Just Launched! — Set Your Business Strategy and Link it to Your Roadmap

It’s been a busy year for the Aha! team (the good kind of busy). And just in time for finishing your 2016 planning, we have expanded our strategy capabilities with key upgrades to goals.

Setting goals enables you to focus the team on the top 3 – 5 business drivers that you want to accomplish over the next 3 – 12 months. Ultimately, this helps you achieve business objectives that are related to the broader organizational strategy.

And with today’s updates to goals in Aha! it’s now possible to fully build out all components of your product and organizational strategy in a single place. This is made possible by two key improvements to strategy in Aha! — the ability to set sub-goals and link them to parent goals and custom fields.

With sub-goals and goal roll ups, it’s possible to connect your product level goals to broader product line and organizational goals. Using custom fields, you have greater capabilities around tracking and ensuring measurable success around your goals.

Here’s how you can use the new goals in Aha! to build a brilliant 2016 product roadmap that is tightly connected back to your business strategy:

Set corporate goals and link them to product goals
Now you can set corporate goals as well as more specific divisional business goals. Then, you can link these goals to sub-goals so that everyone stays on track. You can even link major strategic initiatives to the goals that are driving them and tie them to product releases.

This enables you to demonstrate the link between goals and initiatives through the entire company — which makes it easy to prioritize work that will have the biggest impact.
Above is an example of how to use goals and the ability to roll them up to other goals. Note: You need to be a product owner or contributor to link goals together.

Add custom fields to goals
Using custom fields, you can add company-specific information that you want to track with your goals. You can track goal owners, goal start and end dates, or any additional KPIs that you need to capture.
Above is an example of how custom fields can help you capture important information along with your goals. Note: You need to be a product owner to add custom fields.

Report on performance against goals
You can create powerful reports using these new capabilities. Using these reports throughout the year, you can view the status of each goal along with the owners of those goals. This will ensure that you stay on track and understand key stakeholders across the organization and the division.
Above is a sample report showing goals alongside the corporate goals they each roll up to, as well as custom fields for: Goal start date, Goal end date, and Goal owner.

Another way to visualize your goals is by creating a Reports Pivot table. This is a powerful visualization in Aha! as it allows you to see at a glance how product goals roll up to corporate goals.
Ultimately, Aha! provides you a single place to develop and track your product strategy, goals, and initiatives. Now, you can link your goals together and customize the data that you track for each goal.

As a great product manager, you must establish a “goal first” approach and a true north for your product. That is how great products are made.

Reaffirm your strategy and tweak it as necessary, but always stay grounded in what you are trying to achieve.

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  1. Jason Hanna

    Looks fantastic. Are we limited to rolling up goals on the parent object only, however? For example, we utilize a somewhat deep product hierarchy of Company <– Product Category <– Product Family <– Product Line <– Product. We don't set goals at each of these levels and it would be nice to roll up directly from Product to Company, for example.

    1. Keith Brown Post author

      Thanks Jason, at the moment you are able to roll up goals to the parent object. However, we are currently looking at expanding this ability based on feedback (like yours). So stay tuned!

  2. Philip S

    Hey, thanks for this great product update!

    I have an additional wish for the Goals-feature: it would be great to be able to set more than one Success Metric, so that we can track multiple metrics/results per Goal. Kind of like how OKRs work with multiple Key results per Objective, if you are familiar with that framework.

    And if this is not gonna happen anytime soon, how would you recommend us to create a custom or personal way of doing this? Like using subgoals as results? Or custom fields?

    1. Keith Brown Post author

      Thanks for the feedback Philip. If you have important metrics to track outside of the primary success metric, I’d suggest using custom fields. If you have additional suggestions for ways we can improve goals, be sure to let us know using our Ideas portal (https://big.ideas.aha.io/).

  3. Sally

    I don’t see the ability to link goals to each other, has this been implemented? I am the product owner and don’t see how to make this work…

    1. Keith Brown Post author

      Hi Sally. Yes this is live now. You can roll up product goals to the product line and product line goals to the corporate level. If you expand your goal to the details view you will see the place to link goals together at the top right under the goal name.

  4. Eric Sullender

    I was probably a bit of a workaround, but I was already doing this with strategic initiatives mapped to goals. Is there a compelling reason to do it with sub-goals instead? Maybe it works better when tracking across multiple product lines?

    1. Keith Brown Post author

      It really depends on how deep your product hierarchy is in Aha! — you might not need to use sub-goals at this point. To your point, this launch makes it possible to connect your product level goals to broader product line and corporate/organizational goals.

  5. Jesse Stein

    Can you roll goals down as well… that is can you set them at a company level, and roll them down to Product line, product, releases etc?

    1. Keith Brown Post author

      You can connect goals at the company level and then connect them to the product line and even product if you would like. Then, features and releases can be connected to goals up the chain.

  6. Jason Nokes

    I see this in the Fredwin Cycling demo, but not in Fredwin Software demo nor our own product. Is there a setting to add it?


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