Great Product Managers Build Walls

Product managers build walls

One of the best product managers I ever worked with created a physical boundary in her cube by placing a rug on the floor. When anyone (especially pesky sales folks) would start to stroll into her space uninvited, she would whip around and grumble, “You have not been invited into my office, yet.”

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The Underemployed Technologist

Three signs you are underemployed

You are great at your job and will be even better at the next one. You are the ‘go to’ person with answers to the tough questions and your boss relies on you to get the job done. But why do you feel like you’re missing out even though you are working for a cool company in the hottest industry around — technology? Why are you restless and bored and not working to your potential?

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Stop “Failing Faster”

Stop failing fast for product managers

We have all gone soft and lost our minds. How many times have you heard that there is no failure, just learnings? Right. Maybe when you were an infant. It’s time to get real and stop kidding ourselves. Failure is real, there are consequences for achieving it, and we should stop trying to do more of it.

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Visualize Your Product Roadmap Strategy

Product roadmap template diagram

Great products are typically the result of having a breakthrough plan. That’s a strategy. Aha! makes it easy to set your product vision, goals, and strategic initiatives and link them to your releases and features. We call this the “red thread of strategy” and believe that it’s fundamental to the roadmapping process. And now, for the first time you can visualize, via an interactive diagram, your entire strategic business and product framework.

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The 4 Cs of the Startup CEO

The new age CEO

There really is no secret recipe for being the big boss and sitting in the corner office. But there are plenty of ways that a strong leader can never make it to the top or can go down in a burning heap when he gets there. In today’s rapidly changing and disruptive world, the rulebook from our parents’ and grandparents’ generations is being rewritten daily.

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The Product Manager vs. The Scrum Master

The product manager vs. scrum master

Agile methodologies and scrum teams are popping up everywhere. It all started with software development but agile approaches are now showing up in government, non-profits, and even in families. The idea is that any group with a shared purpose can benefit from flexibility, bottoms-up idea flow, constant feedback and accountability.

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Product Managers: Ask This Question To Get a Raise in 2015

How to get a raise as a product manager

Most companies are not looking to hand out cash. In fact, money is something that’s overvalued by most which makes it hard to just ask for more of it. Despite being a few years out of the recent recession, penny-pinching bosses and stingy companies are still reluctant to open up their wallets.

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Aha! Integrated with Flowdock


Aha! is now integrated with Flowdock to keep the entire team aligned on product decisions. Flowdock is a team collaboration application for desktop, mobile and web. You can now automatically send all product planning and roadmapping activity from Aha! to Flowdock through this integration.

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The Hit Show ‘Silicon Valley’ Gets Startups Right


I love television. But, probably not for the reasons you think. What I enjoy is watching a show (or movie) that makes me think and reflect on what’s happening in society from a different perspective or lens. I like television programs that challenge me as a viewer.

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5 Signs You Fear Job Change

Signs you fear product management change

Risk aversion and resistance to change has nothing to do with intelligence. So, let’s get that out of the way upfront. There is no correlation between fear and intellect. Some of the smartest people I worked with were stuck because they were raised in a corporate environment that was insulated from reality. They spent more time glad-handing and managing perceptions than getting meaningful work done. And they were comfy and content. Until they were “restructured.”

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