Rule #4 From the Manifesto for Agile Development

Product management trust

I asked my best friend, a talented lead software engineer at a mid-size company, “What’s the best part of your job?” He’s not the type of guy who’s prone to think about that stuff and he just mumbled something to make me go away. So I was surprised when I asked him “What’s the least favorite part of your job?” and he quickly complained, “My product manager adds to our sprints after we’ve already set them…in the middle or even the end of them…and it happens every time!”

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Ideation — capturing those Aha! moments


We have written about ideas in the past and commented that many of us have “idea fatigue.” We figured it was time to actually do something about it. Sure, it’s cool to talk about crowd-sourcing ideas in a social world — but the reality is that the noise of every “greatest new idea” beats you down so you miss the one that actually matters. No more. We just introduced the new new way to ideate.

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Import Trello Cards Into Aha! for Visual Product Roadmaps

Trello for product management

You can now import cards and lists directly into Aha! from Trello. This builds on our broad existing set of integrations. The new import capabilities are important for product management teams that have outgrown Trello and are looking to take advantage of Aha! for more structured product strategy, visual roadmapping, and detailed definition of features and requirements. … read more »

We Are Hiring — Lead Rails Engineers Wanted!

Aha! hiring engineers and marketers

We have had a terrific year and seem to have touched a nerve with Aha! The business is growing fast and we have been busy expanding the team. We are now looking for terrific Rails developers and a very forward-looking marketing lead.

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Pissing Away Our Money With Google Display Ads

Aha! ad campaigns

Our company is growing quickly. So, we have been increasing our spending on various advertising platforms to promote our app for product managers and engineers. We recently started testing Display Ads on Google. What we discovered today first appeared to be a mystery. But after closer inspection was more closely related to sleazy intent than random happen-chance.

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My name is Suzanne Vaughan — this is why I joined Aha!

Visual product roadmaps scuba diving product manager

Product Management is a metaphor for life: You start out with a vision of what you’d like your life to be and create a strategy with goals and initiatives to get there. I know because I have been a product manager and been around product managers most of my career. Except most of us don’t get there. Many of us wake up one day wondering “Is this it?”

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Hey Boss — My Strategy is Telling you “NO!”

Product manager says no

Here is how it goes down. You turn the corner and the big boss (who never uses the product or speaks with customers) says “I have a great new idea for a feature.” Or worse, that pesky sales engineer tracks you down and says “Dude, did you see my email? If we just add that new capability we could penetrate the healthcare vertical.” Your stomach churns, you nod calmly, and say “That sounds good, let me take a look and get back to you on what it would take.”

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What’s your product?

What is product management?

That’s an interesting question. It’s not exactly what folks want to hear from us though when they ask us how they should organize their products. But, we need to answer their question with a question if we are going to be useful. We need to know what’s their product mean to them and what do their customers buy before providing any guidance.

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Visual Release and Sprint Planning and Product Roadmap Templates

Product release planning template

We are all agile these days (or trying to be) and for almost all teams — dates still matter. Dates matter because time is an essential variable in life and business. And product teams have the best product releases when they have clear goals, deliver the goods on time, and everyone is on the page. This is easy if we work with a really small team or don’t have any complexity in our business or teams. But that’s usually not the case for product managers, product marketers, and software developers in software or technology companies. This is where some lightweight and highly visual release planning can save us and help us as product, project, and engineering managers stay focused (and sane).

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Aha! Launches Visual Product Roadmaps for JIRA

JIRA integration with Aha!

We just announced the JIRA integration that you have always wanted. Aha! now provides an add-on for Atlassian JIRA OnDemand customers who want to create brilliant product strategy and visual roadmaps. Now, traditional hosted JIRA customers and JIRA OnDemand customers can both take advantage of everything Aha! has to offer for product management teams.

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