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My Name Is Claire George — This Is Why I Joined Aha!

Claire George Aha!

Language has always fascinated me. It is a tool for communication that allows people to convey their ideas, needs, and wants. I studied modern languages (French and Japanese) at university — it gave me a deep appreciation of what it takes to understand others and made me more intentional about how I communicate in English as well. Read more…

Just Launched! — New Web Notifications Alert You to Updates in Aha!

Engineering just shipped the latest release. The UI team finalized three designs. Marketing has a new blog post ready for product review. And it all happened this morning. Yikes. How do you keep track of every change — without being tied to your inbox for updates? You need something that notifies you in real time without taking you away from your most meaningful work.

Read more…

7 Blogs to Help Build Your Leadership Skills

Top March blogs leader skills

What brought you to this blog today? Was it curiosity? Your desire to be a better leader? Probably both — those two are inseparable. Technology changes so fast these days. And that affects everything from customer preferences and expectations to how we guide and engage team members. To stay on top of all these developments, you have to be tenaciously curious. Read more…

My Name Is Daniel Rodriguez — This Is Why I Joined Aha!

daniel rodriguez why i joined aha

I thought it would be temporary. It was a freelance job as a web developer, helping a former co-worker build a social network for musicians. That first freelance opportunity turned into another and another. I enjoyed experiencing and learning from the diversity of companies, projects, and people that I worked with. Before I knew it, “temporary” turned into six years. Read more…

My Name Is Joseph Antrosio — This Is Why I Joined Aha!

Joseph Antrosio Aha!

I have always been curious, especially about assumptions that are built into technology and systems and how they can be broken. My father instilled this in me at an early age. It has been a driving force throughout my life — peeling back the layers to discover why things are the way they are, how things work, and where things could break. But I quickly learned one important rule. Read more…

Just Launched! — A Fresh New Look for Aha!

Aha! redesign of new header area

Looks matter. I realize this might sound superficial. But we all know that aesthetics have a real impact on user experience. This is why our team at Aha! has been working on a fresh page look over the past few months. And we are excited to unveil it — a new header for the Aha! user interface (UI).  Read more…