My Name Is Ashley Borg — This Is Why I Joined Aha!

Ashley Borg

Creativity runs in my family. I come from a long line of inventors, painters, and crafters. My parents always encouraged me to explore my artistic side. As a kid, I spent my weekends doing anything tactile and creative — painting, building Lego cities, and sewing my own clothing. My mom has made more than 100 quilts and I continue to embroider as a hobby to this day.

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Product vs. Program vs. Project Management

project program product

What does “discipline” mean to you? I bet a few words come to mind — self-control, punishment, or a system of rules. You might also conjure a field of study or branch of knowledge. This is how I most often think of it. Especially in the context of how our team at Aha! serves customers working in the disciplines of product, program, and project management.

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10 Tips From the Aha! Team on Working Remotely With a Full House

Everyone is asking me about remote work right now. I just spoke with a CIO who is deploying 5,000 laptops to employees who have never needed one before. COVID-19 is forcing many folks to adjust. Since Aha! has always been an entirely distributed company, people are naturally curious to learn how our team moves so fast and efficiently. Yes, our teammates all work remotely — but there is also a new challenge for us too.

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The Founder’s Paradox: How to Make Clear Decisions When the Future Is So Cloudy

I never imagined that I would talk with our company about a pandemic. But for many leaders, last week brought the unimaginable. It did for me on Wednesday, which I typically set aside for deep introspection and strategy. I spent that afternoon going through my own assumptions about the potential impact of coronavirus on the world, our company, our customers, and our team. Those reflections were the basis for a heartfelt conversation with the entire Aha! team last Friday.

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My Name Is Steve Lamotte — This Is Why I Joined Aha!

Steve Lamotte

It only got me in trouble a few times. As a kid, I loved taking things apart — especially electronics — to try to understand the inner workings. I destroyed a few items along the way but always had the support of my parents. After I expressed an interest in computers, they bought me a Commodore VIC-20. This changed everything for me. Instead of disassembling it, I learned everything I could about how to program in BASIC and write assembly language.

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The Founder’s Paradox: How to Make Difficult Work Desirable

difficult work

Difficult work gets a bad rap. Tough to scope, complex to explain, and hard to deliver — I am sure you can think of some projects that would fit this description. When you are deep in it, the effort to break through can be tortuous. But I would wager that these projects are also some of the most impactful too. Either because of what you achieved or what you learned.

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Just Launched! — Crop Images in Aha! Presentations

crop presentation photos

The entire Aha! team meets weekly. We get everyone together to share progress on initiatives and show off what is new. Since we are an entirely distributed company, we meet over video. And of course, we use Aha! presentations. I always love seeing each team’s updates — and the visual creativity. But until today, there was not a way to edit images to get the perfect look.

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Agile vs. Roadmaps

Agile vs Roadmaps

Have you ever tried to follow a complicated recipe? Exotic ingredients, specialty cookware, and professional techniques — it takes more than instructions to cook a delicious meal. Depending on culinary experience and access to tools, a dozen people following the same recipe could end up with dramatically different results. The same is true for building products. I think this is why a lot of teams focus on how they will get work done. For many, this means “going agile.”

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My Name Is Suzanne Raga — This Is Why I Joined Aha!

Suzanne Raga

I love the challenge of a blank canvas. As a child, I spent hours drawing and painting. Later I learned to play guitar and drums, then started an indie music blog in my teens. I enjoyed writing and sharing concert reviews. The best part was interviewing musicians — delving into the discographies of my favorite songwriters, uncovering thematic connections, and asking them to share the origin stories behind their songs.

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