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My Name Is Phil Wilt — This Is Why I Joined Aha!

Phil Wilt WIJ

“Want to come to a cool computer class?” I asked this question constantly during recess in second grade. I handed out flyers, trying to convince kids to join the class I went to every weekend. But no one wanted to give up their Saturday morning TV time — which broke my 8-year-old heart. I loved computers and did not understand why my friends were not interested.

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Just Launched — Quickly Share Your Roadmaps and Reports

Share your roadmap as a secure webpage

Ping! You are working away and you get a message from your boss. “Do we have the Q3 roadmap ready? The new regional sales director needs it to…” No need to finish that sentence. The roadmap is in Aha! — you click a button and generate a webpage that anyone can view. You fire off the link to the sales director. Lightning fast, with the most up-to-date information. Your message back to your boss? “Done.”

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My Name Is Deb Gay — This Is Why I Joined Aha!

Deb Gay Aha!

My dad introduced me to fly fishing when I was 12 years old. We spent a lot of weekends tying flies and casting into nearby rivers and streams. You have to do three things well to catch anything. You need to determine where the fish are in the water, learn how to position the imitation fly in a realistic way, and then have the skills needed to reel in a fish. Understanding, learning, and skill — I have applied this same methodology to my life, including my career.

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Just Launched — Sync Aha! Releases With Rally Milestones

Aha! and Rally Software logos

“Are we still releasing next week?” “No, the launch date was changed in Rally three days ago.”  When product plans change, you need to know. But you should not have to ask around or venture into the development system to find out the latest details. Now you do not have to. We just added a new way to automatically track delivery dates by syncing Aha! releases with Rally milestones — so information stays in sync across both.

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Just Launched! — New User Story Mapping Tool in Aha!

Product and marketing teams love user story maps. How do we know? Because it is the second most popular item in our ideas portal. Many of you told us you wanted a better way to align your roadmap with the user and buyer journey. We agreed. And after quite a bit of journey mapping on our end, we are excited to introduce this important functionality so you can do just that.

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Just Launched! — Capture Feedback Directly on Images and Mockups

Comment on an image preview in Aha!

“The font size of the sub headline in the bottom half of the page underneath the image on the left needs to be larger.” Woof, what a mouthful. I recently left this feedback in a comment as part of a design review. It would have been so much clearer (and quicker!) if I could have simply added a comment directly to the image. “Increase the size of the font.” So, we decided to make it easier to manage how you collaborate and give feedback on designs.

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My Name Is Keith Davenport — This Is Why I Joined Aha!

Keith Davenport

It is amazing to watch someone connect the dots. There is no more satisfying feeling than seeing a person “get it” — especially if you are a teacher. This is one reason I chose to study education in college. After earning my degree, I taught high school students in a small town in the mountains of Georgia. I could see the impact I had on each child’s life and perhaps some small influence on who they would become as they found their own direction.

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Just Launched! — Capture Essential Product and Marketing Data With Required Fields

Adding new feature in Aha! showing required and optional fields

“Do I have to set a due date?” “Which customer asked for this?” When you create new Aha! records, how do you know which fields matter? And if you are reviewing those records, it can be frustrating when the information you need is missing. Requiring everyone to enter the correct details drives consistency and ensures you are capturing the right data — so you always have accurate and complete roadmaps.

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Just Launched! — Sync Aha! With Your Favorite Calendar

Aha! integrations with popular calendar applications

Meetings and appointments fill our calendars. But these events do not tell the full story. Busy product and marketing managers also have long lists of tasks and requests to get through each day. So we wanted to make it easier to plan your time. With this week’s update, you can see everything work-related in one place.   

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Just Launched! — Enhanced Creative Briefs for Marketing Teams

Creative brief image editor in Aha!

Impactful marketing is more than catchy taglines and splashy designs. Of course, those are important. But marketers know that strategic thinking powers any new program or campaign. This is why a creative brief is so important. It defines the objectives, audience, and customer truths — keeping the team in sync and focused on the most important details.

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My Name Is Kelly Sebes — This Is Why I Joined Aha!

Kelly Sebes

I love a good mystery. In high school, I became fascinated by one of the oldest — the rise and fall of ancient Rome. I wanted to unlock this rich history, so I signed up for Latin class and began reading stories like Vergil’s Aeneid. Each sentence was a clue that brought me closer to understanding who these people were and what they had hoped to achieve. But these questions were not exclusive to ancient Rome.

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My Name Is Andrew Vit — This Is Why I Joined Aha!

Andrew Vit

Like many engineers, my story starts with a computer. When I was 10, I started fiddling with desktop publishing on our family’s Macintosh — one of the earliest computers you could do this kind of work on at the time. As I grew older, my playful exploration became more of a valued skill. I started doing odd jobs for people after school, creating business card designs and small company logos.

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