Just Launched! — Customize the Modals Your Team Uses to Add Ideas, Features, and Releases

Customized modal for new feature in Aha!

Every business has its own unique needs and processes. And in order to understand all the work happening across teams, you need to capture specific details in a consistent way. So, we created a way to make it easier for everyone to know what information to include when adding new records to Aha!

You can now customize the modal that appears when creating new records in Aha! — so you can encourage your team to consistently add the right information.

Let’s step back for a minute. When you add a new record in Aha! (a feature, for example), a modal appears over the page. Previously, there were default and fixed fields in the modal that we set. You could only edit the layout of the custom fields that show in the details drawer — the one that appears after you create a new record and click on it. You could not change the initial data entry modal experience.

Now, you can customize the modal layout by deciding which fields you want to include and how those fields should appear. You can customize the modal that is used for creating new products, goals, initiatives, releases, ideas, master features, features, and requirements.

It is important to note that you must be a customization administrator in Aha! to create new modal layouts. Product owners can then choose the layouts they want to use from their product’s settings page.

Here is how you can customize modals across your account:

Create a new custom layout
First, you need to determine which fields should be included in the initial modal when new records are created. For example, you can create a new custom features layout and drag initiative, assigned to, and tag to the visible fields area. Now, those fields will be included when you create a new feature.create customized modal layoutSearch for available fields and drag the ones you want to use and in what order.

Capture data when creating new records
After selecting the new layout from your product’s settings page, head to the features board to see it in action. Go ahead and add a feature. The modal appears — making it convenient to capture necessary information right away.adding new feature to features boardThe modal layout can include both standard and custom fields.

Capturing the information that is unique to your company is a great way to drive consistency across your product team.

Even better, you build repeatable and persistent best practices — a win for everyone.

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  1. laura giles

    this change broke our ‘in production’ workflow – hid fields such as description from the idea portal for new submissions and is upsetting we weren’t informed beforehand.

    1. Jessica Groff Post author

      Hi Laura, thanks for your comment. When we rolled out the change, there was a brief period where description fields were not showing up in ideas portals. As of this morning, that has been fixed and all workflows and modals should be working as they were before the change. Please send us a note to support@aha.io if you are still experiencing any issues.

  2. J.R. Voorhorst

    Hi, thanks for this update. But why is the Due Date field not in the list of available fields?
    We always set “Assigned to”, “Status” and “Due Date” for new features. Now I have still to open the feature details for entering the due date.

    Thanks and regards!

    1. Jessica Groff Post author

      Hi J.R.

      Thanks for your note. This sounds like a great addition to the feature and your use case makes sense. I have passed that along to our product team for consideration and I would also recommend you add an idea in the Aha! ideas portal. Submitting the idea will make it available for others to show their support and subscribe you to receive updates as the idea status changes or when it ships.

  3. Robert Jansson

    Is this modal the same that will show up in idea portal? Or if different, is the idea portal idea submission form also customisable? This is the only thing left to know to make a buy or not to buy decision for our company. Thanks!

    1. Bryan McCarty

      Hi Robert — The modal that shows up in your account and the modal that shows up in the ideas portal are different. However, you can customize both of them. You can even set up required custom fields for the modal on your ideas portal. These two support articles should help:


      If you have more questions, feel free to reach out to support@aha.io. Our Customer Success team is happy to walk you through the details and they respond super fast — usually within 2 hours or less. Thanks!

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