My Executive Coach Asked: “Do You Trust Your Boss?”

Trust your software boss

Not all that long ago, I was privileged (or cursed depending on your point-of-view) to be assigned an executive coach. Ever year a few leaders in the organization were identified as candidates for professionally assisted advancement with the help of an outside leadership consultant. It was my lucky year.

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Manage Your Product Portfolio Roadmap — Aha! Now Supports Master Releases

Product portfolio roadmap template

We have been humbled by the growth of Aha! across all industries, geographies, and team sizes. And by talking with over 1,000 product and engineering teams over the last year, we know that mid- and large-sized teams who are managing a portfolio of products have unique challenges. And that’s why we continue to roll out new functionality for teams that are managing a suite of products with sophisticated release requirements. … read more »

Why Marketing Does Not Understand The Product

Product marketing manager

Dear Marketing,

You are the website content king, demand generator, social media maven, event execution guru and big messaging honcho. You can deliver an email campaign with one hand tied behind your back while creating campaign codes and uploading the leads to Salesforce. You architect the tagline, select the corporate color palate and police the company to make sure everyone is speaking in the proper “corporate tongue.” But, do you speak “product”? … read more »

You Don’t Work For The Money

You don't work for money

I grew up in Los Angeles where there were good looking people, fancy cars, and big houses. And it cost a bundle to look your best and buy the “good things” in life. I figured that I better go to school for a very long time, earn lots of degrees, and then work really hard so I could afford the abundance of riches that the world had to sell. And then I went to Berkeley for university and learned that I had it all wrong. … read more »

My name is Karen Cassin — this is why I joined Aha!

Karen Cassin Diretor of Marketing

I had the pleasure of working with the New York Stock Exchange to brand the exterior of their building in VMware ‘blue’ on the day of our IPO. That was a great day—I want to do it again.

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Your Startup And The “Why” Driven Product Roadmap

Product roadmap software explains the why

Building a great product is hard, but it should not be excruciating. And marketing, selling, and supporting a product with potential should be a joy too. That’s why people working on new products and services should be the happiest people on earth. But most companies never benefit from their product leaders’ love of innovation because they are beaten down by lack of progress and sometimes hopelessness even sets in. … read more »

My LinkedIn “Open Network” Epiphany

Connect on LinkedIn

There are “open marriages” and “open doors” and this is the story of an “open network.” It’s not about the networks that send bits back and forth — but the ones used for business connections. I have an open network on LinkedIn with over 6,500 connections and followers at this point. But this is a recent happening and it only started about a year ago. I had a major change of mind about how I should be connecting with good folks like you.

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Dear Manager: When An Employee Fails It’s Your Fault

Employee fails manager fault

No matter how flat tech organizations are today they still have structure and with structure comes power — and often the abuse of it. I have wanted to take this topic on for some time, because I still see too many managers and ultimately the companies that they work for blame employees for lousy performance and missed goals. But I don’t think it’s their fault. In nearly every company I have ever come into contact with it’s managerial dysfunction that has led the employees and the organization astray.

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Run Don’t Walk To Your Next Product Management Job

Produt management job

If you ever spent time around a pool as a kid — someone yelled at you “walk don’t run!” I was reminded of that yesterday while on vacation in Kauai, Hawaii. I watched kid after kid slow down for at least three to four steps after being yelled at and then start to run again. That’s just how kids are. They are eager to get to where they want to go and they don’t worry about the risks. So what happened to us when we took our first real job? Why did we ever slow down?

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You’re Agile — But You Still Need a Product Roadmap

Agile with a product roadmap

Being agile with scrum teams can save and destroy you — if that is all you think you need to develop a great product. Only those unaware or unafraid will admit that they are not agile converts these days running scrum teams to build what matters. And there is no doubt that more integrated and continuously improving teams achieve more than their rigidly structured ancestors who went from gate to gate. But why are so many teams unhappy and building unlovable software? We might all be moving faster, but so fast that we are simply creating random acts of software.

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