Just Launched! — Capture Essential Product and Marketing Data With Required Fields

Adding new feature in Aha! showing required and optional fields

“Do I have to set a due date?” “Which customer asked for this?” When you create new Aha! records, how do you know which fields matter? And if you are reviewing those records, it can be frustrating when the information you need is missing. Requiring everyone to enter the correct details drives consistency and ensures you are capturing the right data — so you always have accurate and complete roadmaps.

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6 Steps to Develop a Super Go-to-Market Roadmap

super product marketing

You are a superhero. Yep, I am talking to you — product marketing manager. Your superpowers range from understanding how the product really works to a telepathic sense for what your customers really need. You shape-shift seamlessly between your alter-egos as product expert, storyteller, and connector. And you bend time, working backward to plan and launch new products and features. How do you do it? I think I know.

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Just Launched! — Sync Aha! With Your Favorite Calendar

Aha! integrations with popular calendar applications

Meetings and appointments fill our calendars. But these events do not tell the full story. Busy product and marketing managers also have long lists of tasks and requests to get through each day. So we wanted to make it easier to plan your time. With this week’s update, you can see everything work-related in one place.   

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How to Create an Integrated Marketing Roadmap

integrated marketing roadmap

Personas. Buyer journey. Omni-channel strategy. If you work in marketing, you have likely heard these buzzwords in the last few years. And you most definitely sat through a few conference presenters droning on about the importance of creating “360 marketing campaigns.” But the chatter has died down. Not because these concepts are no longer important, but because most forward-looking teams are implementing integrated marketing into their everyday work.

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The Founder’s Paradox: How to Work on Vacation and Still Have Fun

founder's paradox: work vacation

The idea of a “vacation” has always somewhat bothered me. Not because I do not like to travel. (I love exploring new places. I am actually writing this post while in the San Diego airport.) And not because I do not think people deserve a break. We all need time to focus on other obligations and hobbies. Mostly because the way we talk about vacations infers that you need to escape your regular occupation — completely.

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How 100 Remote Workers Connect Every Week

remote team meeting

There is a dog barking incessantly in the background. And the not-so-stealthy typer who is audibly multitasking during the meeting. Yes, most remote workers are probably giving a rueful chuckle. We have all been there. But what about when you take your typical virtual meeting and increase it to 10, 20, even 100 people?

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Just Launched! — Enhanced Creative Briefs for Marketing Teams

Creative brief image editor in Aha!

Impactful marketing is more than catchy taglines and splashy designs. Of course, those are important. But marketers know that strategic thinking powers any new program or campaign. This is why a creative brief is so important. It defines the objectives, audience, and customer truths — keeping the team in sync and focused on the most important details.

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3 Signs Your Teammate Will Claim Your Work

steal your work

I bet you will recognize this person. Let’s call them Cary. You know, the one who lurks at the corner of every project. Cary claims the team’s work as their own, without any real effort put forth. They have plenty to say too. But when you ask for deeper detail or the thinking behind the work, they get flustered. It is not so easy to go off script. Why?

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My Name Is Kelly Sebes — This Is Why I Joined Aha!

Kelly Sebes

I love a good mystery. In high school, I became fascinated by one of the oldest — the rise and fall of ancient Rome. I wanted to unlock this rich history, so I signed up for Latin class and began reading stories like Vergil’s Aeneid. Each sentence was a clue that brought me closer to understanding who these people were and what they had hoped to achieve. But these questions were not exclusive to ancient Rome.

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Go Ahead — Beat Yourself Up

beat yourself up

“Do not beat yourself up.” I am sure you have heard this before. It is a well-intentioned remark meant to soothe the sting of failure. There is some truth to being gentle with yourself. If you planned ahead and worked hard, then there is no need to flog yourself if unforeseen circumstances upend your plan. But I do believe there are many times when you absolutely should beat yourself up.

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