Just Launched! — Enhanced Aha! + Azure DevOps Integration Supports Agile Sprints

Custom sprint field in Aha! features

Many of you rely on the Aha! integration with Azure DevOps to coordinate plans with your engineering teammates. Today’s enhancement improves release syncing between both systems. The integration now keeps features in their planned Aha! release, even as engineering moves them into sprints in Azure DevOps. This will help both teams work together closely as you go from planning to building. 

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Big Goal, Achieved — So Why Do You Feel Lousy?

big goal achieved

Achievement is addictive. But it does not automatically lead to bliss. I am referring to what researchers call the arrival fallacy — the mistaken belief that once we accomplish our goals we will be happy. We think that finishing a big project, earning a promotion, or receiving positive feedback from our boss will bring us joy. But the reality is that these individual moments rarely lead to long-term fulfillment.

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My Name Is Matt Bilan — This Is Why I Joined Aha!

Matt Bilan

Was your calendar full of activities as a kid? Mine certainly was. Basketball, soccer, and hockey at the local YMCA — I found myself gravitating towards team sports. I also played trombone in my school’s ensemble and joined a garage band as a drummer, spending countless hours jamming with my friends. Whatever the activity was, I knew that I liked the dynamic of working with others.

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Just Launched! — New Capacity Report for Better Resource Planning

Capacity report for resource planning in Aha!

Good planning requires two things. First, you need a clear definition of the work planned. Second, an understanding of available resources. If you are off in either, both your product and engineering teams will suffer. And the rest of the organization will lose confidence too when dates slip. But what if you could see each person’s workload and quickly identify capacity challenges in one view? 

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8 Smart Tactics for Understanding Customer Pain Points

8 smart tactics pain points

Have you heard of the Wong-Baker FACES® scale? You may not know the name but I bet you would recognize it immediately. This numerical and visual pain rating scale shows several cartoon faces in increasing amounts of pain — from smiling (zero) to crying (10). No matter how young a patient is or what language they speak, they can use the scale to communicate their current level of suffering. 

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My Name Is Winfred Nadeau — This Is Why I Joined Aha!

Winfred Nadeau

How many 8-year-old kids read The Wall Street Journal? Well, I know of at least one. I discovered the paper at a local tea shop where I sometimes did homework. I liked sitting by the shop’s double-sided fireplace, reading about stocks and company news. So I convinced my mom to subscribe. Each morning I would walk to the end of our driveway, eager to pick up the latest issue. I even applied what I learned to my game of running a cafe — making food and serving customers (my family members) in our basement.

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How to Properly Scare Yourself (Into a New Role)

start a new role

Your co-workers would say you are a zombie. You have lost your motivation and it shows. There is no spark in your soul as you drift between meetings. You are in desperate need of a new role — one that actually challenges you. But when you are in a listless state like this, it can be difficult to get worked up about anything. You must figure out how to jolt yourself into action. Sleepwalking is no way to live.

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5 Questions Every Frustrated Product Manager Should Ask When Dates Slip

frustrated product manager questions

Busy is not always better. I have written before about the difference between busy work and meaningful work. Our time is finite, so it is important to be purposeful about where we put our effort. This is especially true if you are a product manager striving to provide real value to customers. But what if, despite your best efforts and plenty of busy days, you are not delivering new features on time?

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My Name Is Erin Ward — This Is Why I Joined Aha!

WIJ Erin Ward

Could you imagine going to medical school in your late 30s with four young children? It is hard for me to fathom. But that is exactly what my grandfather did. Already a professor of chemical engineering at Georgia Tech, he decided to become an ear, nose, and throat physician. This was not a whim — he saw a real need in our small town. So he founded the area’s first otorhinolaryngology clinic. This is just one of the many reasons he is a major role model to me.

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9 Excuses Bosses Use to Keep People From Working Remotely

bosses' excuses

I still cannot understand why companies do not want people working remotely. It has served us incredibly well at Aha! — but I also believe it is important to consider differing points of view. So I recently asked folks on LinkedIn for the reasons employers had rejected remote work. One particular response floored me. “This job is too important to be remote.” Wow. This perfectly encapsulates every misguided notion that exists about the nature of distributed teams.

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The Product Manager vs. the CEO vs. the CTO

product manager vs ceo vs cto

Do you like tennis? If you like watching it live, you know that it is best to sit behind one of the players. Because if you are at mid-court, you may get dizzy snapping your head back and forth to follow the ball. And if you are a product manager caught watching angry volleys between a CEO and CTO, you also know the whiplash feeling. 

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