The Founder’s Paradox: The Shame of Failing at Mindfulness

Founders Paradox Mindfulness

The thrill of achievement is irresistible. It is gratifying to set a goal, work hard to accomplish it, and then start to look forward to what is next. Thinking beyond today is part of achieving and yet we are often shamed for not being “in the moment.” The paradox between mindfulness and ambition can be disconcerting. This is especially true if you are someone who enjoys constantly striving. You know the best version of you is still coming.

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My Name Is Rose Thompson — This Is Why I Joined Aha!

Rose Thompson

Most careers do not follow a straight path. Mine is certainly no exception. After graduating college with an English degree, I joined a boutique content marketing firm as a financial writer. Our clients ranged from the Wall Street Journal to a national insurance agency. I loved educating readers — it felt good to use my writing skills to make a positive impact on people’s lives.

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Just Launched! — Powerful New Search Capabilities in Aha!

Ideas. Features. Notes. To-dos. You keep tons of data in Aha! to help build more strategic roadmaps. As you plan and get work done, you often need to reference and share those records. So a powerful search engine is essential. With today’s launch, you will instantly get highly relevant and filterable search results so you can find what you are looking for.

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Dear Public Company CFO

On the surface, it was not unique. An email requesting extended invoicing terms for an Aha! subscription. Not atypical considering world events, but it was the tone that made the team look twice. A very successful, publicly traded company was insisting on amending their plan to pay their bill at a future time — many months from now. Their reasoning? The CFO wanted to improve the optics of cash on the books.

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Project vs. Program vs. Portfolio Manager

project portfolio program

Projects belong to programs as programs belong to portfolios. Sounds like a word problem from a school assignment to me. You might not think it is necessary to discern the differences between common project management roles. But the distinctions are important to understand.

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My Name Is Tim Warson — This Is Why I Joined Aha!

Tim Warson

What was your most memorable job? Mine was working at a bookstore throughout college. For the first time, I was surrounded by coworkers who were intellectually curious and open-minded. We shared a love of words and were passionate about sharing that love with customers. The camaraderie was obvious to anyone who entered the store.

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Just Launched! — Introducing Capacity Planning for Teams

Product success depends on three ingredients. You need a winning strategy, a clear roadmap, and a strong team. But how do you know if they have time and skills to deliver it all? Capacity planning and the assignment of work is how you bridge the roadmap to implementation. Many of you told us you need a better way to estimate work by team and set plans based on each team’s availability. For the more than 700 users who voted for detailed capacity planning in Aha! — today is your day.

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Strategic Thinking vs. Strategic Planning

strategic thinking vs planning

Goal first. There is a reason this is the number one principle of The Responsive Method, the framework we use at Aha! for personal and business success. A goal-first approach is foundational — it influences every decision we make about serving our customers and teammates. When you have a clear vision for where you are headed, you can think strategically about each situation to determine what is worth investing effort into (and what is not).

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5 Signs You Need an IT Roadmap

IT roadmap

Be more agile. Create better user experiences. Plan for today’s technical needs and the future unknown. Most IT teams are struggling with this juxtaposition. Addressing day-to-day tactical requests that need to be prioritized alongside adopting new technologies and improving infrastructure. Phew — that is a lot. It is not so easy to focus on the present while guaranteeing future success. 

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Just Launched! — Refine Your Ideas With Personal Notes in Aha!

Need to jot down a quick reminder? Or capture a flash of inspiration? If you are like me, you are constantly writing down notes for yourself. But finding those notes when I need to refer back to them in the context of the rest of my work can be challenging. It would be nice if you could stash those notes alongside your to-dos and other assignments.

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