How Far in Debt Should Your Business Go?


Broke. Kaput. Dead. Finished. That is what it feels like when your small business runs out of cash. I would tell you to avoid that from happening, but that’s just stupidly obvious. The problem is that if you start a company, it likely will.

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Work Must Define You


Work has gotten a bad rap lately. It has earned the reputation as a necessary evil that you must be miserable doing. Many people say that you must maintain an equilibrium between work and the rest of your life. Yes, work is important to pay the bills, but work and life are not mutually exclusive.  Read more…

Why Exceptional Leaders Skip Lunch


We all have the same 24 hours in a given day, but not everyone chooses to spend their hours in a meaningful way. You may know someone who gained a leadership role who goes through life as if they have all the time in the world, when you know they do not.
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5 Habits of Hyper-Productive Developers

tips-productive-developer-aha-blog 2

The Alpha Engineer rules Silicon Valley and all great technology ecosystems. He is tough to find, a genius in thought and a workhorse in productivity. He is worth 100 or more mediocre or lower skilled engineers. Product managers are lucky to work with just one in their career.

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How to Handle the Crazy Boss Screamer


What an amazing response to Tuesday’s article, How Confident Leaders Silence the Office Screamer. In that post, I related a story of a veteran kindergarten teacher who charmed an out-of-control student into submission by becoming very, very quiet.

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Aha! Launches Visual Roadmaps for IT, Consultants, Manufacturing, and Marketing Teams

product-roadmap-example-aha 2

Aha! has a roadmap for you, no matter what type of product, service, or project that you manage. We started Aha! to serve product managers, but quickly found that tons of other groups loved us too. Before we knew it, leaders of technology (IT), manufacturing, consulting, and marketing were busy setting their strategy and roadmaps in Aha! This release is for them (and you). You can now completely customize the terminology that is used in Aha! to match what your team uses everyday.

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Break the Hiring Manager’s Rules and Make Your Own


I was overwhelmed by the response to the article How Successful Candidates Steal Job Interviews. It seems that many job-seekers are searching out ways to get an edge in this difficult job market, and my advice to get bold resonated with them. More than 72,000 people read the article and more than 120 took time to leave a comment.

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How Confident Managers Silence the Office Screamer


I am a father of boys. They are good kids, but even they have had their share of temper tantrums over the years. The tantrums — and how to respond to them — finally made sense to me a few years ago. I watched my son’s kindergarten teacher easily handle a kid who was bright red, rolling on the floor, and screaming bloody murder.

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How Successful Candidates Steal Job Interviews


Searching for a job can be frustrating, especially if you are devoting full-time hours to the process. You spend hours laboring over the perfect cover letter and making sure your resume is impeccable. You follow all the rules, but still receive no phone calls from employers. What is the deal? You know they called someone.

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5 Strategy Mistakes That Agile Product Teams Make


If your product team lives by the Agile manifesto or lean startup principles, then this may be your mantra:

“Build the product; don’t fiddle with your plans for it.”

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