7 Blog Posts for Busy Product Managers — September 2017

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Running around in circles. This is not an uncommon feeling for product managers. You have so many items on your To-do list and so many meetings to attend. You are doing important work — but it seems like you never have the time to stop and reflect on it. So let’s take a moment and stop.

Being busy does not automatically mean that you are getting important work done. Sometimes you need to step back and evaluate.

We can relate to that busy feeling. So we gave ourselves a challenge at the beginning of this September. As a team, we stopped for a moment to ask two big questions: What did we learn this year? And how will that inform our 2018 plans?

We shared some of our answers and learnings on the Aha! blog. Look back at a few of our key takeaways — ranging from the tactical to the philosophical.

Here are the blog posts that came out of that challenge:

5 Steps to Set Your 2018 Business Goals
Every organization needs to know where it is headed, but how many actually do know? These guidelines will help you plan out 2018 with purpose. Read more…

goal setting teddy bear

The Real Value of a Product Manager
The product manager role is confusing and misunderstood. Since we interact with thousands of product managers at Aha! every month, we asked them to share their perspectives. So what is the real value of a product manager? Read more…

real value of a product manager

The 10 Best Blogs for Product Managers
The Aha! Customer Success team follows a variety of blogs to keep sharp and gain new perspective. Bookmark this list of the best blogs for innovators and product managers. Read more…

best blogs product managers

The 7 Report Templates Every Product Manager Needs
Product managers have important work to do. Why spend your days chained to a spreadsheet? Find out which time-saving product management templates our team loves using. Read more…

product management report templates

How I Convinced Our CTO to Switch From CoffeeScript to ES6
Times change and technologies change. Learn how one Aha! engineer made the strong case to our CTO for making a shift in front-end languages. Read more…

coffeescript to es6

Every Remote Team Needs to Do This
For remote teams, a weekly all-hands meeting is not just a good idea — it is an essential ingredient for success. Discover what an all-hands meeting can bring your remote team. Read more…

I hope you will take the time to reflect on those big questions too. Even if your answers come out entirely different.

The point is to know where you have been and where you want to go. This is the best way to move you and your team forward. No more running in circles.

What did you learn this past year?

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