Just Launched! — Keep Features in Sync as They Move Across Projects in Jira or Rally

Integrate Aha! with Jira or Rally

Thousands of product teams rely on our integrations with Jira and Rally to build product and track engineering progress. We just created a better way to keep records in sync when they move across projects in your development system — so information flows even more smoothly between Aha! and those tools.

Integrated features now remain synced between Aha! and Jira or Rally as they move across projects in the dev system.

If you already use our integrations with Jira and Rally, you know it is possible to connect a product in Aha! with one or more projects in those systems. This means, for example, if your development teams use different projects to manage their work, you can set up multiple integrations to send features from Aha! to the right place.

But after records are sent from Aha! to the development tool, those features are often moved around by the engineering team as work is assigned. Previously, when integrated features were moved across projects in Jira or Rally, they would no longer stay in sync with Aha! — which meant you had to manually reconnect each record to send and receive updates.

Now, when records that have been created in Aha! and sent via the integration are moved across different projects in the development system, the corresponding record in Aha! stays up to date. Please note that to benefit from this new functionality, you will need to make sure your integrations use the same template. You must be a product owner in Aha! to create new integrations and modify existing ones.  

Here is how to start using this enhancement:

Set up your integrations — the same way
Create integrations between a product in Aha! and multiple project spaces in Jira or Rally using the same template. Make sure the “Based on template” box is checked in the mappings step of your integration settings. This keeps your record and field mappings consistent when records move across projects.
Integration template
The integration link will also be maintained when you move records across Aha! products — as long as the products share the same integration template.

Keep records in sync across projects
When you send Aha! records (such as master features, features, and requirements) to your development system, engineering can distribute the work across projects and you are automatically informed of updates. This is especially helpful if your development manager uses a project in Jira or Rally to centrally manage epics and then assigns child stories across projects for the team to implement.

When features move to a different project in your development tool, the record link is automatically updated in Aha!

Go ahead and let engineering decide where features belong in Jira or Rally — without worrying about missing updates.

To benefit from the new functionality, you will need to utilize the 2.0 integration for Jira or Rally. If you have not yet done so, you can convert your existing integration from 1.0 to 2.0.

Sign up for a free Aha! trial — be happy
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  1. Arturo

    This is pretty nice, but will this support also the integration with (multiple area paths) in Azure DevOps Services? if not, do you expect to make such upgrade in the short term?

    1. Jessica Groff Post author

      Hi Arturo,

      Thanks for your note. This enhancement is specific to Rally and Jira as they were the most requested. You can submit an idea to show your support for this functionality to be added to Azure DevOps Services as well in our ideas portal. When you submit an idea, you are subscribed and will be notified when the status changes and you will be the first to know when the feature ships.

      If you have any other questions, send us a note at support@aha.io. Our customer success team made up of former product managers will respond quickly.

  2. Umang

    This is a great update.
    Is the precondition for this to work that the Aha- Jira Integration is already set up for the target project in Jira where the Epic/Feature in Jira is eventually moved?
    Alternatively, imagine Product A in Aha is integrated with Project 1 in Jira . If we chose to move the integrated Epic from Project 1 to Project 2 in Jira , which has not been integrated yet with Aha, this won’t work?

    1. Jessica Groff Post author

      Hi Umang,

      Thanks! We are happy to hear you think this is a great update.

      You are correct the integration would also need to be set up with the project where the epic/feature is moved. In your example, you would need to configure an integration from Product A in Aha! to Project 1 in Jira and a second integration from Product A in Aha! to Project 2 in Jira. Here is a helpful support article that covers the details and various scenarios.

      If you have any additional questions, you can reach our customer success team at support@aha.io. They respond super fast.

  3. Amy

    I was wondering if the following situation will be resolved with this enhancement

    Aha! Product A is linked to Rally Project A
    Aha! Product B is linked to Rally Project B

    Create Master Feature A in Aha! Product A and then send to Rally Project A – no issues
    Create Feature in Rally Project A and assign the parent of Master Feature A to it, and then it gets sent to Aha! Prodcut A and linked to the feature (or create in Aha! first) – no issues
    Now we create Feature in Rally Project B and assign the parent to be Master Feature A – this is where we had an issue before, because the Master Feature is in another project it fails on the integration and it is never sent to Aha!

    Given this enhancement, is there a way to get this to work?


    1. Jessica Groff Post author

      Hi Amy,

      Thank you for your question. We do not currently support importing records whose parent records live in different Aha! products. If this is a common use case you anticipate, please submit an idea so we can track customer support for this improvement. When you submit an idea to the Aha! ideas portal, you are also subscribed to receive notifications if the status changes and when the idea ships.

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