Kind People Show Their #Hatitude


It all started with an idea to start showing more gratitude and a goofy hat — a green and white snapback cap that was a family gift collecting dust in my closet.
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Just Launched! — Use Your Own Custom URL on Your Idea Portal


There are great ideas out there. And they can help you build a better product, if you manage to capture and prioritize the best ones. But right now they are trapped in the minds of your customers and employees. It’s time to rescue them (just in time for your 2016 roadmap planning).
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The One Sign You Are Too Busy


I write a lot about the myth of “work-life balance.” Longtime readers know that I believe we cannot separate these two things from each other since everything worth doing involves work. I believe that the key is to focus on sustainable happiness instead — doing more of what you love, and empowering others to do the same.
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Your Co-Worker Just Stole Your Idea — Now What?


I was humbled by the great response to last week’s post, “How to Steal Your Co-Workers’ Ideas.” Close to 10,000 readers took time to read it and nearly 60 shared their thoughts. Read more…

Just Launched! — Easily Customize Your Beautiful Product Roadmap

Aha! serves over 30,000 users — and we know that each customer has a different way that they like to build and share roadmaps with their team. No matter how your team works, you need an easy way to visualize and share your product roadmap. And you want to be able to customize it to make it your own.
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That Painful Meeting — And How I Became a Curious Product Manager


I arrived at the office bright and early my first day ready to make a difference. I had just started a new job as a product manager and was anxious to get going. My new VP boss, let’s call him John, had spent the last month building out a strategic roadmap for the upcoming year. Now, it was my turn to shine (or so I thought).
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Stop Worrying About Your Lack of Emotional Intelligence


“It’s not a black and white world,” my boss told me. “There’s a lot of gray and you need to focus on it first if you want to get promoted here.” She was talking about feelings and my ability to understand them. She was talking about my emotional intelligence, or perceived lack thereof. I took her words in and rejected them. Maybe my heart truly is a rocky abyss.
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How to Steal Your Co-Workers’ Ideas


You hear new ideas all day long. And most of them stink. But every so often you hear one that is so rich that you just cannot get it out of your head. Not only do you wish you had thought of it yourself, you are inclined to run with the idea as your own — just to make sure it does not get lost in the shuffle. And maybe you want to look good too.
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Just Launched! — Use Aha! to Create and Score Strategic Initiatives


Most companies have a long list of initiatives that they want to work on, but they don’t have a good way of identifying which strategic initiatives are most important in reaching their overall vision and goals.
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The Only Answer to “Where Will You Be in 5 Years?”


We spend more time at work than anywhere else during our adult lives. So, it is important to be fulfilled by what you work on. That sounds peachy, right? But I know it’s not easy to get there.  Read more…

5 Proven Ways Product Managers Empower Customer Success Teams


Product managers must think beyond organizational silos if they want to be successful. After all, they are paid to deliver a complete customer experience. That means a big part of the job is managing cross-functional relationships with teams like Customer Success.
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6 Ways Remote Employees Crush Office Cube-Dwellers


I have a friend named Whitney (name changed) who was once a cube-dweller. And I do not mean she lived in a modern ergonomic-style home. On the contrary, her house was beautiful and vibrant. But each day she left the comfort of her home and drove to her miserable, gray cubicle at work. Cube-land was her reality, and many of you have been there too.
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My Name is Donna Sawyer — This is Why I Joined Aha!


Some memories last a lifetime — MIT’s Infinite Corridor is one of mine. When I am asked what MIT was like during college, the Corridor is the first thing that I share. Most people are surprised at first, until I tell them why.
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Just Launched! — Import Ideas into Aha! from UserVoice


You need a place to capture everyone’s product ideas — the good ones and even the bad. We get that because we had the same challenge. And you need a way to rank all of those ideas based on their effort and value. That means that you need to link them to your strategy and integrate them into your product management process. And that’s why we built Aha!
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How to Get the Raise You Deserve in 2016


2016 will be here before you know it. Where did the year go? Anyway, if you are smart, you are likely already thinking ahead to what the next 12 months will look like. I have said before that money isn’t everything, but I believe it is worth discussing how you are going to get to the next level, no matter what “next” means for you. But let’s assume for a moment that “next” does mean “more cash” for some of you.

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