Just Launched! — Aha! Reports Help You Analyze Everything Product Management

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We just gave you the power to report on everything product management. Yes, everything. We are very excited about this launch because you are finally able to rid yourself of spreadsheets for analyzing and reporting on what the product team is doing. We only wish that we had been able to use this functionality ourselves while managing products over the last ten years.
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My Name is Ron Yang – This is Why I Joined Aha!

Ron-Yang-Why-I-Joined Aha!

I love building products. I love each step of the process. There is the pre-launch phase, when you figure out what to build. Then comes the execution phase, when you work closely with your engineering and design teams to get things built. And it keeps getting better.
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How Confident Product Managers Deal With Failure


You have the greatest job in the world. You are a product manager. How many people get the opportunity to truly build something and champion a product to greatness? Each new day is an adventure. Read more…

What Makes a Company Culture Great?


Culture. It is probably a term you hear often — and I believe that it is one worth discussing. Clearly, we want more than just a job — we want more control over how and where we work. And the right company culture allows us to make that happen.
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My Name is Raymond Galang — This is Why I Joined Aha!


I consider myself a UX veteran. I’ve worn just about every hat throughout my career in User Experience and Design. I’ve worked for an award-winning digital agency, shot photography professionally, and I co-founded an Internet startup company that is still going strong today. I’ve started my own UX Design consulting business and been part of two successful acquisitions.
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The Top 8 Aha! Features Launched in Q2


We have been busy. The good kind of busy. It’s been a quarter of growth for every one of our teams: product, engineering, marketing, and customer success. And we have delivered lots of great new features too. It always makes us proud to look back, so here goes.
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This Product Manager Feared Customers


Susan landed her dream job — she was a Sr. Product Manager at a fast-growing company. I knew her well. She got to work with brilliant people every day, building an amazing product. The culture was great and the team was focused on building something lasting. She was happy.
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4 Surprising Lessons for Emerging Leaders


Excellent leadership is like good health. Everyone wants to experience it. And if you are interested in reading about becoming a great leader you have 150,000 titles to choose from on Amazon — take your pick. You can also take leadership courses, attend countless seminars, and earn an advanced degree to further your own chances.
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Code complexity metrics suck — use them anyway


I love contributing meaningful code to the open-source community; I do it every chance that I get. A few years back, I authored my first major open source project — a Rails application for developers to set up an anonymous bug report page. The bug reports generated GitHub issues on the relevant project.
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Product Managers: Stop Hiding Behind “Technical Debt”


Thanks to Daniel Elizalde for his recent guest post on how amazing product managers stop adding features and start eliminating technical debt. It was a good summary of the challenges that product leaders face working to create the greatest value for their customers and company. And it provided a fine warning as well for PMs who are always focused on “the next great feature.”
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