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Aha! remote workspaces

Welcome to the Aha! offices. The kitchens are stocked with the team’s favorite foods. Children and pets are welcome. Guests come and go. Every desk is completely customized to the individual. And we have more than 80 locations worldwide — including California, Hawaii, Toronto, and South Africa. How are we able to do this?

You can find teammates all over the world because we are a fully remote company. We believe great work is about effort and achievement, not where you do it from.  

My co-founder Dr. Chris Waters and I founded the company on the premise and promise of remote work. This has been a grounding philosophy at Aha! from the start. And we are staying true to it, even as the company experiences rapid growth. (We are now one of the largest entirely remote software companies.) In fact, I think remote work is among the reasons why we have been able to grow so fast and continually hire exceptionally talented people.

Remote work helps us to be more productive. There are no noisy offices to contend with. And we have the freedom to be available for our family, friends, and pursue our other passions without the life-sucking, evil force called a commute. The benefits are indisputable — chiefly, the ability to find sustainable happiness.

I have written a lot about remote work already. And Aha! is increasingly recognized as the company with no venture funding, no office, and no salespeople. So, I thought you should hear some more perspectives, directly from the team.

Here is a peek inside a few of our Aha! offices (presented in no particular order, aside from starting off with Toray’s fluffy co-worker), along with why the team loves to work remotely:

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
“I am thankful to have two fluffy office mates: Snowball and Snowflake. Our puppy, Snowflake, is pictured here, doing her best to help me solve some difficult coding issues. The two pups spend most of the day sleeping next to (or sometimes under) my desk. Fortunately, they get along well. So much so that I need to keep a bag of treats nearby to distract them when their playtime gets rowdy.” — Toray Altas, Engineering

Toray Altas

Thatcham, Berkshire, United Kingdom
“Working remotely allows me to live in a small farm dwelling right in the middle of the countryside. I love the fast pace of technology, software, and Aha! — but it is amazing to step outside and, in just a few minutes, be taking walks in nature and enjoying the outdoors.

I can also set things up exactly as I like them. I bring my own personality to my work area.” — Justin Woods, Customer Success

Justin Woods

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
“I usually run four or five miles over lunch. Afterwards, I will shower, grab a quick bite to eat, and am back at my desk within an hour. My kids even go with me sometimes in our jogging stroller. That break in the day is beautiful — it keeps me healthy, gives me a boost of energy for the afternoon, and allows me to spend some midday fun outdoors.” — Bryan McCarty, Marketing

Bryan McCarty

Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
“One thing I love about my Aha! office is that I get to listen to music without having to wear headphones! It is a sharp contrast to working in an office, where everyone seemed plugged into the computer at all times. And I love that I can quickly transition in the evening from work to being present for my two little girls.” — Madeleine Black, Customer Success

Madeleine Black

Austin, Texas, United States
“Of course, I love my office. I got to design it myself! There is no fluorescent lighting, and thanks to my adjustable desk, I can sit or stand whenever I want. Instead of spending my lunch break battling long lines downtown for a fast-food sandwich, I get to have lunch with my wife by our pool each day.” — Jessica Groff, Marketing

Jess Groff

Portland, Oregon, United States
“My office is amazing for so many reasons. First, I do not have a commute, so I can spend that time focusing on work. Second, I can work in total silence when needed or turn on some music without worrying about bothering others. It all makes me more efficient than I have ever been.” — Rachele Arambula, Finance

Rachele Arambula

Madison, Connecticut, United States
“I get more done working remotely because I have the flexibility to change my scenery based on the tasks I have that day. Sometimes I might want the quiet of my home office to talk with customers — while other times I might want to work from my porch as I power through my to-do list. Plus, I get to dress for comfort every day (shoes are always optional at home).” — Jennifer Fish, Customer Success

Jennifer Fish

Roma Norte, Mexico City, Mexico
“My home office gives me a lot of flexibility — I can work from here or go to one of the many coffee shops nearby. When I am at home, I have a very large window next to my desk (which I nearly always have open). And my adjustable desk lets me switch between sitting and standing throughout the day.” — Jeremy Geros, Engineering

Jeremy Geros

Agoura Hills, California, United States
“I live in the Los Angeles area, where an office just a few miles away can be an hour commute (or even longer in the off-chance of rain). So, I am thankful to have a short ‘walk’ upstairs to work each day. When I need a break, I can look outside and watch my kids playing in the yard or going for a swim. And I can always grab my favorite snacks right downstairs.” — Ron Yang, Product & UX

Ron Yang

Kula, Hawaii, United States
“I get to connect daily with people all over the world — all while working from my home on Maui. As I am speaking to people in Europe, Asia, or Australia, the view from my office keeps me grounded in the natural beauty around me. It reminds me of where I am and helps me appreciate the wonders of nature.” — Mark Crowe, Customer Success

Mark Crowe

These offices are pretty great, but even better are the people who fill them — each one is hard-working and passionate about what they do.

Ultimately, that is the most important aspect of any workplace. The people and their effort. Nothing meaningful can get done without the right individuals — no matter whether they work in one central place or are distributed around the world. We choose to put people first and let them work where they work best.

Would you work remotely if you could?

We love working remotely — you will too. Join our team.

About Brian and Aha!

Brian seeks business and wilderness adventure. He is the co-founder and CEO of Aha! — the world’s #1 roadmap software — and the author of the bestseller Lovability. Brian writes and speaks about product and company growth and the adventure of living a meaningful life.

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  1. James Rama

    Having been a Road Warrior for the last 36 years, I get cabin fever every once and a while! Setting up a home office is daunting. The first location had all the big picture windows of the backyard and forests. Problems with the ALL grandkids going through the patio office, to the pool, made me crazy! Wound up giving the patio to my wife and all her sewing hobbies and taking her interior bedroom space as my office. Now I only have to trick the dog out of the room when she becomes a distraction.
    As far as office spaces go, I have a room full of hanging pictures of my hobby interests and some large model boats. Very relaxing atmosphere each time I walk in.
    During video conferences, I am just bewildered by the lack of personalization of others work spaces! So many with just blank walls behind them. To each their own, I guess.
    Oh, by the way, my wife is so pleased I’m home now. I eat so much better too.


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