The Four Qualities of People Startups Should Hire

Going to be a product management bear

If you are reading this — there is a good chance you have interviewed for a job. And I would bet my salary that you have had a lousy interview at least once if you have been working for five years or more. As candidates, we often think we are to blame, but more often than not it’s the startup and interviewer who has done us wrong.

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Startups and Their 21 Sports Clichés

Sports cliches at the office

Don’t get angry because I am calling out sports lovers, but the following seems to be true. Early stage companies attract those with an adventurous spirit. And those with an adventurous spirit are often drawn to the drama of sports. My experience is that startups are full of people who like sports and pick up jargon and halftime-speech and bring it to the office.

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Aha! Idea Management

Idea management software

Say hello to our idea management software. It’s the first time that ideation has really been tightly integrated with product roadmap software. It helps you bring customers, employees, and other stakeholders to the innovation table — and you and they both benefit by spending more time together. You give them a voice and they tell you what matters. … read more »

10 Things to Do at a Startup Every Wednesday

10 Things To Do Every Wednesday

Mondays are for renewal and Fridays are for closing strong. They are the most important two days of the workweek. But here’s Wednesday and it’s no slouch sitting in between. Wednesday is for redemption because the week just got going but the end is in sight. And if you are a middle child, you might just say that it’s the glue that keeps everything together.

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How To Get Your Boss Off Your Back

How To Get Your Boss Off Your Back

Your inbox is full. Before you’re able to respond to the first request from your boss, you already have another four of them. And by the time you get back to her on the first question, she’s already found the answer herself and replies with an email that just says, “Nevermind. I found it.” Sigh.

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Selling to The Unpredictable Customer

The unpredictable customer

Customers are an oxymoron today. They are more knowable than ever before but harder to actually understand. Constantly on-the-go and hard to pin down, it’s more difficult than ever to engage them in a conversation. So, why do we keep using techniques from a decade ago to grab their attention?

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10 Things To Do At A Startup Every Friday

10 Things Product Managers Do Every Friday

I’m a closer. As I mentioned earlier in the week, I’m a “goals first” guy and I generate lists that help me do my best. But I am also a guy who will run through walls to get the list done to get to the goal. And typically that pays off, but I have had to learn over the years to try not to run over people on my way to the flag. Now I try to break through and bring others with me. … read more »

Aha! Integrated with HipChat


Aha! is now integrated with Atlassian HipChat to keep the entire team aligned and informed on product decisions in real-time. HipChat provides a group chat platform for agile teams, making it easy to keep distributed teams in sync and productive through real-time sharing of information. You can now automatically send all product planning and roadmapping activity from Aha! to HipChat through this integration.

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What Product Managers Can Learn from Paris Couture (Circa 1952)

What Product Teams Can Learn From Paris Couture

I’ve always aspired to be a fashionista. I catch-up on Project Runway every week watching designers start with nothing but a single inspiration and 24 hours later they have an amazing garment on the runway. But, the truth is I’ve never had the budget to buy Dior, Prada or Gucci.

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3 Tips to Surviving a Toxic Startup Job

How to survive a toxic job

I have worked in toxic environments and survived. It was not easy and I struggled to believe I could keep going in the face of hostility and a belligerent boss, but I survived. The worst boss I ever had called my coworker and me into the conference room and accused us of refusing to clean the toilets.

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