When Your Boss Throws You Under the Bus


On Tuesday, I wrote about How Smart Managers Throw Employees Under the Bus. The title surprised many of my friends and colleagues. They thought I was actually recommending that leaders should be heartless. Because throwing someone under the bus leaves an impact. And while sometimes that might feel so right, it never helps in the long run.

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How Smart Managers Throw Employees Under the Bus

Throw co-worker under the bus

Your co-worker just made another terrible mistake. And you are going to suffer because of it. You both look bad now, and you are tired of being frowned upon for his incompetence. And let’s get real, no one ever got promoted for failing fast. Failing is for losers. So, it’s time he is exposed as the loser he is. You are ready for vengeance.

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Salesforce + Aha! = Build What Customers Really Want and Sell More of It


Your Sales and Support teams work with your customers every day and it’s time they had a seat at the innovation table too. While we built Aha! with product managers in mind, we know that it takes an entire organization to build great software. That is why we just integrated Aha! with Salesforce — so you can bring the entire team together.
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Why This CEO Hates Brainstorming


I get the cold shivers whenever I hear someone say, “We need to figure that out.” I should not, but I sadly do. A lackluster CEO whom I once worked with would use this catchphrase all the time. But it’s what happened after he said these words that seriously pained me.

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Put Big Employee Ideas into Action: Your Weekly Innovation


In today’s fast-paced world, every business can benefit from a better way to manage change. Being able to quickly adapt is a competitive advantage, allowing companies to adjust to meet market needs. The key is to ensure a smooth transition from the old to the new while maintaining morale, productivity, and company image.

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The One Thing Successful Leaders Ignore


On Sunday, I wrote about The One Sign You Will Be Wealthy. As a parent and a leader, I have written before that I believe being rich is about learning what makes you happy and finding sustainable happiness.

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Capture All Your Product Ideas In One Place With Aha!


When we launched our idea management software it was the first time that ideation had been tightly integrated with product roadmap software. Many of you have shared with us how it has helped you bring customers, employees, and other stakeholders to the innovation table. It proved that our original vision for idea management made sense – if you give stakeholders a voice they will tell you what matters.

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Store All of Your Product Roadmap Files, Mockups, and Images in Aha!


Last week we released our new universal import screen which allows you to easily move your product roadmap from Excel or Google Docs to Aha! You can use this new capability to import all types of information, including: products, initiatives, releases, ideas, features, and users. And now you can add and store all of your product related files, mockups, and images in Aha! too.

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The One Sign You Will Gain Financial Wealth


I have written in the past about the one sign you will be rich. And over 1 million people read that post. In it, I was careful to define “rich” as achieving what you dreamed you wanted. That means I defined rich as an abundance of anything that is most important to you.

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Get Your Product Roadmap Out of Excel and Into Aha!


Great products are typically the result of having a breakthrough idea and being able to explain to the team where you are headed. This means that if you are a product manager, you are always busy writing down your product plans.

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