Hey Boss: This Job Is Making Me Sick

sick beagle dog sleeping under blankets

I have worked for a number of different leaders. The best ones had a clear vision, shared their goals, and were eager to help people accomplish them. They also focused on outcomes and consistently showed respect for everyone on the team. But there was also the boss who never knew what she wanted, played favorites, and eagerly threw her peers under the proverbial bus. 

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Just Launched! — Track Feature Requests by Customer

Aha bar chart segmenting one customer's ideas by category

Where did your last three great product ideas come from? There is a good chance at least one of them was inspired by a customer. Customer ideas help you shape and build your products. And to ensure that you are making the right roadmap decisions, it is important to understand who is providing the feedback. And we both know that your biggest customers want to know how their requested features will be added.
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4 Unexpected People Skills Every Product Manager Needs

product managers in a startup office environment drinking coffee

It’s all about the technology, right? Nope. I learned that fast in my first product management role. Product managers need a wide array of skills to be successful. And a lot of those skills involve people. When you factor in that many product managers work within a “responsibility without formal authority” context, having interpersonal skills is essential.

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In Defense of the Office Weasel

white weasel peeking up from den

Who knew weasels were so popular? The response to my recent post “How to Spot the Weasel in Your Office” was overwhelming. To date, more than 80,000 people have read it and 300 commented. Many shared their thoughts about the weasels that run rampant in many workplaces. It’s good to know I’m not the only one to spot this rascal in the wild.

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An Open Letter to Your Side Hustle

professional dog walker exercising dogs in park

Dear Side Hustle, 

Hey, how have you been? Sorry I have not been around much lately — you know, the day job! Crazy hours. Believe me, I can’t wait to get back and spend more time with you. It’s not you, really. It’s me. I promise to see you when I finish this report for my boss. Until then…

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Just Launched! — Collaborate With Your Team on Product Strategy

Aha! strategic Initiatives page zoomed in on watchers

Summer is almost over. Kids are going back to school and coworkers are showing off pictures from their vacations. And that means planning season is around the corner, right? For many, September is the time to dust off the PowerPoint of last year’s strategic plan, reflect on what the team accomplished, and start thinking about what comes next.
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The One Thing Missing From Your Work Day

magic genie lamp washed up on the beach

A UX designer, an engineer, and a product manager are walking on the beach discussing a project. They stumble upon a mysterious lamp partially hidden in the sand, which (of course) the designer picks up and rubs. Suddenly a genie pops out and gives them each one wish.

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How to Decode Management Doublespeak

spider in web

Bugged by buzzwords? Join the club. Many readers agreed with our list of buzzwords we wish would disappear. More than 1,000 people shared on social media and suggested a few more buzzwords. How about “thought leader,” “mapping,” or “facing into” a problem?

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My Name Is Karen Maslowski — This Is Why I Joined Aha!

Karen Maslowski

I love to learn. As a young child I discovered reading, music, then dance. In college I pursued geography — the study of “what is where” and why. Pattern recognition and data visualization became second nature.

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Stop Saying These 15 Business Buzzwords (Please)

chocolate labrador puppy playing with a bumblebee

I wish we could just “peel back the onion” … but unfortunately business buzzwords are here to stay. The buzzword is a life raft for a disillusioned and disengaged worker. It is an easy escape route from a tough conversation that might actually require deep thought and carefully selected words. 

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Aha! + Rally Integration Templates Just Launched

Aha! and Rally logos

Everyone likes it when their friends play well together, right? That’s why we have dozens of integrations with the world’s leading tools. Today we added a new enhancement to one of our most popular integrations — Rally.

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The One Bias Every Leader Should Fear

hundreds of chickens in a factory farm

There is fear in the air and drama in the conference room. People avoid making eye contact as they pass in the halls. The tension is palpable. Your mind reels, wondering what just happened.
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3 Ways Product Managers Make Engineers Happy

snail crossing train tracks

The relationship between a skilled product manager and their technical team is like the tracks to a train. Product managers provide direction and purpose. They guide engineers so they can do what they do best — write code and implement features that customers care about.

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The Insanely Simple Interview Question You’re Getting Wrong

Man looking skeptical during a job interview

The lead-up to an important job interview can certainly cause a few sleepless nights. Do you prepare for both the obvious and outlandish questions the hiring manager might ask? Do you study the company’s website for clues on how to get those answers “right”? Or do you scrap it all and focus on getting a good night’s rest?

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Just Launched! — Aha! Ideas Portals Now Integrated With Google Analytics

Aha ideas portal and google analytics logo

Give your customers a voice and they will happily tell you what they want. With Aha! ideas portals, you can do just that. Leverage our custom branded idea management software to capture ideas from your customers, employees, and partners.
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