Are You Sprinting to a Disappointing Career?

sprinting in your career

Friends with tunnel vision. Only interested in joining a company that is “just a year away from an IPO.” Do you know anyone like this — running hard, hoping to hit the tech lottery? I do. A friend recently explained that he was mid-career and needed to have a big hit quick.

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The Most Embarrassing Meeting Fails We Never Saw Coming

There is a slow-motion disaster unfolding before your eyes. It is a cringe-worthy moment at work. And you are watching it all go down. You wish you could plug your ears and avert your eyes — but you cannot because you are sitting in a small conference room.

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Just Launched! — A Better Way to Plan Your Next Product Launch

What is the hardest part of being a product manager? If you ask 100 product managers, they might just give you 100 different answers. But there is one common challenge we hear from customers — major product launches. Not a big surprise, really. Delivering a new customer experience is hard. And delivering it by a specified date is even harder. The number of details you need to keep track of can seem impossible.  Read more…

Do Good Work for Its Own Sake

do good work for its own sake

I am not a gambler. But I know many people like to partake in games of fortune, and some even have a get-rich-quick dream. Hitting those lucky numbers and raking in enough cash to live a life of leisure. Let’s imagine this actually happens — maybe you win the lottery. I hate to bring you down, but I want to tell you the truth as I see it.

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Hey Boss: I Am Begging You to Let Me Work From Home

work from home dog

I studied philosophy. (True.) You know the old cliché about the tree falling in the forest. If no one is there to hear it, did it really make a sound? Well, remote work may seem that way for some. After all, how can you be sure people are actually working if you are not there to witness it?

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You Choose to Do This Every Day

you choose to do this sign

One word can cause a seismic shift in your thinking. A member of our team recently shared a story that proves this. One evening, she heard herself tell her children that she “had to” answer a few more emails before dinner. But she realized this was not entirely true. She did not “have to” answer the emails at that exact moment — she was making a conscious choice to do so.

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8 Books Every Product Manager Should Read

Too many books and not enough time. This is how I feel every time I look at my long list of books to read. And while most of us dream of spending hours reading at the end of a busy day — the reality is that we often fall asleep before the end of chapter one.

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Just Launched! — Access Aha! Ideas Portals With G Suite Single Sign-On

SSO. Three letters with a lot of power for product managers. Seriously. The power to free you from an onslaught of emails. And the power to collect all the brilliant product suggestions from the various teams in your company — all in one place and without friction. Can SSO really do all of these things for a product manager? Combined with an Aha! Ideas portal it can. Read more…

The Most Important Thing You Should NOT Do Each Day

Donkey Will Not Do List

You probably have a list somewhere. Maybe several scribbled on the backs of receipts, neatly organized in a notebook, or typed out in an app. Each one a litany of tasks to tackle. To-do lists can be great. But a “Not-do” list may be what you really need.

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Stop Your Next Presentation to Honor the Now

Aha! product roadmap software team presentation

I am always thinking about what’s next at work. (Even on vacation sometimes, like now.) But at our recent, all-team meeting I made a conscious decision to stop. And I did something I have never done before — I interrupted my presentation and asked everyone to stop too. I wanted us all to take a moment to be in the “now.”

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7 Blog Posts for Curious Product Managers — June 2017

July product management blog posts

If you are like any of the product managers I know, you do not spend much time sitting still. You are naturally curious and want to learn everything you can. Well, in June, we shared plenty of new articles to keep you on your toes.  

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I Promise You Will Love This Company Offsite

aha! remote product management team

Do the words “offsite quarterly business review” or “annual sales kickoff” make you want to run far, far away? You are not the only one. Sitting through endless presentations in stale conference rooms  — ugh. But these kinds of large group meetings are especially important for remote teams.

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How Not to Scale Your Startup

scale your startup cattle

It started with two people in a garage. The quintessential beginning we hear about many startups. And for good reason — you do not start out with 100 people. Companies begin with a founder or two. Some never leave the garage. The ones that grow solve a real problem and learn how to do it at scale. They do not learn how to scale and then figure out a problem to solve.

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My Name Is Steve Dagless — This Is Why I Joined Aha!

Steve Dagless

I have always known that the pursuit of money for money’s sake will ultimately result in unhappiness. My parents taught me these values. The messages were clear — if you value something, work hard, and make informed choices, then you will create opportunities that deliver intrinsic value.

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Just Launched! — Share Product Roadmaps in Aha! Notebooks via Single Sign-On

Your product roadmap represents the future of your business. That is why the information in your plans is sensitive — yet most of your team and even the extended company needs to know what is coming next. So, how can you keep lots of people in your company updated? If you are in the Aha! Enterprise+ plan, our latest update gives you a streamlined and secure way to quickly share your roadmap plans.
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