3 Things You Should Never Say to Your Boss


It can happen to anyone: you slip and forget who you are talking to, and suddenly you’ve shared way too much information with the boss. Or the boss overhears you saying something that’s NSFW (not safe for work.) Employees have told me about their taxes, gastro problems, and even affairs. Read more…

How Successful Entrepreneurs Recover From Big Mistakes


I worked for a VP who once spent half our advertising budget on a big mistake. That’s right. She bought a massive billboard in Silicon Valley along the congested 101 freeway. But she never got it approved by the CEO and when the CEO drove to work one day, he saw it and went nuts. The billboard was torn down the next day.

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This Startup Built an App That College Students Love


He thought he was ready for venture capital and that they were ready for him. A founder since high school who had launched and sold a successful Spanish networking website, Juan Carlos Perez approached Silicon Valley investors with confidence last year. He and his co-founder, Jordan Knox, had an idea for a new productivity app aimed at college students.

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The Only Way Clueless Leaders Change


I wrote about The 3 Worst Habits of Clueless Leaders on Sunday. The response was unbelievable and is still growing as I write this. It seems that clueless leaders are wreaking havoc on a larger scale than I initially thought.

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4 Major Reasons Startups Fail


On Thursday, I wrote about Why You Should Never Work at a Startup. In that article, I explained how working at a startup may not be the best idea for new graduates, and I explained why. Apparently, I touched a nerve. 70,000 of you read the article and more than 200 of you left a comment.

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We Just Made Your Product Strategy Even More Visual


Great products are often the result of having a breakthrough plan. Aha! makes it easy to define your strategy by setting product vision, goals, and initiatives for each product and product line. We believe that linking your plan all the way to your releases and features creates a “red thread of strategy.”

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The 3 Worst Habits of Clueless Leaders


I worked for a guy who thought of employees as squirrels. I know, because he told a reporter that he often needed to drop into the office “wildfire” to pick them up and save them from being burned alive. Seriously, I could not make this up. The newspaper ran the story.

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Why You Should Never Work at a Startup


You’re graduating or recently graduated. Congratulations. Here comes the future. And life is really going to get interesting. This is true for graduates this year and just about anyone who is just getting started in his or her career.

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Why It’s Easy to Love a Vulnerable Boss


Many thanks to those who took the time to read Tuesday’s article, The One Secret of Highly Successful Leaders. In this piece, I explained how successful leaders are willing to be transparent — to pull back the curtain and share their true selves. Transparency goes hand in hand with trust.

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When It’s Time To Stop Trying


On Sunday,  I wrote about the The One Word Confident People Always Say. The word “no” may be small but it packs a lot of power. When we learn to turn down requests by co-workers that don’t line up with our goals, we actively take control of the minutes that make up our day.

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