Just Launched! — Increase the Visibility of Great Product Feedback


Your customers have meaningful feedback to share. And in order to deliver a great product, it’s important to listen to what they have to say. This is why Aha! provides a fully branded idea management experience with multiple types of ideas portals to give organizations a place to bring customers, employees, and other stakeholders to the innovation table.
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6 Things Better Than Your Morning Commute


Eight billion. That’s a big number any way you slice it. But it’s even bigger when it denotes what you’ve lost. In this case, eight billion is the number of hours Americans spent commuting to and from work last year. That averages out to 50 hours per driver, or more than a week’s worth of vacation days.
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Have You Changed Jobs Too Many Times?


Change is a normal part of life. There is no avoiding it. And some people seem to thrive on change. They are always open to new ideas and better ways to do anything. They are quick with their decisions, and rarely second-guess the ones they do make. And once they decide on a course of action, they never look back.
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Just Launched! — A New Way To Share Your Visual Roadmaps

hero strat diagram

Building a roadmap is an important part of being a product manager. I do not think anyone would argue that. But here’s something to consider. Your roadmap is useless if it gathers dust sitting on a flash drive or in an outdated spreadsheet. That is why Aha! makes it easy to create, update, and share your visual roadmap with others.
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An Open Letter to Product Managers: From a UX Designer


I’ve been fortunate to hold diverse roles as a UX designer. I’ve managed my own consulting company, worked at a digital agency, and helped build two companies that were acquired. So, I’ve worked with many product managers throughout my career. And one experience early on still sticks with me. I thought I would share it today as an open letter to all product managers.
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Does Your Boss Want to Fire You?


You cannot shake that feeling that something is going on at work. And that something seems to have a lot to do with you. Read more…

6 Things Product Managers Should Do Before Building a Roadmap


The product roadmap is one of the most essential documents your company creates. It shows what your product aims to achieve, how it will fulfill important goals, and how your product will impact the larger organization.
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Just Launched! — A Special Custom Users Field for Your Team


Product managers help teams build great products. They set strategy, maintain the roadmap, and prioritize new ideas. It’s a tall task in today’s highly competitive environment. But they do something even more important. They lead great teams to make it happen.
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4 Resume Tricks That Hiring Managers Notice


Some candidates will try just about anything to get their resumes noticed by hiring managers. We see a variety of resumes for open roles at Aha! and some are quite effective in attracting further attention. But sometimes people include artwork or even photos of themselves in an effort to stand out. And other resumes feature more flourishes than actual words.
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The Product Manager vs. the Scrum Master


Scrum is the best-known and most widely-used agile software development framework. So, it is common for software development teams to include a “scrum master” — someone who keeps the team accountable to business goals and removes productivity roadblocks.
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Why Moonlighting Will Hurt Your Career


I always try to work hard, create something meaningful, and be rewarded for it. I know that you and many others do as well. So, that is why I am actively involved in talking with good people about Aha! I want to connect with those people. Interviewing new Aha!s who want to join our team takes a lot of time, but it is one of the most satisfying parts of my job. Read more…

Just Launched! — Easily Track Your Competitors


Great products start with a clear vision and strategy. You need to know where you are headed and why. But you are not alone. There are other businesses in the marketplace with their own vision. And they might not play well with others. So, as you move forward in your product journey, it’s important to be aware of the competitive landscape and track movements of those around you.
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Hey Boss: Stop Telling Me I Disappointed You


Some days stand out in your memory and not in a good way. And sometimes it’s because of something that you got wrong. Really wrong. I make mistakes — fewer than I used to, but I admit that I still make a mess of things every so often. Read more…

The Only Reason You Should Join a Startup


I had an eye-opening conversation with someone last year. We were at a co-working space discussing the startup he worked for. Curious to learn more, I asked what compelled him to join. He paused for a moment while he thought about his answer.
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5 Money-Wasters Your Startup Does Not Need


If you have ever ordered the steak and lobster special at a dinner that your startup was paying for, go slap yourself. And then do it again, just so you remember that feeling. It will actually be a lot worse if you run out of cash.  Read more…