The Day I Became a Happy Product Manager

product manager scrolling on tablet

It was a big month. I was leading product for a Los Angeles-based SaaS company in the HR space. Our team had released five big new features and was starting to see engagement with the product. We armed our sales team with the features they needed to close some of the biggest deals we had seen all year.

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The Product Roadmap vs. the Technology Roadmap

Roadmaps are essential to planning and getting complex work done. They are used in many different ways and shared with different audiences. You see product roadmaps in everything from executive briefings to IT planning meetings. Roadmaps are even used during sales presentations with key clients. And product teams are constantly discussing the right level of information to include.
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Just Launched! — New Visual Reports to Analyze Your Product Roadmap

Aha! feature scatter chart

We know that it can be painful to spend tons of time duplicating data and manipulating spreadsheets to report on your product management activities. That is why leading product managers use Aha! to create beautiful roadmaps and analyze everything that their teams are working on.
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What Strategy Really Means for Product Managers

Black cat on scratching post

Working with product managers is the greatest job in the world. And at Aha! we talk to hundreds of product leaders each month. These are the individuals responsible for managing the future of the companies where they work. I am fortunate to be able to help them on that journey.

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If Bacteria Can Work Together, Why Can’t You?

moldy rotten orange fruit near group of fresh oranges on wooden table,

Most of us do our best to avoid bacteria at all costs. But a surprising truth about these microscopic organisms reveals that they possess an important skill — one we humans may want to embrace.

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Your Work Buddy Is Not Your Friend

girl hugging dog

Kids make friends so easily. They simply spot another child and ask “Will you be my friend?” If the answer is yes, within minutes they have instant harmony.

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My Name Is Scott Goldblatt — This Is Why I Joined Aha!

Scott Goldblatt -- Why I Joined Aha!

I have spent a lot of time working to be a better product builder. I set goals and did everything I could to perform at my best. Each opportunity was more exciting than the last and I propelled both my skills and my career forward.

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Your Resume: What Story Does It Tell?

Man laying on grass with a book covering his face

You may not think of yourself as a storyteller. And you may not think of yourself as an author with an audience to consider. But if you are searching for a job perhaps you should.

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How Product Managers Get Customer Feedback in 24 Hours or Less

Product manager working at a desk

Black accents or aluminum? That was the last industrial design decision we had to make when nearing the launch of our Movband 3 fitness activity tracker. Our design team was split for months, but now we needed to make the call quickly.

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Just Launched! — Send Features Ranked by Priority from Aha! to JIRA

Features board for prioritizing features in Aha!

Aha! serves over 50,000 users at the world’s leading technology and software companies. And the teams at these companies often manage many product lines, products, and projects at the same time. That is why many of our customers integrate Aha! and JIRA to keep product management and engineering teams in sync.
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The Leadership Advice That Changed My Career

Northern saw whet owl perching on a tree branch

It was the late 1990s and I was interviewing for a new position at a hot software company in San Francisco. The hiring manager was trying to convince me that I was perfect for the product management job, but I was not so sure. After sensing my hesitation he said something I will never forget:

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Get Angry at Work and Be Happy

Grizzly bear

When was the last time you got really riled up at work? I mean truly fired up. Let’s even call it red-faced and angry.

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New in Aha! — A Better Way to Manage Product Launches

Shipped release with features to move out

Managing product launches is an important job for product managers. And it takes a team effort to bring a complete product to market. Product managers must first define the feature, then engineers build it, support handles documentation, and marketing organizes go-to-market activities.
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Stop Working and Get a Life

Stressed out man sitting at desk with laptop

Have you heard the song? The one about how “now we’re stressed out” and wishing for “the good old days.” Even if you are not familiar with the band Twenty One Pilots or are not big into pop music, you might find it amazing that this is one of the year’s most popular songs with nearly 400 million views on YouTube.

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Just Launched! — Promote Big Customer Ideas to Your Strategic Roadmap


Your customers are a key source of great ideas. And they send them to you in all types of ways today. They come in emails, through sales, and even support.
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