — Visualize Status of Initiatives Across Your Product Portfolio

Remember the days before mobile maps — when you had to print out directions before you even got into the car? That is why GPS was so groundbreaking. Finally, there was a way to see where you were in real-time and quickly reroute when you got off track.

There are some parallels for product managers and their plans, right? Product managers lay out the vision for where we want to take the product ahead of time. But we also need to know how we are progressing against our plans so we can course correct if we lose our way.

That is one reason why we originally launched the Hierarchy report. It gives you the ability to see the big picture and a top-down view of your plans. It helps you visualize how your strategy is linked throughout your roadmapping process.

And today, we are excited to add a key enhancement to the Hierarchy report. You can now visualize the status of your product plans across your product portfolio. This is the info you need to know how well you are actually doing, right now.

This update is great for big and small companies alike who want a unified view of their product plans and insight into how things are progressing. See the status of your goals, initiatives, releases, master features, and features all in one view.

Here are a few ways that you can visualize your product portfolio plans:

Better product management
With the Hierarchy report, you can instantly highlight the relationships between your product data in Aha! in one view. Perhaps you want to show your executive team how the goals you set for an individual product roll up and link to goals at the product line and company levels. Now, you can add a status to show how you are progressing and how that progress impacts the status of upstream company goals.

Use the settings icon at the top of each column in the Hierarchy report to show or hide status on that column.  

Communicate strategic plans
In addition to configuring the status, you can also individually filter each column in the Hierarchy report to highlight the exact data you need. For example, you might present plans at quarterly and annual business meetings to communicate where the product is headed. But you only want to focus on the plans for this year. As shown in the report below, you can filter the product initiative column by timeframe and select the dates you want to include.Each column in the Hierarchy report can be filtered using any data field available in Aha!

Stay on track
Once you have added status and filters to each column to show the information you need, you can quickly see which releases and features are lagging behind. Then it is time to share. Export your report as an image, PDF, or secure web page to help your team understand where you are on your timeline and where you may need to focus more energy.

Use the Export drop-down menu to add your Hierarchy report to an Aha! Notebook.

We think every product manager will find something to love in this latest enhancement to the Hierarchy report.

Whether you are presenting upcoming plans to your product team or communicating progress to an executive group, you want to show how everything is related. And once you experience the power of viewing related work, how it is connected, and the current status — going without it would feel like, well, going back to printed copies of driving directions.

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  1. Max Cascone

    In the image you’ve shared as an example, it shows a hierarchy of Company Goals > Product Line Goals > Product Goals > Product Initiatives > Product Releases > Product Features. My question is whether the implied recommendation is to only have Initiatives at the Product Level? My team has been leaning towards Initiatives at only the Product Line or Department level, as too many layers of initiatives feels too clumsy. I know there’s no one correct way to do it, but is your example the general recommendation?


    1. Jessica Groff Post author

      Hi Max, thanks for the question.

      As you mentioned, there is no correct way to do it. It really depends on your organization and its structure. In general, we suggest having initiatives at each level of your hierarchy as initiatives are used to describe the high-level work needed to achieve your goals. With that in mind, your product line initiatives would describe the work needed to achieve your product line goals. This similar set up can be used when thinking about your product level goals and initiatives.

      As you know, the beauty of the Hierarchy report is its flexibility. The specific configuration shown demonstrates the Goal hierarchy and how corporate strategy is linked down to your tactical product features. Another configuration could be used to communicate how your product line initiatives may be linked to your product level initiatives and its respective features.

      If you’d like to talk through the specifics of your structure, send us a quick note to support@aha.io. Our Customer Success team of former product managers will be happy to dive in with you and make some personalized recommendations.

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