Product Management

Learn the best ways to set strategy, share visual roadmaps, manage releases, and write user stories — along with everything else agile product managers do.

How Product Managers Want to Work With Product Marketers

product marketing teams

Tandem bicycles look easy. Until you hop on one, that is. Things get tricky fast. Let’s say one rider throws their weight around a corner in the wrong direction at the wrong moment. What started as a pleasant ride ends with a wobble and a crash. This coordination issue has parallels to teams that rely on each other at work — especially product managers and marketing managers. Read more…

Marketing Strategy vs. Go-to-Market Strategy

go-to-market vs marketing strategy

Life is punctuated by special events. For the most part, there are your normal routines of work, family, and hobbies. Then something big happens, like the purchase of a new home or arrival of a new family member. But your normal routines do not stop when these happenings occur — both need your continued attention. The same is true for building and launching products. Read more…

What Product Managers Should Do When the Sales Team Is Hostile

sales vs product hostility

You rely heavily on other teams for product success. That is the story of being a product manager. So naturally, it makes your job a lot tougher when other teams are not supportive. Criticizing the roadmap. Trash-talking product decisions behind your back. Pushing different messages and functionality when meeting with customers. And it often seems to come from one group more than others — the sales team. Read more…

Hey Product Manager: Are You Fighting for Engineering Resources?

product management allocation

Three product teams enter. One product team leaves triumphant, two stumble away bruised. Do your resource allocation meetings ever feel like a knock-down, drag-out fight? When there are not clear priorities to guide what needs the most investment, it can feel as though you have to grab anything you can — even if it means another team will have less. This is a zero-sum game. Read more…

How Product Managers Deal With a Meddling CEO

product manager ceo

Oh boy. The CEO is back from a weeklong trip. After meeting with customers and sales leaders in the field — now back in the office with a vengeance. You know what is coming next. A slew of emails and new feature requests scribbled hastily on a whiteboard. Sure, there are some good ideas up there. But the one thing that is lacking? A stable product strategy behind it all. Read more…