The One Thing Every Employer Wants to See On Your Resume


It’s tough out there in the job market. And it may be getting tougher if you are following the news. You are elbow-to-elbow with the competition, jostling for attention. To make matters worse, some companies are still hunting for that darned purple squirrel and slowing down the hiring process for everyone.  Read more…

The Product Manager’s Guide to “This Feature Will Close the Deal”


Let me tell you a story. It’s about a time when I learned a very valuable lesson about product management and sales. Here is what happened. A few years ago, I was preparing for a major product update. We were nearly done with our dev work and were gearing up for the launch.
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Just Launched! — Aha! Integrated with Atlassian HipChat Cloud and Server


Atlassian HipChat provides a group chat platform for collaborative teams. The tool makes it easy to keep distributed groups informed and productive through real-time sharing of information. It also integrates well with other leading SaaS products, like Aha!
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Don’t Make the Same Mistake Once


Ideas have remarkable staying power. And it’s not just the good ones — bad ideas can grow like weeds, like the idea of “failing fast.” Read more…

My Name is Jamey Iaccino — This is Why I Joined Aha!


I just joined Aha! as a People Success Manager. And to understand where I am now, you need to know where I came from. Four years ago, I joined OneLogin as Employee #16 — and grew the team to 185 employees over the next four years. Life from my viewpoint was good. I had a plum role at one of North America’s fastest growing SaaS companies. And I built their recruiting organization from scratch.
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It’s Not Beyond Your Pay Grade


I once worked with a Director of Operations who was famous for slipping out of meetings before he was assigned something to do. He often found numerous ways to avoid tough tasks. In fact, he worked harder at avoiding work than actually doing it. And he had a famous saying whenever someone asked him to get busy. Read more…

Why Every Product Manager Needs a Product Content Strategy

The idea that words are critical to business is so obvious that it’s silly. This blog post is not only made up of words — it is all about words. It’s about how words are used within products today.
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Just Launched! — Enhanced Security Via IP Address Access Control


Aha! was built to support millions of users and deliver high performance, reliability, and robust data protection. It was designed with security in mind by an experienced team of software builders.
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The One Soul-Crushing Mistake Leaders Make


Get this. It’s a crazy story but true. A friend just shared it with me. A team heads into a meeting with the general manager of a division. He strolls in late, puts his feet up on the table, sneers at the presenter while she is speaking, and then blurts out, “That’s really stupid.”
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4 Lessons I Learned Designing NASA’s 1st iPhone App

NASA Awards

In 2009, I was put in charge of designing the NASA App — NASA’s first app ever designed for the iPhone. Their vision was to “deliver fresh NASA content on a daily basis to people’s pockets.”
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How Smart Employees Play Hard to Get


In every company there is always at least one of them. The one who has to be first at everything. You know who I am talking about — you might even be next to him in a meeting right now. He is the one speed-walking to the conference room so he can grab the seat right next to the demanding boss before anyone else gets there. He has to answer every question before it is even asked. Read more…

6 Ways Experienced Product Managers Find Harmony with Engineering


There is nothing quite like seeing a great band in concert. One person plays lead guitar while someone else adds a bass line. Another member provides the steady rhythm. And the fourth person is singing lead vocals. Every person in this band knows the job they must do to make the music happen, and they make it look easy.
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Just Launched! — Searchable Drop-down Menus


We use Aha! everyday across our organization — not only for product planning but also in engineering, marketing, customer success and even people success. As we use our product, we sometimes find areas which we know can be improved. Yep, it’s true, even your own baby is not the most beautiful at times.
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Don’t Outsource Your Brain to Consultants


If you have worked in a big company — you can almost smell it in the air. The big boss has some thorny problem or is afraid to actually make an important decision. And rather than digging in and getting bold — here come the consultants. They stroll right on in as if your cube is their house, and they are instantly scheduling clear-your-calendar-and-get-there meetings with you. They are in your business. Literally, they are.   Read more…

6 Ways Product Managers Avoid Product Disasters


Is it really that bad? “80 to 90 percent of products fail.” You might hear this statistic quoted a lot, but it is not clear exactly where it comes from and is likely urban legend.
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