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Just Launched! — Visualize Master Features and Features Together on Your Planning Board

It is often important to view master features (what you may refer to as epics) and features together in a single view. We know that it helps to see how individual work items relate to larger efforts. You could see them separately, but we wanted to provide a consolidated view. So, we made a few updates to the Aha! features board so you can now see them together. 

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LinkedIn Names Aha! #2 on 2018 Top Voices List

Aha! LinkedIn Top voices 2018

It has been another terrific year at Aha! — I am grateful. Grateful for our team’s growth and that our product is solving a very real problem for more than 5,000 companies. And I am grateful that so many of you take the time to follow our writing here and on LinkedIn where I have contributed hundreds of articles. In the spirit of sharing appreciation, I want to thank you. Read more…

My Name Is Tyler Knappe — This Is Why I Joined Aha!

Tyler Knappe

The universe is vast. And I have always wanted to explore it. Art, business, philanthropy, astronomy — I am interested in it all. When it came time to enter college, I was interested in two distinct areas: creativity and problem-solving. Computer science and astronomy seemed like an ideal blend, so I chose both as a double major. Read more…

Just Launched! — New Search Bar on the Features Board

Every second counts — especially when you are waiting. So, when we tested out the new search bar on the features board we were delighted with the super fast results. It took us .02 seconds to search hundreds of features spread across multiple releases. Regardless of how many features you have on your board, the new search functionality will save you lots of time.
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My Name Is Perry Hurtt — This Is Why I Joined Aha!

Perry Hurtt WIJ

I wanted to do something exceptional. It started way back when I graduated from high school — I knew I wanted to go where I could help people and make a real impact. But growing up without a lot of money, college seemed like a stretch. So, I looked for another place where I could better myself and learn from others. Read more…

My Name Is Chris Swenson — This Is Why I Joined Aha!

chris swenson WIJ

It was my own personal robot. As a kid, I had a Kronoform transformer watch that went from timepiece to toy with a few twists and turns. Although the watch itself was pretty cool, I had more fun trying to understand how the parts came together. I would manipulate it from watch to robot over and over — trying to learn the logic behind the complex design. Read more…