How to Succeed as the Neophyte Product Manager

The neophyte product manager

Becoming a productive product manager takes time, practice, and perseverance. It’s an apprentice-based profession and you still can not study to become one at school. It’s not like becoming a doctor, accountant or lawyer. So all product managers are raw when then start and must learn on the job. If you’re a new product manager and feeling overwhelmed, do not get discouraged. Dig in.

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How Women ‘Dressed for Success’ [1991]

Dress for success

Not that long ago ‘Dress for Success’ was a phrase many women (and some men) aspired to. If you looked the part, you were halfway to greatness. Or so woman were told. But, times have changed and living and working in any technology hub like Silicon Valley has created a new frame of reference. T-shirts and jeans are perfectly acceptable in most technology workplaces. In fact, some of the most successful people I know do not even own a suit.

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The Beauty of Jumpstarting Your Midlife Crisis

Midlife career crisis

The dreaded midlife crisis. You probably are picturing a relative or friend who is a Corvette-driving, silver-haired, 50-something man (or woman) speeding down the road with the top down and a younger partner in the passenger seat. In the most positive light, it’s positioned as a time of reflection, but for many it leads to curious decisions made at home and in the office.

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Aha! integrated with FogBugz for visual product roadmaps

FogBugz integration with Aha!


This two-way integration allows you to push your completed features and requirements in Aha! into FogBugz and automatically get status updates back as engineering does their work. When you have completed your product roadmap and feature planning you can move features into FogBugz for the engineering team to work on. You can send them individually or in bulk for a sprint or release.

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My name is Jeremy Geros — this is why I joined Aha!


I founded and built a few software companies. It was a blast and I never seriously considered working for someone else—until I learned about Aha! I am thrilled to join the rapidly growing engineering team as a Software Engineer.

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That VP of Product Management Is A Rockstar

VP of Product Management is a Rockstar

What does it mean to be an amazing product leader? Some of the best product leaders I’ve met seem to manage their teams effortlessly. They push without forcing, inspire without dictating, and generate loyalty without playing favorites. They demonstrate discipline while also knowing exactly when to not follow the process—all while leaving their egos at the door. You know it when you see it and probably have met at least one VP of Product Management who was a rockstar.

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Startup Founders Get Fired

How to survive when your boss is fired

If you have been working long enough for startups — you have gone through this. And you know that it’s painful. Most startup founders get fired before their company ever makes it big. Even if you did not particularly like the founder (or even had a hand in getting him fired), you are always at risk when your boss is escorted out of the building. That’s because everyone knows that the new boss has her own peeps and you are forever tied to what was broken.

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New Aha! Release — Better Emails, Search, Requirements, and Tasks

Product management tasks

We rolled out a new release that makes life easier for product managers and their product teams. We were looking for a big theme for this release, but it’s best categorized by the collection of features that will help you be more productive managing the product on a day-to-day basis and collaborating with the team. I guess we could call it the “PM efficiency release” but that is not very sexy.
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So You Are A Non-Technical Product Manager


And so am I. I do not have a degree in computer science or electrical engineering or anything close, but I’ve always worked in technology. When I jumped into my first product management job many years ago, I was over my head. In addition to software developers, I worked closely with operations, billing (which was an IT organization), and technical program management. After a lot of hard work and humbling debates, I learned to lead.

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You’re A Startup Workaholic — Now What?

Signs you are a workaholic

Do you work over 50 hours a week? Do you strive for perfect results? Do you like to check in on your colleagues to make sure their part of the project is going well? Do you focus on creating and completing to-do lists? If yes and yes, you may be a workaholic.

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