Go Inside the Aha! Offices (the Perks May Surprise You)

Aha! remote jobs

Welcome to the office of your dreams. Here you will find your favorite snacks, cozy spots for your pets, and gear to play all the sports you love. Everything is expressly tailored to your exact specifications. You can even chat with family members while you are enjoying your freshly-brewed espresso. This may sound like a fantasy, but it is how our team at Aha! works every day. How? 

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5 Signs Your Marketing Team Needs a Roadmap

marketing needs roadmaps

Increase conversions. Decrease acquisition cost. This is the constant push-pull for marketing teams. How do you grow the number of people who engage with your ads, while simultaneously lowering the money you spend to do so? And how do you optimize to ensure those folks turn into real paying customers? These are not easy questions. And the problem is that you are too busy buried in the day-to-day tactical work to deeply ponder the answers.

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Why You Should Never Say That You Need More Time

never find more time

“If only I had more hours in the day.” I bet you have wished for just this — maybe a few hours to finish up a task or 5 more minutes to proofread an email. Tempting, especially when you feel overwhelmed by multiple projects and impending deadlines. But finding more time is impossible. And time alone will certainly not make anyone more productive.

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My Name Is Deb Gay — This Is Why I Joined Aha!

Deb Gay Aha!

My dad introduced me to fly fishing when I was 12 years old. We spent a lot of weekends tying flies and casting into nearby rivers and streams. You have to do three things well to catch anything. You need to determine where the fish are in the water, learn how to position the imitation fly in a realistic way, and then have the skills needed to reel in a fish. Understanding, learning, and skill — I have applied this same methodology to my life, including my career.

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Just Launched — Sync Aha! Releases With Rally Milestones

Aha! and Rally Software logos

“Are we still releasing next week?” “No, the launch date was changed in Rally three days ago.”  When product plans change, you need to know. But you should not have to ask around or venture into the development system to find out the latest details. Now you do not have to. We just added a new way to automatically track delivery dates by syncing Aha! releases with Rally milestones — so information stays in sync across both.

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The Founder’s Paradox: How to Know When to Change Course and When To Keep Going

Founder's Paradox: Change Course

I love the adventure of travel. I am always looking to see and learn something new about a place and the people who live there. Right now, I am writing this from Italy where I am vacationing with my family. Driving here has been an adventure itself. The streets are ancient — narrow, wildly winding, and punctuated by faded signage that confuses more than guides. There have been quite a few “Are we sure this is the right way?” conversations with my wife and kids.

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Just Launched! — New User Story Mapping Tool in Aha!

Product and marketing teams love user story maps. How do we know? Because it is the second most popular item in our ideas portal. Many of you told us you wanted a better way to align your roadmap with the user and buyer journey. We agreed. And after quite a bit of journey mapping on our end, we are excited to introduce this important functionality so you can do just that.

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How to Create a Digital Advertising Roadmap

digital advertising roadmap

Grab some candles and put on your party hat. There is a birthday to celebrate. The banner ad turns 25 this year — the first online ad went live on hotwired.com in 1994. The click-through rate was an astonishing 44 percent. (Yep, you read that right.) I am sure that most digital marketers today would cry tears of joy to hit even half that number now. 

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Why This Company Never Asks the Same Interview Question Twice

Aha! remote job interview questions

I have a few questions for you. “Can you tell me about yourself? What are your strengths and weaknesses? Why are you interested in our company?” If you are interviewing for a new job, you are likely hearing these questions over and over again. And if you are a late-stage applicant and hearing these from successive interviewers, it can make you wonder if anyone at the company talks to one another.

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Mentors Are Going Extinct — But We Need Them More Than Ever

Mentors are extinct

Where have all the mentors gone? I think this is a question people are asking today. There was a time when formal mentorship was a fundamental part of many organizations. But not anymore. So folks try networking events and cold-messaging on LinkedIn. I know I get many such messages each day and I do my best to respond. It makes you wonder if the mentor-mentee relationship has gone extinct — or is at least on its way out.

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Just Launched! — Capture Feedback Directly on Images and Mockups

Comment on an image preview in Aha!

“The font size of the sub headline in the bottom half of the page underneath the image on the left needs to be larger.” Woof, what a mouthful. I recently left this feedback in a comment as part of a design review. It would have been so much clearer (and quicker!) if I could have simply added a comment directly to the image. “Increase the size of the font.” So, we decided to make it easier to manage how you collaborate and give feedback on designs.

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How to Build an Agile Content Marketing Roadmap

agile content marketing roadmap

Marketing teams are falling in love. The object of affection? Agile workflows. A recent study found that 37 percent of marketers have already implemented some form of the methodology. And I can see the appeal. Agile marketing encourages rapid iteration and constant improvement. It is especially attractive to content teams since these folks are continually under pressure to publish, publish, publish.

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