5 Must-Read Posts From the Aha! Blog — November 2016

We had a lot to be grateful for this November. Thank you to all our readers who joined us on the blog as we tackled the good, the bad, and the ugly. There were the perks of ditching a commute. Product managers sharing terrible advice they received. And the one corporate phrase that we simply cannot stand.
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9 Important Aha! Features Launched Fall 2016


Did you read the post about office snakes on the Aha! blog? I did. The article mentioned “ophidiophobia” — the fear of snakes. That got me wondering: What other kinds of phobias are out there? After digging around, I found one that I can proudly claim.

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Just Launched! — Move Strategic Goals and Initiatives Across Products


I have always been a planner. For me, late November is a reminder that the new year is fast approaching and that it is time to do two things. First, make a dinner reservation for New Year’s Eve. (You’re welcome.) Second, reflect on what the team accomplished and look at what is in store for next year.

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Your Toxic Boss Gets Promoted — What About You?

squirrels fighting in a field

Ever had a bad boss who seemed to fool everybody? I am sure you have. You know the type. They fire off indiscernible last-minute requests. Play favorites. And take sole credit for the team’s efforts. But here is the most frustrating part — they keep getting promoted. And that hurts. 

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Whoa! Product Manager: Your Customer Despises You

boy in orange pants with slingshot in the forest

I remember the first time a customer yelled at me. I was a senior product manager and the company was working on a new network optimization device — one we promised would save costs and reduce network congestion. Unfortunately, we hit a couple of roadblocks in the process. The first was that we delivered the product months late. The second (and worst) was that it crashed the customer’s test network.

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Your Startup Is Failing — This Question Tells You Why

a small rabbit toy left behind sitting in the centre of the pavement

So you want to start a company. You have done your research. And you know it will be hard work. You probably found the oft-cited statistic that 80 percent of startups fail. You may have even read a few post-mortems — the retrospectives company founders and investors write about their startups’ demise. 

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I Never Had a Boss Who Said “I Am Sorry”

dog licking orange cat

There was the boss who yelled at me for doing what she asked. There was the CEO who threatened my career when I told him that I was leaving for a new company and a major promotion. If you work long enough, at some point you will encounter people who treat you poorly — out of malice or just plain ignorance.

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How Marketing Teams Benefit From Clear Product Roadmaps

hand pulling a fire alarm brick wall backdrop

I have never been a fan of fire drills. Not the drills to ensure you can get out of a building in under 120 seconds. I am talking about the ones that every marketing team knows and dreads — the last-minute, hair-on-fire work problems.

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Just Launched! — Sync User Fields in Aha! With JIRA


My first few years as a product manager felt like an extended version of the famous Abbott & Costello skit, “Who’s On First?” Whenever we launched a new feature, the product and engineering teams turned into a vaudeville act. Questions about status and responsibilities were thrown into the air in rapid succession. Confusion and head-scratching ensued. “Who’s on QA for this new log-in page?” “What’s on the log-in page?”
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My Name Is Dru Clegg — This Is Why I Joined Aha!

Dru Clegg Why I Joined Aha!

I was always told I could do anything I set my mind to. And so I did. Growing up in a small town outside of Athens, Georgia, I tried just about every extracurricular activity you can imagine. Musical theater. Class president. Playing volleyball. Showing dairy heifers.

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How to Outsmart the Snake in Your Office

corn snake coiled on rock

Do you suffer from ophidiophobia? It is a common phobia — the fear of snakes. Before you answer “no” take a moment to think. Because although you might not be afraid of a harmless garter variety, you may be alarmed by an unusual specimen found in many workplaces: the office snake.

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Just Launched! — Aha! Now Integrated With Box


I usually have at least five browser tabs open at any given time. OK, I’ll fess up: I just counted and there are actually 12 open right now. But I know I am not alone in my tab-happy existence. Why do I have so many open? Well, that’s easy. I use a bunch of cloud-based applications, and not enough of them are integrated so I am constantly switching back and forth.
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You Are Not “Human Capital”

row of mannequins

There is probably no workplace department more maligned in popular culture than human resources. Remember Catbert from the Dilbert cartoons? What about the laughably dull corporate trainings given by Toby Flenderson from “The Office”? It seems HR is an easy target for comedy.
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The Product Manager vs. the Technical Product Manager

ram statues butting heads

A lot of people ask me about how to break into product management. I think that is because product management is a hot career track today. So much so that there are many variations on the role and title.

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Just Launched! — A Visual, Interactive Feature Dependency Map


We were all trained to talk about benefits, right? Never technology. It is all about carefully explaining the customer value. We agree — but not this time. Sometimes the technology is as interesting as it is useful. So today we are going rogue. We want to explain not just what we launched and why you should care but also how we built it.
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