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We recently added the ability to track the percent of work completed. This is a great way to visualize progress. But what about when your product plans move into development? Most engineering teams capture percent complete in their tool of choice. We have great news — you can now remain instantly informed on that work too.

You can now sync the progress field from your development system with Aha! to visualize progress on roadmaps and reports.

It is important to note that each development system tracks percent complete a bit differently. Jira and Rally both have a standard progress field that you can map to the Aha! progress field. For other integrations, such as Azure DevOps, you will need to create a custom field in the development system. You can then map that field to the progress field in Aha! for initiatives, releases, master features, and features.

Here is how you can sync the percent of work completed from the development system to your Aha! records:

Map progress fields
To get started, make sure the progress field is enabled in your Aha! product settings. You will then be able to set the integration mapping to sync the percent complete field from the development system with your Aha! records. In the example below, we are mapping the user story percent complete in Jira with the feature percent complete in Aha!

Integration setup to map Jira user story percent complete with Aha!
The progress field will be added to the record automatically as soon as it is sent to the development system.

Track progress in Aha!
Records in Aha! update automatically as the engineering team logs percent complete in their system. This means that you can instantly see if you are on track to meet the feature’s launch date. Open the drawer view to see more details. Below, we can see the feature is 75 percent complete based on the information syncing from the development system.

Percent complete displayed in Aha! coming from Jira integration
The progress field in Aha! will be set to enter manually when an update comes back from the development system.

Visualize progress on reports and roadmaps
Seeing that progress bar on an individual record is only the beginning. The at-a-glance view is even more powerful when you add the field to your list reports and pivot tables. This is helpful when you want to get a holistic view — such as the features status report shown below.

List report in Aha! showing feature progress bar as one of the columns
You can perform calculations on the percent completed field to transform the data in your list reports using custom equations.

Keep your pulse on all the great work that is happening without having to leave Aha! — even the engineering work being tracked in another system.

Now you do not have to wonder if everything will ship on time. You can report on exactly how much work the team has actually completed. You will love seeing the progress bar automatically update as engineers get busy making your product plans a reality.

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    1. Bryan McCarty Post author

      Hi Jordan. Thanks for the comment. I did a quick search on our public ideas portal and see a few ideas related to Zenhub. Go ahead and cast your vote on one of these or add your specific idea of what you would like to see.


      Our product team reviews all ideas and the input we receive here helps shape our roadmap. If you add a new idea or vote for one of the others, you will automatically be notified when the status of that ideas changes or when our team provides an official response. Thanks!

  1. Björn

    Hey Bryan, I set up the mapping with my JIRA integration as shown above. I’m wondering now if this integration also works with the remaining subtasks calculation JIRA offers. It doesn’t seem so. At least, my developers don’t enter progress on stories manually.

    Best regards

    1. Bryan McCarty Post author

      Hi Björn — That is great you are already diving into this enhancement. The subtask calculation field is not available yet for mapping. The fields that are, such as User story % complete are the ones that calculate based on the original estimate and time tracking in Jira.

      For your specific scenario, I would actually recommend that you do not map the progress field for now. Instead, you could map status from subtasks to requirements (or whatever record you map to in Aha!). Then you can set the progress field to calculate in Aha! by requirements completed.

      If you need more guidance with this, feel free to reach out to our support team directly. They respond fast — usually within an hour or two. Thanks!

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